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The Telangana Government has launched an initiative ‘Friday-Dryday’ to combat diseases arising from mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water. This has been taken up by RDF schools with enthusiasm, as an integral aspect of working with the local communities and a commitment to social responsibility.

The Matendla School team comprising of students and teachers, along with local leaders, created an awareness campaign to help villagers understand the danger of storing water in uncovered barrels, drums and pots in and around their houses for long periods of time. They were made to understand how mosquitoes lay eggs in open water, creating breeding grounds and creating various diseases from mosquito bites.

This situation is preventable, so in response to this scheme and the Matendla School campaign, the villagers have started a ‘dry day’ on each Friday, when they gather to clean stagnant water in their homes and in the village, to ensure areas are dry. We’re happy to see the community working together to create safe surrounding and contributing to their wellbeing.

Bridging Communities

RDF’s work extends well beyond the classrooms and the walls of the school. Community engagement is a core part of our mission. Over the years, each school team has worked with utmost commitment to motivate the rural communities about the power of education, educating girl children, mitigating social issues, increasing awareness about environment issues etc. With a core tenet of transparency, many bridges have been built between each school and the rural communities in which they operate.

Our holistic education philosophy and academic and extracurricular accomplishments have led many organisations and individuals to visit our school, with a view to understand our work and find meaningful ways to contribute.

Rollakal School was visited by some students from a Hyderabad based corporate school and their parents, with a view to meet students and clarify subject specific doubts. There was a lively discussion regarding various subjects and the visitors were impressed with the students’ understanding and knowledge about various subjects and concepts.

The Class 10 students met separately to talk about the Class 10 exams, get advice on preparation, sitting for competitive exams and career development. They also conducted a fun quiz competition, which met with an enthusiastic response. Together, they played volleyball, badminton and cricket, ending the day on a high.

While leaving, they said, “The village and the school environment is filled with greenery. It’s a beautiful environment. We are very happy that our children enjoyed themselves with the children in the school, like their brothers and sisters.”

A Memory Test

Sitting for competitive exams are a part of the Indian education system, in order to get admission into various courses after the completion of the Class 12 examinations. The ability to recall from memory is an important aspect of these exams, so our teachers come up with fun ways to boost memory skills for the students.

Redlawada School conducted a Memory Test for 60 high school students. 37 objects were placed on a table and students were given 2 minutes to note and memorise the objects. After that, they were asked to recall and write the names of the various objects with its correct spelling. Each object was allotted one mark.

Such activities to enhance learning and memory skills are conducted routinely and the students enjoy them immensely. When learning is fun, retention is high!

Sincerity is Thy Name, Rahul

Rahul (centre) helping his classmates with class work

Sincerity is an abiding quality that we see in our rural students. It guides them to put in their best in everything they engage in. Rahul is a Class 4 student in the Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership government Mandal Parishad Primary School. At a tender age, he lost both parents and is looked after by his grandparents. Kindness and an honest dispostion is a hallmark in Rahul’s character.He loves to take care of younger students and enjoys doing various chores in school. He looks upto his grandparents and teachers and believes in the Telugu saying, “Peddala Maata Saddi Moota” (The words of the elders are silent).

One day he found Rs. 500 in his classroom. Without a thought, he turned in the money to the school in charge who appreciated Rahul and made a special announcement about his honest act during morning assembly. He has set his sights high and wants to be a doctor. Though an average student academically, he is pushing himself to do better, so that he can achieve his goals. Watching Rahul always brings a smile to everyone’s face! Though his past has been tragic, we pray that his beautiful energy and kind spirit guide him to the best future for him.

Changing Lives with Care

It’s humbling for us to see that the care and effort of our dedicated school teams brings about tremendous turnarounds in the lives of the rural children we work with.

Banoth Santhosh, a Class 7 student in Redlawada School, belongs to a tribal community. When he joined the school 5 years ago, he couldn’t even speak his tribal language due to developmental issues. His teachers took him under their wing, working patiently with him over the years. Now Santhosh can speak, read and write English too, in addition to his native language!

We really appreciate our teachers for pouring their care into the wellbeing and development of all our students, inspiring them to believe in themselves and succeed! 🙂

Individual Effort Matters

We are indebted to every single RDF donor, be it an individual or a corporate – every drop makes the ocean after all. Sometimes people wonder how the effort of one person can make a difference and we would like to share that every effort helps us in many ways.

Mr. Hari has been supporting Matendla School for many years and in many ways. He runs a modest grocery shop in the village and has been providing grocery items to the school at a very reasonable cost.  He also sponsors ‘Annadanam’ (Donate a Meal), sponsoring the midday meal on a special occasion each year. He has placed an RDF Donation Box in his shop and explains RDF’s work to his customers, motivating them to donate some money. The donations are collected on a quarterly basis.

Thanks to the kindness of people like Mr. Hari and many individual well wishers who are partnering with us on our journey to help educate rural children, we are able to continue serving rural communities.

Alumnus Volunteer Service

Kamlesh & PET (R&L), doing morning drills

Kinnear Kamlesh completed Intermediate (Class 12 equivalent) from the RDF VAPV Junior College this year, with a first division! His parents have moved to Maharashtra as labourers in a project. Inspired and motivated with the encouragement he received in the Junior College, he decided to give back to society by volunteering as an Assistant Physical Trainer. Since he’s pursuing his Bachelor’s degree through distance education and only needs to attend college on Sundays, he felt helping in the Junior College would be a productive use of his time.

Basketball practice with students

He says, “I feel so happy to give service where I studied. I have learnt discipline, honesty and punctuality from my lecturers here and I want to help other students like me by being a role model for them. Every day, I am learning new things from PET sir (Physical Education Trainer) and assisting him to teach the students. I am good at Kabaddi and would like to train and send students to participate in Nationals and get medals.”

We feel proud that Kamlesh feels empowered to make selfless choices such as this. With his great attitude and dedication to service, we are sure he will continue to be an asset to the Junior College team!