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Moulding Student Teachers!

(Top & Bottom): Snapshots from the 2019 summer training camp by Synchrony Financial

Government and Private schools have not yet reopened across India due to COVID 19. The Telangana state government launched online classes to ensure that children’s education is not compromised. To support online learning for RDF students, it is our very own Class 10 students who have stepped up as online coaches!

Each summer, Class 9 and 10 students have been participating in Synchrony Financial’s English communication enhancement classes, with accommodation for 1 month being provided by The Global Edge School. These summer camps have created long lasting impact on the English language ability and life skills of our students thanks to the care and attention of the Synchrony Financial trainers. This training provided the confidence to last year’s training batch to start online teaching for their school mates!

The 2019 RDF batch, after the successful completion of the month long English Communication Enhancement training programme

The students are listening attentively to their seniors and see them as a source of inspiration, which they undoubtedly are, by showing how the opportunity of participating in such training sessions can create a positive ripple effect for everyone. Doubts are clarified by subject teachers. We are immensely grateful to these summer trainings which has had a positive influence on the students in so many ways!

An Empowered Quest

RDF’s strong focus on the all round development of children ensures that their inherent interests and talents are encouraged, alongside providing a resource rich learning environment.

Tharmani Saicharan completed Class 10 from Kalleda School this year with a GPA of 10! Saicharan is a bright and curious person, who is always willing to push his boundaries. He recently participated in the ‘National Level Knowledge Quest 2020’ organized by HULAHUL Foundation, in the 13-17 years category, where he won the Silver Medal with a score of 52/80. We are so proud of his effort!

When he was in school, he used all his free time reading books and newspapers in English, Telugu and Hindi in the library. A self motivated person, he diligently prepared for competitive exams, with help from his teachers. He says, “I would like to pay gratitude to my school management and teachers for supporting me and helping me achieve my goals.”

Empowering rural children through active engagement within and outside the classroom, is what is helping many students like Saicharan, move closer to their goals.

A Special Girl with a Special Skill

Rohini’s art in progress on a concrete bench!

Seeing spiritedness in our students, despite the challenges in their lives, makes our hearts melt! Rohini is a bright girl, studying in Class 4 in Kalleda School. She has no father and lives with her mother, with her uncle’s family. Due to severe financial constraints, Rohini’s education is sponsored by RDF.

Rohini lets nothing hold her back. She is active in academics as well as sports. She always eagerly awaits every opportunity to speak, thrusting her hand in the air excitedly, when the teacher asks questions. She loves to draw and is able to replicate any picture after looking at it just once! She has an eidetic memory!

The world is her canvas. One can see her drawing in a book, on the wall and on the floor, whenever she’s free. A cheerful and helpful girl, she helps with household work too. We know that her spirit will take her far in life. RDF staff motivates families to encourage their children to pursue their goals and dreams. We’re sure that Rohini will achieve whatever she sets her mind to. With her special memory, we wonder what she’s capable of achieving!

Our Teacher: The Marvellous Mahender Sir!

Mr. Mahender, hard at work at lesson planning

A translated saying goes, “A mediocre teacher talks, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires!” We are proud to have in our midst, Mr. Mahender, the Primary School In-charge at Kalleda School who, we believe, is a great teacher and loves to learn too!

Planning a cultural event, with other teachers

A favourite with students and teachers alike, he teaches passionately and also strives to update his subject knowledge continuously. He thinks of innovative ideas to teach his lessons, which can arouse curiosity in the subject. He pays keen attention on how to make his teaching contextual, thus making it more interesting and easier to learn. Before teaching a concept, he plans how to introduce the topic with a good illustration or a fun activity that piques students’ interest. He know every student in the school by name!

Mr. Mahender (L), participating in a cultural event, with students

A gifted musician, he is always an intrinsic part of the planning and execution of cultural programmes. His involvement ensures smooth coordination among teachers and students, thus making such events a big success! He can sing, dance and play musical instruments and draw too. His gifts and the joy of sharing attracts everyone and makes them learn with curiosity.

He has a good relationship with parents and supports the all round development of the children, which parents appreciate. He is considered a role model across all RDF schools, as someone to emulate not just as a teacher, but as a person too.



Gratitude for Pandemic Warriors

The enormity of the Covid-19 issue became real for everyone when the Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi, urged every citizen of India to follow ‘Janata Curfew’ (Citizen Curfew), on 22nd March.

People in rural areas were unable to understand what was happening. In order to stem rumours and false news from spreading, the Kalleda School teachers called and informed many villagers and parents about Janata Curfew.  Since then, they have also been spreading awareness about preventing the spread of Coronavirus through social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing.

