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Ugadi celebrations

Traditional Ugadi Pachadi

Traditional Ugadi Pachadi

Yugādi or Ugadi is the New Year’s Day for Telugu people. The name Yugadi or Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit words *yuga* (age) and *adi* (beginning): “the beginning of a new age”.

Rollakal School celebrated UGADI FESTIVAL on 29th March. They organized activities around the ‘Balanandam’ program, during which they discussed the meaning of the festival, why it is celebrated and its relevance. Such discussions on traditional ceremonies and ritual practices deepens students’ understanding of the history and culture of the region they live in, not just from the perspective of tradition, but also the legacy and it’s contemporary meaning.
The children & teachers were treated with Ugadi Pachadi, which combines the flavours of bitter, sweet, sour and spicy, as a corollary to appreciate that life brings with it varied experiences that must be accepted. It was a day of fun and reflection in the school.

Farewell…but not forgotten!


Many school and college traditions have remained the same despite changing times. The tradition to farewell to seniors is one which brings a mix of emotions in everyone! 1st Year Intermediate students at the Junior College prepared a thoughtful and colourful day filled with music, dance and dramas, ensuring that these memories are cherished forever. The college principal, Mr. S. Yakaiah provided advice and encouragement to the outgoing batch, urging them to be true to RDF’s values of Educate, Engage and Empower; work hard to create a stable life & leave no stone unturned to help their parents and their communities. RDF alumni have always made us proud through their achievements and readiness to assist RDF in any capacity they can.

Empowering Role Model

Sumalatha being commended by Mr. Vishnu, Headmaster, Matendla School

Sumalatha being commended by Mr. Vishnu, Headmaster, Matendla School

Matendla School helped create history for RDF through a landmark achievement by one of their girl alumnus.  K. Sumalatha became the 1st girl in RDF history to be hired as an Excise Constable! Not only that, she is also the 1st girl in this position in mandal too! This is a tremendous achievement for a girl who had to drop out of Intermediate as her parents lacked the financial means for her to continue her education. She learnt tailoring to help support her family. The school’s Headmaster, Mr. Vishnu and Physical Education teacher, Mr. Laxminarayana, advised the parents to let her appear for the Physical and Written tests for this position as she was good in sports in school. The P.E Teacher personally supervised her practice sessions which allowed her to clear the challenging and grueling physical examination. Sumalatha is now a beacon of hope and determination for many RDF girls!!

Generating Self Employment


RDF schools were set up with the vision to Educate, Engage and Empower rural children from tribal and economically backward families, so that they are able to create a better life for themselves. Every RDF activity, be it academic or extracurricular is guided by this mentoring spirit. Redlawada School recently invited Mr. R. Anitha who works at the IRDA office, Warangal, to conduct a self employment workshop through creating soft toys. Senior schools students learnt how to create cute toys which is a productive activity and can be sold in order to earn an income. She also distributed soft toy making kits, so that students can practice and hone this skill. Self Employment skill building is crucial to these students who also deserve the very best in life.


Fun with Science!

Parvathigiri Sub Inspector observing the exhibits

Parvathigiri Sub Inspector observing the exhibits

Kalleda School students conducted a National Science Fest on the occasion of acknowledging the discovery of the Raman Effect. Students of Classes 8 & 9 prepared 107 projects and exhibits on various Science themes. Senior school students till Class 10 participated in various activities, competitions, quizzes, including conducting a Health Camp and conducting blood grouping tests for visitors! The Parvathagiri mandal Sub Inspector, Sri S. Sridhar, addressed the students on the importance of hardwork and choosing their careers based on their interest and effort. Kudos to the entire management and students of the schools for a fun filled and educative day!