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Educating for better health

Narsimpalli students Chandana, Chitra and Narayanaswamy meet with villager Lakshmi and her granddaughter during a polio vaccine drive

Six Narsimpalli students are helping eradicate polio.

As part of India’s Pulse Polio program, health workers are administering the vaccine to children under 5. Such vaccinations have greatly improved the lives of children in India: last year, the country reported only one case of wild poliovirus, compared to 150,000 cases in 1985.

From February to April, aganwadi and state health officials are administering drops in Narsimpalli village. Prior to their visit, Narsimpalli 6th class students went door-to-door to advise parents of the importance of the vaccine. The virus can lead to paralysis.

Narsimpalli students have previously educated villagers about health problems caused by drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco.

Alumnus success story

Matendla graduate U. Bhagyamma will study computer applications at the university

Congratulations to Matendla graduate U. Bhagyamma who recently secured a seat at Telangana University in Dichpally, Nizamabad.

RDF has greatly supported Bhagyamma’s education. She was chosen to participate in GE’s English training program. And she was exempted from fees during Class 10 because her father was paralyzed and the family is supported by Bhagyamma’s mother, who runs a small kirana shop.

After graduating Matendla last March, RDF helped Bhagyamma study for her intermediate exams. And RDF supporter Subbar Rao donated Rs 8000 ($160 USD) toward her education at Sri Radha Krishna College, where she recently graduated with 81% marks. At Telangana University she will be studying for her MCA (masters of computer applications).

Bhagyamma’s success reminds us what can happen when we support the rural children of Andhra Pradesh!