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Donor Sponsorship for RDF Alumni

RDF has now been working for the cause of rural education for two decades. Many are aware that RDF’s work to educate rural children is sustainable due to support from financial donors and volunteers. However, RDF continues to remain invested in children’s futures even after they leave school. Many students want to pursue higher education and have the ability and skill to do well, but are constrained due to lack of finances. So, RDF strives to provide financial sponsorship for deserving alumni in order for them to take up professional courses, through which they are able to become financially stable, support their families and help them out of poverty.

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

One such example is that of Narsimlu who completed schooling from Matendla School and wanted to pursue Hotel Management. With the help of RDF wellwisher, Mr. Vikram Reddy who decided to sponsor Narsimlu’s dreams, he was able to get admission in a Hotel Management course in Hyderabad.. Post service training at Taj Hotel, Hyderabad, he turned into an entrepreneur by hiring a running canteen in Tirupathi, a popular pilgrim destination in Andhra Pradesh. His enterprise is a success due to his hard work and has been able to provide a firm financial foundation for his family.

anjaliAnjali, another alumnus of Matendla School, got a free seat in B. Tech in Hyderabad. However, she still needed to pay Rs. 40,000 towards hostel fees. At this point, Mrs. Kavita Subba Rao, stepped in to sponsor her fees so that she could complete her education. With this timely monetary support, Anjali has completed her B. Tech and has procured a job in an E-data company.

Magnanimous donors such as Mr. Reddy and Mrs. Subba Rao provide much needed support that allows RDF’s deserving student to break the poverty cycle. Together, we meet RDF’s vision of educating and empowering underprivileged children – something that the RDF family and our student’s families are always grateful for.

Re-‘awards’ for RDF!

Congratulations! RDF Rollakal High School is Warangal’s Number 1 Co-ed Day School in the Education World India School Rankings 2016. The Education World India School Rankings Awards were conferred on all 4 RDF schools in different categories for 2015-16!

For the past eight years Education World has been publishing the annual Education World India School Rankings with C fore — the well-known Delhi-based market research and opinion polls agency. Education World rank over 1000 of India’s most high-profile schools on 14 parameters — Teacher Welfare & Development, Academic Reputation, Competence & Commitment of Faculty, Sports Education, Individual attention to Students, Value for Money, Parent Involvement in school activities, Infrastructure provision & Maintenance, Leadership/Management Quality, Community Service, Internationalism, Co-curricular Activities, Life Skill Education, Pastoral Care.

Based on meticulous evaluation of schools, the 4 RDF schools won top ranking in the following categories –

Redlawada School– Student Committees: Grooming in Leadership Qualities

RS Mess Committee serving dentsstu

RS Mess Committee serving students

The Student Committees aim to put responsibility for the school’s key operational aspects right into the hands of the students themselves. The committees are set up with consensus between students and teachers. The day to day running and overall management of each committee is done by the students, with supervision and mentoring by a teacher.

In Redlawada, the committees have shown a high level of efficiency and care in the areas of Water Management, Neatness, Sports & Games, Discipline and Dining & Mess Management. The smooth running has demonstrated leadership capacities in its student leaders, team cooperation and good delegation, along with community engagement within and outside their school – all qualities that are necessary in life.

Rollakal School – Warangal’s Number 1 Co-Ed Day School and School Management Committee

Kindergarten Co-ed group in RoS

Kindergarten Co-ed group in RoS


The School Management Committee in Rollakal School was recognised for its professional management of crucial school function areas, such as consistent and regular check on school administrative accounts, review of school examination reports, supervision and implementation of farm activities, which have been instrumental in the school’s development. The diligence towards maintaining a high level of monitoring and feedback has also helped improve the quality of education.

