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Alumni Career Achievements

“Education is the vehicle for rural development” – this is the motto that inspires RDF’s work and vision to educate, engage and empower rural, underprivileged children.

While RDF leaves no stone unturned to develop its students through being taught by well trained teachers, the provision of computer, English language and science labs, a well stocked library and development of mind, body and spirit through focus on sports, yoga and meditation; it is the successes of its students, who absorb the learnings with enthusiasm and grit, that truly allow us to feel proud. Their success and achievements are RDF’s success and achievement!


The focus on sports in RDF schools is not merely considered an extra curricular activity. Sports development creates discipline, resilience and an ability to handle life challenges. Therefore, sports development is seen as an essential life skills and not a ‘P.T period’ per se. Several RDF alumni, having shone brilliantly at their chosen sport, have gone on to get Government jobs, which provide job security and financial relief to families, who have been mired in poverty for generations.Sandeep and Madhukar are alumni of the 2007-8 and 2005-6 batch respectively. Both were interested in sports and games since their primary school days. They eventually took up sports seriously and excelled in athletics. Both come from financially deprived families and were determined to work hard and excel in academics too. With this focus on excelling in both academics and sports, both boys eventually got jobs in the Police department.


Examples like Sandeep and Madhukar provide inspiration to scores of RDF children who hope for a better and brighter future for themselves and their families. The values of hard work, determination, perseverance and rising up to life’s challenges are instilled in students through understanding the struggles and achievements of alumni like Sandeep and Madhukar.

We salute these bright alumni who continue to shine a light on how a quality education system, such as that instilled by RDF institutions, deep engagement with students and teachers that comes from a space of care, truly empowers them to take on their future with courage and break the bonds of poverty.

Alumni Give Back

Over the years, RDF alumni have always come back to their schools to help innumerable ways. The connections remain alive, wherever they are.

In Matendla School, it was the entire Class 10 batch from last year who paid a surprise visit to the school and sponsored a Midday Meal, along with biscuits! Everyone was very touched to learn that they had saved their pocket money for several months to make this generous donation! They personally served all students and teachers, a gesture that moved many!

Though RDF students have shown over and over again how much they care for their schools, every gesture continues to warm our hearts. This good deed by mere 16 year olds will live in our hearts for a long time!

Vani’s Inspiring Story

Today we bring you the inspiring and courageous story of RDF VAPV alumnus, Vani, in her own words. We have made no editorial or English language corrections to her account. We are presenting her story as is, because we would like our readers and supporters to see the quality of her language and writing ability for themselves. Language is much more than the ability to speak; it is also the ability to think and analyse, use vocabulary to articulate thoughts, feelings and opinions. This is what Vani has done very competently!jc-ch-vani-2

I,  Chintakindi Vani, was a student of RDF – VAPV Junior College during 2008 – 10. I belonged to a lower middle class family. My native place is Burgumalla. I have completed S.S.C in ZPSS Mecharajupally, got Ist division. My father is Srinivas, he is Physically Challenged. My Mother is Venkata Lakshmi. She is a daily agricultural labour.  I have one brother, he is going to school. It is very hard to run a family because my mother is only the bread winner of my family. We didn’t know delicious food for any day. My inspiration person is my mother. She always told me that ” Hard work never fails”. It was a big problem to pay the college and school fees to my mother. My brother and I used to go field work in Agriculture only in the holidays. We used this valuable money carefully. I didn’t ask pocket money or exam fees from my mother whatever I saved the money used to pay Exam fees.

           Basically as a Telugu medium student. I didn’t know how to speak English. That year Washington university students nearly 10 members came to our college. They have taken class for different skill development programme. I was in photo blog class.  This American photo blog class helped me a lot to speak in English well.  I have so much fear to speak with them but I was attracted by the play-way method of teaching. I liked their method of teaching, punctuality and discipline. The next year   I have a change to attend G.E classes in Hyderabad. I am the one among 20 members from the college and my lectured explained the classes well understand. These are all helped me to speak English well. After completion of Intermediate I have finished B.Tech. I was a studying in hostel. My parents are sending little money to cook and other expenses but that amount is not sufficient to me. Sometimes I ate only biscuits and water then sleep. My mother always told me “If you want to do something, you have to leave something”. I worked very hard for 4 year. I had an aim to become as IAS and server the people. But now I am working as Assistant Engineer in Mission Bhageeratha under TSPSC requirement in 2015. I am earning 35, 000/- for month.

Now  I am seriously preparing for Groups. I hope, I will become I.A.S. one day.

