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Green initiative at Wadlakonda

Students, staff and volunteers planted coconut and mango saplings at the new campus.

RDF Wadlakonda School recently moved to a new school site in the village of Rollakallu.

In order to make space for the upcoming school building, a small part of the land had to be cleared. Being conscientious about the environment, Mr. Cherallu, the school Headmaster, initiated a plantation drive. Fifteen coconut saplings and 5 mango saplings were donated to the school. The staff, students and members of the donor team then spent a part of their Sunday planting the trees.

The students learned a valuable lesson in the process – that of ecological balance and the importance of keeping the environment green. The school also hopes to raise funds through the sale of the coconuts and mangoes once the trees reach maturity.

It’s never too old to learn

Obanna signing the attendance registerObanna is the school watchman at RDF Narsimpalli School. When he joined the school in 2009, he was illiterate. However, watching the children learn sparked a desire in him to learn to read and write as well. He took it upon himself to teach himself to read and write in Telugu. Impressed by his determination and enthusiasm, the school Headmaster and other teachers helped him in this endeavour. Now Obanna can read the Telugu paper, sign his name in the attendance register and has been entrusted by the school to manage the administration and accounts maintenance of the water treatment plant. He punches in the dates, writes the names of the water card members and handles the money. At 55, Obanna has shown that it is never too old to learn

Being an Inspiration

Over the last few years, RDF Kalleda School has had the honour of receiving visits from urban schools, due to local press coverage about RDF’s work with underprivileged children. In the last academic year, RDF was visited by eight teachers of Rama Bhaskara Bharatiya School. Other schools that have visited Kalleda have been Golden Threshold School, Warangal, Creek School, Hyderabad and Government School, Charbowli. Correspondents from other schools, hearing about RDF’s charitable schools and success in sports and academic endeavours, sent teams to Kalleda to learn more. What impressed them the most was teachers and students extending themselves beyond academic pursuits, to focus on community development via RDF’s Social Awareness Programs. They called RDF Kalleda School a ‘model school’, an inspiration to other people and schools. They went back, seeking to implement similar initiatives in their schools. RDF is very proud that our efforts bear fruit by inspiring others to do the same!

Teachers from Rama Bhaskara Bharatiya School examining classrooms

Teachers from Rama Bhaskara Bharatiya School examining classrooms

Time flies when learning is fun

Redlawada student R. Rajesh demonstrates time with a clock he made

R. Rajesh is an average student at Redlawada but he grew excited when his 3rd class teacher explained the concept of time during math class.
Rajesh — known as Raju — decided to make his own clock using recycled materials like straw, a paper plate and cardboard. Sensing the boy’s interest, teacher Surender allowed him to take over the lesson. The 8-year-old then used his artificial clock to teach time to his class mates.
The moment demonstrated how RDF nurtures students so that learning never becomes rote memorization. Teachers like Surender understand that when students are engaged, the children will use their energy and creativity to take learning to a new level.

Celebrating another year

7th Class girls dance at Kalleda's Annual Day celebration

More than 1000 people came to Kalleda on March 20 to celebrate the school’s 16th Annual Day.

Students organized the event, which included singing and dancing. They also invited educator Sri Param Jyothi, who started Oasis Public School in Warangal, as their keynote speaker. Oasis is considered one of the best schools in the Warangal district. Its teaching philosophy includes holistically educating children, including nurturing their personalities, and maintaining cultural traditions while preparing students for contemporary society.

Sri Param Jyothi offered advice to parents and students. He advised parents to support students emotionally and mentally so they could focus on their studies. He also reminded parents that they have the primary responsibility for their child, so they should not leave everything to the schools.

To the students, he said they are all strong and unique and they should not underestimate their abilities.
Teachers were also involved in the day’s festivities. They used the opportunity to raise money for the school, collecting Rs 74,950 ($1,466 USD).

Dedicated to learning

Upper row left to right- M.Arun Kumar (9th class), N.Venu (6th class), K.Prashanth (10th class), D.Renuka (10th class), K.Roja (10th class), K.Rekha (9th class). Lower row left to right- K.Ramesh (3rd class), P.Venu (4th class), P.Bhanuprasad (6th class), B.Srilatha (6th class)

As part of its Annual Day, Matendla decided to recognize students who have never missed a school day this year.

It was the first time Matendla researched perfect attendance records, but school officials felt it was important to honor students who have shown such commitment to their education. At the February 19 event, the school also acknowledged their parents for supporting their children’s schooling and hoped the achievement will inspire other parents and students.

Of Matendla’s 319 students, 10 have earned the impressive record. These students are: K. Ramesh (3rd class), P. Venu (4th class), B. Srilatha (6th class), P. Bhanuprasad (6th class), N. Venu (7th class B Section), K. Rekha (9th class), M. Arunkumar (9th class), and D. Renuka, K. Roja, and K. Prashanth (all 10th class).