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The Importance of Voting

It’s election time in India and as  a part of the ‘Continuous Comprehensive Assessment’ programme, Kalleda School conducted a message oriented activity on ‘Awareness on the Importance of Voting’.

The kids took up a campaign in their community in order to drive home the importance of voting. They urged them, saying, “Your vote is your choice to elect the public representative. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. The power to change our country starts with you single vote.” The main aim of the campaign was to achieve 100% voting in their local communities.

The kids, passionate about creating change, motivated everyone to utilize their vote to elect the right public representative and vote for their progress and development. A group of students also enacted a drama on the voting system! Together, they made an oath to cast their vote, ending with a chant of ‘Vote to Change the Future’.

It is amazing how conversant the students are on social issues and have the passion to create change. It shows a willingness to engage with issues that affect them and create solutions, in their own way, that address the problem – in this case, casting their vote and thinking about how to develop the villages. Well done, teachers and students of Kalleda School on taking up such an important issue and taking the steps to create change!

Achievements Galore!

The Junior College has been blessed with numerous achievements – a natural outcome to their dedicated inputs at all levels to provide an enriched learning environment for their students.

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

The monthly Motivation Class is very popular, with inspirational speakers invited to address students on a wide variety of subjects. Last month, Sri. T. Ravinder Rao, Founder – Vande Matharam, gave a talk on ‘Personality Development’, addressing the issues he faced and what it took for him to be successful.

Student demo class in progress

Student demo class in progress

The equally popular ‘Student Demo Class’ also builds confidence and communication skills as well as greater understanding in academic subjects.     


In sports and games, each day begins with Yoga and Meditation. Students have also been selected for District, State and National level events in High Jump, Short Put, Long Jump and Javelin.

The college also saw K. Venkatesh, studying in second year; win the 2nd Prize in a District Level drawing competition on Environmental Education.


Cooking ‘rocks’ used for sustainable cooking

The college’s focus on creating a sustainable environment on campus has seen them use ‘cooking rocks’, which not only is more environment friendly and time efficient, compared to firewood, but also allows them to save a whopping 50% cost in firewood. Actions speak louder than words – we hope all the actions being implemented by the Junior College creates a strong environment of ‘leading by example’ and plants seeds for a bright and thoughtful generation.


Voters Day at VAPV-JC


On Jan 24th 2015, on the eve of Voters Day, we conducted a programme on the ‘Right to Information Act’ . The Chief Guest of the session was the MRO of Parvathagiri, Mr Arunodaya Kumar and the RTI coordinator of Warangal district Mr Sunkari Prashanth also participated.

The Chief Guest explained the salient points of the Act. The objectives and its purpose. The students participated actively in the question and answer session and the MRO clarified all their doubts. Any citizen could request information from a public organization and they are required to respond to a query within 30 days. He explained the benefits of the Act to the society and the process involved in submitting a request. The talk was very enlightening and informative.



 As a part of Social awareness program RDF kalleda School students organized “ the prohibition of liquor rally ”.

Students of class VI to X participated in the rally to enlighten people for a non alcoholic society. They shouted slogans “Shun liquor – live better”   and delivered speeches in the surrounding villages. Seeing the students, some of the villagers also participated in the rally and supported the cause. Students also explained to the villagers, the effect on health by taking liquor , tobacco, gutka. Due to this addiction the family also looses the health and become economically weak resulting in death.  The villagers realized their responsibility and supported the students.

Tech Mahindra Volunteering Swachh Bharat Abhiyan supported by RDF and Bahadurpally Govt. school staff


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Campaign Clean India) is a national level campaign by the Government of India to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. This campaign was officially launched on 2 October 2014 at RajghatNew Delhi, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

RDF partnered with Tech Mahindra Foundation – supporting  Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School in Bahadurpally, Hyderabad also took a step ahead by hitting the streets. More than 15 to 20 Volunteers from Tech Mahendra Foundation participated in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program.  Along with them RDF staff, MPP primary school and high school HMs, teachers also took part in cleaning the surroundings of the school. The Volunteers and the staff have worked hard for 3 to 4 hours  in rain  and cleaned the outer edge of the school.  The campaign and the hard work of the volunteers stood as an example and encouragement to the all the students of primary and high school to keep the premises clean and green.

Campaign for Composting

???????????????????????????????With the growing concern around usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture & promotion of organic methods, the RDF teacher and student community is learning ways of organic and natural farming. High school students in Redlawada School initiated a project with their Science teacher to make ‘bio-compost’ using waste material. The objective is to learn to make bio compost and promote it in their local communities, so that farms decrease their usage of chemical fertilizers and adopt environmental friendly methods. Our children endorse healthy and eco friendly practices, so that local communities work towards a greener and healthier future!

Rewards of Recycling

Matendla School puts their old textbooks and notebooks to great use by recycling them. Some ways being used are reusing textbooks for 3-4 years, selling old notebooks as ‘scrap’ or recycling unused pages as new copies or rough sheets. There are multiple benefits to the children & school by adopting such eco friendly practices – the school includes the income from sale of used books into their new years budget – a small but sure step in their effort towards sustainable operations. Redistributing old textbooks & notebooks allows the school to save money, at the same time showing the student community a solid example of recycling, which is not only friendly on the pocket, but our environment too!.

Voter Education


With the Lok Sabha General Elections around the corner, students have been actively undertaking rallies as part of RDF’s Social Awareness Program. With a need to educate people on their constitutional right to vote, students of Kalleda School wrote slogans and delivered speeches. The salient features of their speeches and discussions were everyone availing their right to vote, not giving into bribes for favouritism and voting, careful selection of the candidate based on merit and electing a righteous and selfless leader, plus understanding transparency in the voting process. With everyone desiring a transparent and corruption free government, it is really nice of students to undertake such activities for merit based voting.

Girl Power!


Students and teachers of Rollakal School held an awareness rally on ‘Girl Child’ on the occasion of National Girl Child Day on 24th January. Girls in Indian society still face inequaility in areas like education, legal rights, medical care, nutrition, child marriage etc. Students and teachers addressed villagers about these issues, urging them to consider these serious scenarios and support their women in their families. The rally was relevant for RDF due to its emphasis on education for the girl child, which has contributed significantly to improving literacy rates, employment and empowerment of girls and reduction in child marriages in areas of operation and engaging with the community via such social awareness programs.


Model Elections

Students casting their vote

Students casting their vote

A good education system must necessarily go beyond classroom academics and incorporate learning and understanding values and behavior which lead to good citizenship. RDF’s Social Awareness Program was conceptualised with this aim in mind & Kalleda School conducted ‘Model Elections’ to understand democracy, electoral processes and voting. Students of Classes 5-10 participated in the elections to elect the Head Boy and Head Girl. The School Headmaster acted as Chief Election Commissioner. A detailed process modeling actual elections was created. Through this process, students learnt the value of their vote, they deliberated on qualities of a right leader, they understood what makes a good leader and develop healthy competition – all lifeskills essential in the 21st century. 350 students cast their vote and elected the right candidates for their role.  completion of the election the results announced after three days. The process accentuates RDF’s core values of Educate, Engage and Empower!