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Testing times

Students writing the examination

RDF Matendla School conducted  the SAT (Subject Achievement Test) for students from classes  6th through 10th  on 15th September 2012. In this exam students were given questions from English, Math, Biology, Physics as well questions based on general knowledge. The exam consisted of multiple choice questions to be answered in two hours and was conducted through OMR sheets. The results were good, with some exceptional students in all the classes. There was no invigilation as the students were trusted to not resort to unfair practices in such examinations. A special note of thanks also needs to go out to the teachers who put in additional hours to prepare and correct the papers. The paper enabled the students to sharpen their academic knowledge as well as gain experience for further test taking.


A magical performance

M.Venkanna demonstrating a bit of creativity

M. Venkanna a class 6th student at RDF Wadlakonda School flexed his creative muscle and came up with a magical performance for this fellow students and teachers. Assisted by C.H. Ramesh, the two of them used a simple pen and lit up one end of it. A few seconds later the fire was extinguished and there were a string of balloons emerging from the end of the pen. The two used a combination of science creativity to put up this truly magical performance.

A prize winning performance

Students with the trophy for first place

RDF Redlawada School added a different touch to their Ganesh chaturthi celebrations. The school children participated in a cultural program hosted by the villagers of Redlawada. Students, U Ramprasad, S. Anil, R.Rakesh, R.Bhanuchande participated and clinched the first prize for a play they staged. The students put up a play based on superstitions and how certain miracle workers claim to solve health and life issues with the help of trickery and deceit and do not truly solve the problem. They demonstrated the methods used to dupe innocent villagers and also spread awareness about the issue plaguing the community. Way to go kids!


Cargill takes RDF to South Korea

Team RDF with the rest of the conference participants


RDF would not be able to continue its work, if wasn’t for the constant support from our sponsors. Cargill has been supporting RDF for four years now and their contribution has been key, especially in the ‘Sponsor a child’ campaign.   Vandita Rao CEO, Vishnumurthy Chary Head Master RDF Matendla School, Sridhar Asst. Head Master RDF Kalleda School and Ashok alumnus of RDF Kalleda School all attended the 4H (Head, heart, hands, health) conference in South Korea with the help of Cargill. The main aim of the conference was to engage with various organizations in different countries on the cause of rural development and methods to bring about social change via rural development.  RDF put up a stall in the conference. The stall was about showcasing RDF’s activities such as cultural programs, academic achievements and extra-curricular activities. Along with this, Vandita Rao gave a presentation about RDF and Ashok gave a presentation about how RDF was established; social, developmental challenges being faced by India and how RDF is helping bridge some of the social and infrastructural gaps in the education sector by running schools for the rural poor. Overall, the conference was a great experience for team RDF and also provided fantastic exposure for RDF’s work.

Eco-friendly Ganesha

Staff and students use clay to craft the eco-friendly idol


The country recently bid farewell to its annual visitor Lord Ganesha. Every year idols of Lord Ganesha are brought into houses for 10 days and then immersed in water bodies as a farewell. RDF Matendla School also joined in the festivities, but in an eco-friendly manner. Vinayaka Chavithi (Lord Ganesha’s festival) is celebrated annually in the RDF schools. As a part of celebrations, the students and teachers personally craft the Ganesha idol from clay taken from the nearby ponds. This ensures that there is no pollution caused during immersion and also ensures the use of natural materials. No plastic or electric lights are used; in fact the idol is adorned with natural materials consisting of dried leaves. There are special prayers held for this occasion and even parents come to attend this spiritual occasion. RDF Matendla School has kept up this tradition for 9 years, we look forward to seeing next year’s eco-friendly Ganesha.


Beyond education…

A leadership activity underway with RDF Kalleda School students

RDF believes in the all-round development of a student. Besides academic education we believe in inculcating leadership qualities in the students.  Recently, Kevin Crouse (PhD candidate in Education Theory and Policy at Rutgers University) came to RDF Kalleda School to implement his innovative teaching methodology and develop leadership qualities in students. Students from classes 9 & 10 were formed into groups, each group led by a facilitator. Through discussion, students had to create a village, describing in detail all its attributes such as geography, political system, and traditions of the people. They had to give this village a name and represent it symbolically. Through further discussion, debate and brainstorming, they had to identify some crucial issues afflicting their village. Some of the issues identified were the lack of schools, alcoholism and dowry. The activity did not end with the identification of issues but also discussed possible solutions to the problem such as ways to reach out to local government to convince them about education and take necessary steps, spread awareness through various campaigns such as door to door advocacy and street plays. After this exercise, the students seemed more confident and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. RDF would like to extend a big thank you to Kevin and his team for their effort!