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Student reporters with the wall poster

The aim of Unicef BCC (United Nations & International Children Emergency fund, Behavior Change Child Communication Cell) is to bring awareness to children across 191 countries, while at the same time impart child rights. RDF Matendla School and Unicef started this venture in 2008 with five students being trained as child reporters by the Unicef at Chinnakodur Mandal. These reporters report both the positives and negatives about their society, such as water problems, clean and green initiatives as well as suggestions for community improvements on the wall poster which is visible to all. Through this initiative, the local leaders took action and built roads and even put the street lights over the village. Other achievements include educating parents to take precautions for the spread of disease such as AIDS and spread awareness around family planning. This is done through programs which involve storytelling and performances to the community.  The success of these programs is visible with 95% of the village comprising of a two children family.

Technical education brings a different beat to Redlawada

Students repairing the discarded electric keyboard

RDF Redlawada School has begun offering technical education along with regular curriculum based education. Four students from eight, B.Rajashaker S.Anil .P.Rachana and B.Anusha put this training to practical use and repaired an electric keyboard. The students found a discarded electric keyboard and repaired it with the use of waste material such as a used electrical cable and old speakers from a sound box. Their innovative use of waste material and creativity in repairing the keyboard allowed students to use the keyboard for cultural programs in school. RDF is proud that both boys and girls partake in these training programs which allow them to apply their minds in coming up with creative solutions to every day problems.


Achieving academic excellence

Paka Upagna with the headmaster of RDF Kalleda School

At RDF we believe in imparting a rounded education going above and beyond academics. However, our academic results are always a matter of great pride for us. This year RDF Kalleda School student Paka Upagna made the RDF family very proud by obtaining a 10/10 grade point average in the academic year 2011-12, along with this the school delivered a 100% pass result. Approximately 10 to 12 lakh students appear for this examination across Andhra Pradesh with only 1097 students achieving a 10/10 GPA.  To commemorate this achievement the headmaster, teachers and some of the villagers felicitated her. Paka Upagna wants to continue studying and become a doctor and serve the rural people. Way to go Paka Upagna!