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Quiz Time!


On the occasion of World UNO Day on 24th October, staff and students of VAPV Junior College conducted an informative and interesting quiz competition for all students. Divided into 6 groups, each with 5 members, quiz rounds ranged from current affairs and history to identification of video clips and science and technology. The organizing committee spent considerable time researching questions in each round which would intrigue and test students’ abilities. Everyone had a lot of fun and came away with more knowledge and learning. Also, a well deserved round of applause to the winners – S. Navyasree, 2nd Year MPC; B. Yaswanth, 2nd Year MPC, A. Shashikumar, 2nd Year CEC; G. Sammaiah, 1st Year MPC; Ch. Sridhar, 1st Year CEC.

Helping Hands


RDF Alumni help their schools in many ways, by taking extra classes, sports or admin work. In Matendla School, school alumni conducted the quarterly exams due to school teachers being in training. We are all proud that a near 100% alumni maintain a strong connect with their respective schools, years after graduating. We are very proud of their achievements and thank them for their help and support!

Mindful Sports


RDF recently teamed up with Magic Bus to develop leadership and life skills in underprivileged children through the medium of sports. Each day, each class spends 45 minutes during their allocated sports period to play various games and activities. Various aspects of life and sports are addressed through specific activities, such as questioning skills and techniques; understanding the way the human body works; benefits of sports & games on the body and mind. Notable impact in Rollakal School has been attaining near 100% attendance, previously non sporty children participating, boys and girls believing in their capabilities and participating actively each day. The program will initially run for 3 years and everyone is excited about the potential for the program and students’ future!

Nurturing Creativity


Children are naturally curious by nature. What better way to nurture this than by doing experiments, especially in Science? Experiments demonstrated in textbooks are applied in real life which create a wonderful learning medium. Students get so excited that they try and create more experiments through related applications of a concept. They get the younger children to participate as well, thus becoming role models too. Another credit to everyone is the use of recycled and low cost materials, thus being eco conscious at the same time. A solid way to for scientific growth and being green at the same time!

Inspirational Values


RDF staff work hard at developing sound social and moral values in students, as a way of educating and empowering students and creating clarity in their lives. A visit from Sri Raghunayakananda Swami Maharaj from the Ramakrishna Mutham, Warangal, provided further inspiration to everyone. Espousing value based education, he encouraged staff and students to adopt strong social practices in order to create a life of happiness and peace. He was impressed with RDF activities which follow these values and asked them to continue following such principles.