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Artwork Hardwork

The Mandal Parishad Primary School had a fun filled weekend of glorious and colourful art based activities recently. After a long break, aiming to develop drawing and colouring skills in students conducted an Art Mela for Classes 1 to 5.

Hard at work, making pictures & colouring

Hard at work, making pictures & colouring

Engaging in art activates the creative right brain. Research shows that art and other creative focused activites allow children to build skills such as planning, concentration, attention to detail, patience and thinking out of the box. Plus it’s a load of fun!

The day was made perfect by students displaying their talent individually; each piece of art infused with their own thoughts, creations, ideas and colours to fill up their pictures. They were given the crayons by the RDF and TMF. The students were seen working hard at creating pictures and colouring them with a lot of care.

Another activity that was conducted was ‘Hand Printing’ which is a form of art work in which the fingers, hands and

Happily handprinting

Happily handprinting

feet are dipped in wet paint and pressed onto plain paper in order to create wonderful designs. Students enthusiastically printed designs such as butterflies, swans, birds, insects, snakes, bugs etc. The use of bright colours creates beautiful pictures.

The pictures were displayed on soft board and appreciated during school assembly.  The students felt pleased with their effort and developed more self confidence in drawing and coloring.

Finished pictures displayed on the school board

Finished pictures displayed on the school board

Champion Spirit

The Junior College has had a very strong focus on sports for several years. It has produced International level archers and national and district level athletes. This has served as a major source of inspiration for successive years of students who also feel motivated towards achievement with the meticulous standards that have become a precedent in the college.

This sports culture produces life skills such as endurance, grit, perseverance and hard work. Long hours before and after regular college schedule are devoted to coaching, training and practice. There is a strong support system that is provided to the students.


Recently, students shone again when eight students were selected for the National Student Olympic competitions.  Districts Level Olympic Games were held in July at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Warangal. Nearly 600 students from various schools and colleges participated in this competition. Eight students were selected for the State Level Student Olympic Games which saw nearly 1200 students  from various districts participate. The students performed better at the State level in their respective games and all eight students were selected for the National Level which will be held in Uttar Pradesh.

We applaud the sports coach and the students on the great effort that they have put in, making the management, staff and the entire RDF family proud one more time!

Our heartiest congratulations go to the following students –

Cricket:       N. Arvind, D. Praveen, G. Rambabu, B. Ramu

Athletics: N. Shiva Kumar, D. Sagar, Sahavasi, Sai Kiran

We are all hoping that they will prove their talent in  the Nationals also.


A school of Devotion


The lovely flower garden and the Saraswati temple

Prayer, meditation, pranayama, devotional activities form an integral part of the morning routine for many Indian households. Starting the day in this restful manner prepares the mind, body and spirit to take on the day and the stresses and challenges that can arise in daily lives.


A student lighting incense at the tmeple

Rollakal School has a beautiful statue of Goddess Saraswati built at the entrance of the school. Every teacher and adult entering the school first goes to the temple for prayer. By turns, students of different classes clean the statue, perform a pooja, keep flowers and light incense every day of the week. This creates a wonderful, peaceful and soothing atmosphere in the school and it provides a grounding start to the days activities.

The flower garden that surrounds the temple has also been grown and is tended to by the children.  Students show a lot of regard and respect to the school surroundings. Creating these little rituals allows them to feel more connected to the school and the environment within.         

More than dreaming a dream…

Harish, in a Physics teaching session

Harish, in a Physics teaching session

As children or even as adults, we all harbour dreams of a life that feels meaningful and fulfilled. Young children can dream many dreams about what they would like to do in their lives. However, there is a difference between daydreaming and acting upon one’s dreams.

A 10th class student, B. Harish, dreams of becoming a teacher. Rather than wait to finish school, pursue higher studies and thereafter qualify as a teacher, Harish takes up teaching opportunities while still in school! Whenever he gets a chance and free time, he teaches class and solves problems.

He asserts that this kind of practice teaching allows him to feel confident addressing small and large groups, helps him develop communication skills, while simultaneously developing his own knowledge and learning. He also feels happy providing help to other students.

Everyone has dreams and Harish is a shining example of how to make dreams come true by putting dreams into action. He is a source of admiration to students and teachers alike to see his willingness to work towards his dream right from school.


Getting competent with Computers

Dhinesh, D. Ajay, K. Ajay, M. Navaneetha, M. Aruna and B. Bhavani are Class 10 students from RDF Matendla School who have been showing an active interest in Computers and computer applications. Since using computers is an essential life skills in the technological world we live in, the school has been encouraging these young students in their endeavours. Access to computers and technology, as well as learning computer based applications can be hard to come by in rural schools. Therefore, considerable effort has gone towards procuring computers through donors and wellwishers and setting up computer labs in RDF schools.

Students at work in the computer lab

Students at work in the computer lab

The computer labs are a very useful resource to teachers too, who use them to plan lessons, create interesting teaching and learning materials, take ideas on prepping for examinations and tests, create a database for student performance etc. The 6 Class 10 students have been proactively using the facilities to research and create interesting syllabus based presentations for their peers. The research skills to create presentations and the analytical skills to put their thoughts and ideas together for the presentation are all skills that will serve them very well in their careers. The bonus is that presentation skills are an integral part of effective communication which will also be part of their career armoury!

It makes us happy to see students taking to technology and using it productively for their own good, along with sharing their skills and ideas with their peers. We are very proud of their achievements.

World of Learning

Schools can become afflicted with drab and dull classes wherein ‘learning’ is relegated to rote memorization of academic textbooks. It has been shown through numerous studies that students learn when interest is developed in a particular subject through meaningful engagement with the topics meant to be discussed and learnt.

Science Teacher, Mr. Ramesh, showing 'Lactobacillus' experiment

Science Teacher, Mr. Ramesh, showing ‘Lactobacillus’ experiment

Several education service providers have been creating materials and programs that allow teachers bring life into their classrooms through innovative learning materials. RDF too has been working hard since inception to bring good teaching and learning resources to its rural classrooms. There is a plethora of resources available to urban schools which can be out of reach for rural children.

Biology teacher, Mr. Santhosh, testing Blood Groups in Biology

Biology teacher, Mr. Santhosh, testing Blood Groups, using disposable syringes, in the Biology Lab

To this end, RDF invests considerable time and effort to train its teachers on new teaching methodologies with committed organizations and volunteers. Setting up of fully equipped Science Labs has been one such endeavour. Over the years, several organizations have provided funds and equipment that have allowed RDF to set up Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs in its schools. These labs have gone a long way in injecting healthy curiosity and delight in students, who find it easier to comprehend theories through actual practice in the Labs.

Physics teacher, Mr. Venu, demonstrating 'Acids & Bases'

Physics teacher, Mr. Venu, demonstrating ‘Acids & Bases’

Our teachers have also shown a lot of dedication in helping students understand Science topics through laboratory experiments. The spark of curiosity thus ignited has led our children to participating in District Science Fairs where they have been commended on their Science projects and won medals too. Learning can be fun and it remains our responsibility to ensure that we give our best to our students in terms of an enriched learning environment – educating, engaging and empowering them!