Kalleda School – Recognition for Innovative Educational Activities

Primary School Reading Program in KS

Primary School Reading Program in KS

Being the first RDF school, Kalleda School has always been the first to pilot and initiate new programs, for students and teachers alike. Therefore over the past two decades, it has executed several innovative learning programs in English, Math, Science, Computers, Reading/Library, Sports, Art and other extra-curricular activities, which have then been replicated in other RDF schools. The teachers have also been diligent in getting trained and employing each new activity in the school. We are all very pleased with this great accomplishment for the very first RDF institution.

Matendla School – Award for Innovative Language Enhancement Activities

The Matendla School team is a great example of being receptive and open minded to new ways of teaching and learning. The team has come up with novel ideas to improve English language and communication skills. The infectious ‘Coin Game’ and ‘Radio Station’ have won appreciation and praise for their ingenuity.

Students manning the Radio Station in MS

Students manning the Radio Station in MS

For the ‘Radio Station’, students from various classes, by turn, write content and make important as well as fun announcements each day that help improve their writing, speaking and anchoring skills. These include News for the day – from an English daily, G.K. questions and ‘Do you Know’ quizzes to build knowledge and Thought for the day for motivation. Important information like academic announcements, achievements and forthcoming events are also relayed by each team.

In the ‘Coin Game’, each student is given a coin at the start of the day. If a student overhears another student speak Telugu, the coin is handed over to the student who has ‘caught’ them. The student with the maximum coins at the end of the day is the ‘winner’. With a sense of playfulness about it, the game has caught on with everyone, teachers included, with many students striving to speak in English and trying to win the maximum number of coins.

The Education World India School Rankings Awards 2016 will be conferred at The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon, Haryana later this month.

Positive feedback for RDF!

Dr. Shyamala with the school team

Dr. Shyamala with the school team

Any NGO needs the support of its partners in order to fulfill its vision and mission for the highest benefit of its primary stakeholders. Financial support from individuals and organisations that share the vision is an integral aspect of managing program operations.

One of RDF’s long term partners has been the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) that has been financially supporting RDF for several years. The funds received are utilised in three core areas viz. teacher training, infrastructure development and provision of teaching and learning materials. RDF provides regular reporting to its funding partners regarding the utilization of funds in the areas that the funds are meant to be allocated to.

Observing High School Science exhibits

Observing High School Science exhibits

In May, CAF representative, Dr. Shyamala, visited RDF schools to review the activities and operations and utilization of CAF funds. She spent the day observing primary and high school classes, Science exhibits and Art work, Library, Computer and English labs, digital sessions and cultural activities. She also examined documents and evidence. She spent time interacting with primary and high school teachers as well as parents, school staff and RDF Headoffice staff to get their feedback on RDF’s work.

Interacting with Primary School children & teachers

Interacting with Primary School children & teachers

She was very happy with what she saw, commending RDF’s work for rural children and rural communities and gave a very positive review to the team. RDF received a Valedictory Certificate from CAF after the report was shared. We are very pleased with her positive review and hope to have a long lasting partnership with CAF.

Mentor Management

TMF teacher conducting a demo

TMF teacher conducting a demo

RDF has spread its wings with a brand new partnership with Tech Mahindra Foundation to implement “School Based Quality Improvement Program” in TMF supported Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School in Bahadurpally, Hyderabad. RDF, TMF and RVM ( Rajiv Vidya Mission) have signed an MOU to repair the school building, improve the ambience, operate and to impart quality education.
With a major objective of the proposed project being to achieve the RVM (SSA) objective of 100% compliance of RTE act in the areas of improvement in teaching & learning processes, enhancing child participation in extra & co-curricular activities, improving parent & community participation & improvement in school premises; RDF has been conducting rigorous training programs to build capacity to groom teachers as mentors.
Teachers from the 4 RDF schools and 1 TMF school participated in a 3 day program on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), which is an integral part of the CBSE curriculum. Though RDF schools are SSC certified, understanding and applying CCE skills is a step towards teachers’ professional skill development and a scientific approach in the teaching-learning process.

