A Sweeping Innovation!

K. Vignesh of Class 6 in Rollakal School has shown creative thinking skills by coming up with a novel broom made from local materials!

Our education focus has always been to nurture students in thinking innovatively and create solutions for local issues. Generally, we don’t think twice before purchasing a broom to sweep our homes, whether in urban or rural areas. We observed that rural people were purchasing plastic brooms to sweep and swab their houses.

Since rural communities live close to nature, this is not a good trend, especially since they have been making brooms from date palm leaves and coconut tree leaves. This concerned Vignesh, who decided to revive the making of traditional brooms. However, he came up with a broom that is cheaper to make and not harmful to the environment, like plastic brooms.

We think innovative thinkers like Vignesh are role models for society and the upcoming generations. We are so proud that Vignesh, at such a young age, is already thinking of ways to better his community and contributing to society and the environment.

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