The RDF team and the rural communities we serve applaud the services being extended by medical teams, cleanliness staff, food delivery people, the Police, government officials and the media. We are indebted to these frontline personnel. Our rural families stood at their gates and applauded their efforts for five minutes to express our sincere gratitude.


Crafting Fun

Wonderful cardboard creations!

We are all born with creative capabilities and these abilities are honed in RDF schools, based on the particular interest of a child. This approach has created wonders in many children, making them more confident in themselves, believing in their abilities, becoming more creative in a particular art or craft and helping others learn too!

As part of Art & Culture classes in Kalleda School, Class 10 students made various handmade designs. Through such sessions, we are also able to promote local art and craft practices, thus keeping cultural vibrancy intact. The pre-primary and primary children observed the making of these designs, which they did with rapt attention. After that, they were then encouraged to make their own. The kids, older and younger, loved making stuff with their friends and teachers. The community feeling of learning in joy and sharing was palpable!

Proudly displaying all their creations

The children are now using the extended time to make even more interesting and wonderful art and craft items. The children also learn no-fuss, no-mess and low cost ways of making their designs, which can help community handicrafts immensely.

Everyone has been having fun making their sharing their items. So think of a fun art or craft project with your family and we guarantee you will have a lot of fun!

Hardwired to Help!

Community engagement to build a thriving local community network is an integral part of RDF. Over the past 23 years, we have seen the rich dividends of these efforts, with people from near and far coming forward to help RDF schools, in whatever way they can.

Mr. Kishore had a job in the police department but his calling lay in computer hardware. He left his police job to join a hardware company. In his journey, he heard about RDF’s work with rural, underprivileged children and was driven to contribute to our schools. He contacted us through the RDF website and started visiting the Kalleda, Redlawada and Rollkall schools to help with computer issues and hardware problems. He visits the schools twice a month, including attending to computer emergencies and donating hardware parts.

We feel very fortunate to have a selfless people like Mr. Kishore supporting us in an area of need and are proud to call him a member of the RDF family!

A Discussion on Women’s Issues & Empowerment

Building a keen sense of social responsibility forms a core part of RDF’s pedagogy. Debates and discussions on social issues are regularly organized, within the school campuses and in the wider community too, as part of awareness building campaigns.

Kalleda School recently organized a discussion with students on the themes of ‘Women’s Empowerment, Equality and Protection’. The important conclusion that the students came to, was the necessity to have fast tract courts to get instant judgment, especially in women’s harassment cases. Through this discussion, they also learnt about women’s rights and laws for protection of women.

We believe that our students need development in many areas, not limited to academics. Going beyond textbook education, by engaging them in relevant and contextual issues, allows them to widen their world view, gain new knowledge and build skills that will help them for life.

A Feast of Festivals!

Kalleda School celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday (Krishnashtami)

India is a country, rich with cultural traditions and festivals. It’s a link to our history and is a wonderful way to keep generations in touch with the best that our history offers.

Festivals such as Ugadi (Telugu New Year), Diwali (Festival of Lights), Raksha Bandhan (celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters), Krishnastami (Lord Krishna’s birth celebration), Boddemma (honouring the feminine divine) etc. are celebrated and cherished in RDF schools.

Girls celebrating Bodemma

By celebrating every festival together, the children learn not just the rituals pertaining to a festival, but also the values embedded in the festivals and their rituals such as respecting elders, behaving with kindness, helping others, sharing what we have etc. We believe understanding the deeper nuances of our festivals help build character and good citizens.

The pictures accompanying this post are from Kalleda School.

Alumni Teachers

(L-R) Raju, Ramesh, Sangeeta, Sravya & Swathi

RDF alumni have always shown themselves to be brand ambassadors of our work. It is a matter of pride for us when our alumni choose to come back and work with us, instead of opting for higher paid positions in bigger towns or cities. It is an honour for us that they have a high sense of social responsibility and are willing to contribute to RDF’s work and vision.

Ramesh, S. Raju, P. Sangeeta, P. Sravya and Y. Swathi are Kalleda School alumni. Inspired by their teachers, the teaching methodology and the quality of teaching in school, all of them opted to pursue a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). They were offered higher salaries in private schools, but they wanted to help rural children and the cause of rural education. They chose not to work with corporate schools and felt joining RDF schools was the best opportunity to be in service to their alma mater and helping develop rural communities.

They have been appointed as subject teachers based on their specialisation and are enjoying their new teaching roles. Being first generation learners themselves, they fully understand the challenges of studying in a rural area and what kind of support their students need. Just as they were inspired by their teachers, they are being good role models for their students!