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Thinking outside the box

R. Bharat saved the game of cricket by thinking outside the box

 At RDF Wadlakonda School, students have demonstrated their ability to take their education and apply it in solving day to day problems. For instance, a group of children whilst playing cricket on the school grounds hit the ball into the hole meant for the flag post. Since the hole was too narrow, several student attempts to retrieve the ball with their hands were unsuccessful. However, R. Bharat, a class 4 student had a novel idea. He brought a bucket of water and poured it into the hole. As the water slowly rose in the hole, the ball also made its way out. R. Bharat demonstrated his ability to think outside the box. Through critical thinking and abstract reasoning he was able to save the day and the students could continue their game of cricket.

Inculcating honesty and trust through the ‘No Invigilation’ method

Students writing their exams without invigilation at RDF Kalleda School

RDF Kalleda School reinforces the virtues of honesty and trust through its ‘No Invigilation’ method implemented during examinations. This involves students writing their examinations without the teachers’ invigilation. This not only increases honest amongst the students but also removes the fear associated with examinations. Writing exams in this liberal atmosphere inculcates in the students the habit to work diligently with and without supervision. We believe these are virtues students will carry with them even after their schooling with RDF. Teachers also benefit from this, as it frees up time they can spend preparing for the classes and other administrative work.

Overcoming adversity with a little help from RDF

N. Suresh is now pursuing his undergraduate degree

N. Suresh lost his parents in an accident and was unable to pursue further education. RDF realized his talent and potential and offered him free education and boarding in the hostel. We are proud to share that N. Suresh not only secured first class marks in the intermediate examination but has also trained in photography under the students visiting from Washington University. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at the Pragathi Degree College and is also working part time as a photographer at a studio in Hyderabad. In all of this, N. Suresh has not forgotten RDF and recently visited the JC to motivate the current students.