Engaged with English

RDF staff in English Language workshop

RDF staff in English Language workshop

There has been a thrust on understanding and learning English in RDF schools for the past 2 years. As a 2nd language, teaching it to non native speakers is an understandable challenge. However, schools have been proactive in seeking support and organizing upskilling sessions for themselves.

RDF Head Operations, Mrs. Subhashini Potluri, organized an English Training Program for all RDF schools. Rollakal School is the 3rd RDF school to begin the transition to English and have started with transitioning grades PP1 to Class 3. Therefore, Rollakal teachers had much to learn from the session. Understanding basic but crucial steps like preparing and planning for English classes in advance, understanding questioning techniques and their usage, with ample role play boosted their confidence and have left them feeling better prepared for English classes in the new academic year.

With such trainings, they are now self assured about teaching the language in their respective classes.

A drama-tic lesson

Students enacting the play

Students enacting the play


RDF has a range of extra-curricular activities lined up during prayer time for the students where we spread messages of health, hygiene and creativity through short dramas or plays. Among them, K Sruthi, M. Raju and M. Venkanna from the 8th class enacted a drama on biodiversity. The drama had to students playing hunters who hunt birds and animals each day for food. One day a RDF student sees them hunt and teaches them the importance of biodiversity and not harming animals. It was an important lesson taught through a lovely play.

A generous gift

Narsimpalli head master Mr. Mahaboobbasha, teacher Mr.Krishna and students celebrate their new laptops.

Dell Computers donated 25 laptops to RDF schools this month, a gift worth Rs 6,25,350.

The laptops will greatly improve students’ computer skills. The gift will especially help schools like Wadlakonda and Redlawada, which currently only have one computer each.

This is Dell’s first donation to RDF, and we thank the company for its generosity to the students of Andra Pradesh!

An RDF donation box at Hyderabad home decoration store ‘Evolution’

Donation Box at Evolution

RDF is blessed with a brand new partnership with a home decoration store named Evolution, located on Road No. 3 in Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. They have graciously opted to display an RDF donation box at their front desk, with all proceeds being donated to RDF schools.

We encourage everyone to stop by Evolution – a beautiful store worth visiting for any home decorator or gift giver!

RDF is hopeful for the success of this inaugural donation box and plans to implement other boxes throughout the city as well.

‘Our Place’ trash turns to RDF treasure

RDF Kalleda students using the place mats for a group activity

RDF schools are proud of their environmental awareness; students are taught not to waste a piece of paper, a drop of water, a grain of rice or a watt of power. Now they have a continous supply of ‘city trash’ for use in classroom group activities.

Our Place – a popular Hyderabad restaurant has agreed to donate its used table mats to RDF schools for as long as the schools can make use of them! What started as an experiment has developed into a long-term project with the restaurant agreeing to recycle their used paper table mats for a good cause. Instead of being disposed of, they will be collected and stored for use by RDF schools for arts and group activities in the classrooms.

It’s a practical example of city trash becoming RDF school treasure! It may also be a vision of the future with rural and urban India finding innovative ways to collaborate.

A student using the place mat for a classroom assignment


RDF Documentary in the making!

Ramya shooting an interview with Ravi Yaganti, SAO

Ramya Ravi and Sethu Sethuraman, are the creative geniuses behind one of RDF’s latest projects – a documentary that will introduce the Rural Development Foundation to the world!

Ramya has been acknowledged by the World Wildlife Federation for a documentary she created to spread the hope of a sustainable world. Sethu comes to RDF with a 30 year career as a professional photographer. Both of them were inspired by RDF’s work and opted to make this documentary to highlight the amazing work RDF is doing in video form.

Sethu giving direction for the shooting

Sethu was especially inspired by the Youth Empowerment Program, since it uses the medium of photography and visuals to engage the students creatively in social issues.

RDF is extremely grateful for the amazing amount of time and work Ramya and Sethu have put in into making this documentary a possibility. The passion they have exuded throughout the process is truly inspiring.

We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work upon completion! Stay tuned to the RDF blog for more updates.