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Re-‘awards’ for RDF!

Congratulations! RDF Rollakal High School is Warangal’s Number 1 Co-ed Day School in the Education World India School Rankings 2016. The Education World India School Rankings Awards were conferred on all 4 RDF schools in different categories for 2015-16!

For the past eight years Education World has been publishing the annual Education World India School Rankings with C fore — the well-known Delhi-based market research and opinion polls agency. Education World rank over 1000 of India’s most high-profile schools on 14 parameters — Teacher Welfare & Development, Academic Reputation, Competence & Commitment of Faculty, Sports Education, Individual attention to Students, Value for Money, Parent Involvement in school activities, Infrastructure provision & Maintenance, Leadership/Management Quality, Community Service, Internationalism, Co-curricular Activities, Life Skill Education, Pastoral Care.

Based on meticulous evaluation of schools, the 4 RDF schools won top ranking in the following categories –

Redlawada School– Student Committees: Grooming in Leadership Qualities

RS Mess Committee serving dentsstu

RS Mess Committee serving students

The Student Committees aim to put responsibility for the school’s key operational aspects right into the hands of the students themselves. The committees are set up with consensus between students and teachers. The day to day running and overall management of each committee is done by the students, with supervision and mentoring by a teacher.

In Redlawada, the committees have shown a high level of efficiency and care in the areas of Water Management, Neatness, Sports & Games, Discipline and Dining & Mess Management. The smooth running has demonstrated leadership capacities in its student leaders, team cooperation and good delegation, along with community engagement within and outside their school – all qualities that are necessary in life.

Rollakal School – Warangal’s Number 1 Co-Ed Day School and School Management Committee

Kindergarten Co-ed group in RoS

Kindergarten Co-ed group in RoS


The School Management Committee in Rollakal School was recognised for its professional management of crucial school function areas, such as consistent and regular check on school administrative accounts, review of school examination reports, supervision and implementation of farm activities, which have been instrumental in the school’s development. The diligence towards maintaining a high level of monitoring and feedback has also helped improve the quality of education.

Kalleda School – Recognition for Innovative Educational Activities

Primary School Reading Program in KS

Primary School Reading Program in KS

Being the first RDF school, Kalleda School has always been the first to pilot and initiate new programs, for students and teachers alike. Therefore over the past two decades, it has executed several innovative learning programs in English, Math, Science, Computers, Reading/Library, Sports, Art and other extra-curricular activities, which have then been replicated in other RDF schools. The teachers have also been diligent in getting trained and employing each new activity in the school. We are all very pleased with this great accomplishment for the very first RDF institution.

Matendla School – Award for Innovative Language Enhancement Activities

The Matendla School team is a great example of being receptive and open minded to new ways of teaching and learning. The team has come up with novel ideas to improve English language and communication skills. The infectious ‘Coin Game’ and ‘Radio Station’ have won appreciation and praise for their ingenuity.

Students manning the Radio Station in MS

Students manning the Radio Station in MS

For the ‘Radio Station’, students from various classes, by turn, write content and make important as well as fun announcements each day that help improve their writing, speaking and anchoring skills. These include News for the day – from an English daily, G.K. questions and ‘Do you Know’ quizzes to build knowledge and Thought for the day for motivation. Important information like academic announcements, achievements and forthcoming events are also relayed by each team.

In the ‘Coin Game’, each student is given a coin at the start of the day. If a student overhears another student speak Telugu, the coin is handed over to the student who has ‘caught’ them. The student with the maximum coins at the end of the day is the ‘winner’. With a sense of playfulness about it, the game has caught on with everyone, teachers included, with many students striving to speak in English and trying to win the maximum number of coins.

The Education World India School Rankings Awards 2016 will be conferred at The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon, Haryana later this month.

Sports Day Celebrations

The celebrated Indian Hockey player, Dhyan Chand’s birthday is celebrated as Sports Day in India. On this special occasion, the RDF VAPV Junior College conducted various sports events and games to honour the sporting spirit.


Girls playing Kho-kho

Students playing volleyball

Students playing volleyball

Playing sports develops good leadership and builds team spirit. The qualities of discipline, perseverance and endurance are also built through active participation in sports. This ethos has always been part of the culture in all RDF schools and the Junior College, with the RDF institutions producing several State, National and International level champions.

Students playing Kabaddi

Students playing Kabaddi

The Principal, staff and Physical Education Teacher distributed prizes for winners in their respective games. On this occasion, students who will be participating in the Under-19 International Olympics in Nepal, scheduled to be held later this month, were commended for their hardwork and effort. We wish them success in the upcoming event.

Solving Puzzles

The Tech Mahindra Foundation sponsored Mandal Parishad Primary School has been hard at work to create exciting learning activities for children.

tmf-solving-puzzles-3To develop students’ thinking and analytical power, they conducted a ‘Solving Puzzles’ activity. The children were put into teams. They were encouraged to show their creative thinking and problem solving skills as well as demonstrate their original knowledge to solve the puzzles.

tmf-solving-puzzles-4There was an energetic buzz in the air as the kids excitedly consulted each other to come up with the answers. The Math puzzles centred around numerical operations, which the children were eager to solve. English puzzles consisted of word problems, vocabulary and rearranging letters to form new words.

The activity was given a big thumbs up by everyone and they all look forward to playing and learning more! Creating minds to share each other develop conversation among their group of friends.

Greening our Lives

02The Telangana Government initiated a state-wide greening program called ‘Telangana ku Haritha Haram’ in 2015. The vision of this flagship program is to increase the green cover in the state from the present 24% to 33%. As part of this, large scale planting activities are planning to be undertaken in road side avenues, institutes, residential areas, municipalities, parks etc.

01Since last year, RDF students have been promoting planting of trees and native plants in their respective villages. Such social activities allow them to engage with issues facing their local communities and also take a problem solving approach. Recently, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sudheer Babu, visited Kalleda School to plant some saplings as part of this program.

Students and staff interacted with the Commissioner to discuss ideas on how to motivate people to be more green and conserving the environment.

Quiz Time!

Quiz time has a wonderful way of getting people synchronising as a team, getting competitive and having fun!

Playing and learning by quizzing

Playing and learning by quizzing

Redlawada School organised a quiz competition as part of their Saturday activity. The teachers came up with the idea in order to aid student development through a fun filled and creative activity. The questions pertained to not just their curriculum but general knowledge too.

It was very nice to see how students put their heads together in their respective teams, using their memory and analytical skills to solve problems and helping each other. The winning team did not get a prize per se, but was applauded and appreciated by students and teachers.

Skilling with Skits

The school assembly at Matendla School has received an interesting addition. The team has initiated a novel idea of presenting short skits and drama performances by students.

Watching a skit during morning assembly

Watching a skit during morning assembly

This unique idea was conceived in order to create more student oriented activities that can be demonstrated to the entire school, thus igniting curiosity and participation from a larger group of students.

A group of primary students performing a skit

A group of primary students performing a skit

The skits are produced entirely by students – from deciding the theme, selection of actors and rehearsal time. Working together in a team, building team spirit, resolving conflict and differences in opinion amicably, arriving at consensus, coordinating thoughts and idea, working on directing and acting skills are all skills that the children are learning. These very skills are very useful in work and life too – so the skits are literally creating a future oriented platform for the students.

This skits have become very popular – something that all children and teachers look forward to during morning assembly.