Our Luminous Alumni!

ks-1The RDF family is blessed to have so many of its alumni give back to their schools in any manner they can. We have had students become full time teachers, volunteers, sponsoring equipment, donating funds for midday meals and many other ways. The students have always been aware that as an NGO, relying on funds from individuals and organisations to provide quality education, is challenging work. However, we have had a lot of goodwill that has keep the RDF institutions running for over 2 decades now! Our alumni have also been an influential part of this story.

Anusha and Shashi serving the Midday Meal

Anusha and Shashi serving the Midday Meal

Bananas being served during the Annadanam

Bananas being served during the Annadanam

K. Anusha from the 2007-08 batch of RDF Kalleda School recently donated towards ‘Annadanam’ on the auspicious occasion of her marriage. Anusha completed B-Tech and then worked at Value Labs, Hyderabad. She was a meritorious student who was renowned for helping students in school. It was this helping nature which made her want to give back to RDF and the school from her earnings. She says that she learned the values of hardwork and kindness from school.

The midday meal was served by Anusha and her husband, Shashi. We thank Anusha and Shashi for their generosity and wish her a healthy and prosperous future!


Donor Sponsorship for RDF Alumni

RDF has now been working for the cause of rural education for two decades. Many are aware that RDF’s work to educate rural children is sustainable due to support from financial donors and volunteers. However, RDF continues to remain invested in children’s futures even after they leave school. Many students want to pursue higher education and have the ability and skill to do well, but are constrained due to lack of finances. So, RDF strives to provide financial sponsorship for deserving alumni in order for them to take up professional courses, through which they are able to become financially stable, support their families and help them out of poverty.

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

One such example is that of Narsimlu who completed schooling from Matendla School and wanted to pursue Hotel Management. With the help of RDF wellwisher, Mr. Vikram Reddy who decided to sponsor Narsimlu’s dreams, he was able to get admission in a Hotel Management course in Hyderabad.. Post service training at Taj Hotel, Hyderabad, he turned into an entrepreneur by hiring a running canteen in Tirupathi, a popular pilgrim destination in Andhra Pradesh. His enterprise is a success due to his hard work and has been able to provide a firm financial foundation for his family.

anjaliAnjali, another alumnus of Matendla School, got a free seat in B. Tech in Hyderabad. However, she still needed to pay Rs. 40,000 towards hostel fees. At this point, Mrs. Kavita Subba Rao, stepped in to sponsor her fees so that she could complete her education. With this timely monetary support, Anjali has completed her B. Tech and has procured a job in an E-data company.

Magnanimous donors such as Mr. Reddy and Mrs. Subba Rao provide much needed support that allows RDF’s deserving student to break the poverty cycle. Together, we meet RDF’s vision of educating and empowering underprivileged children – something that the RDF family and our student’s families are always grateful for.

Luminous Alumnus

B. Rajinder (centre) with members of his regiment

B. Rajinder (centre) with members of his regiment

Rajinder is an alumnus of RDF Kalleda School, currently in 2nd Year of his Bachelor’s Degree in Lal Bahadur College, Warangal. A hardworking and spirited young man, he has been performing well in academics and sports. His interest in sports led him to join the NCC, through which he has participated in NCC camps in Kakinada, West Bengal, Sikkim and Manipur. Dedication, discipline and constant preparation are his mantra and these are the qualities he aspires to. He says, “I am always grateful to RDF Kalleda School for preparing me well and giving me a good chance. I will contribute my services to my alma mater.”

Balnae Rajinder 2We are proud of every RDF child who takes every opportunity to render services to us and their communities.

Future ‘not’ Tense

G.SrinivasWhen RDF was set up nearly 2 decades ago, our vision was to provide high quality education to rural children, so that they have the necessary skills to obtain jobs that can make them and their families financially stable.  In this endeavour, we have been blessed to have many strong partnerships with likeminded education service providers and donors who have helped us make our dream a reality.

What we didn’t see coming was our alumni supporting RDF financially and in other ways, time and again.  These are also the stories we love to share – alumni who have made tentative to confident steps in the world and come back to help future generations studying in RDF schools.

One such alumnus is Guguloth Srivinas who was in Kalleda School from Nursery to Class 10. His parents toiled as daily wage labourers and it was Srinivas’s earliest wish to financially support them and see them lead happy and stable lives. We are honoured to say that he recently completed the National Industrial Security Force Training and has landed his first job. To share his happiness, his first step was to sponsor the Midday Meal Program in the school. He says that the school gave him confidence and he would like to support his alma mater in every way!

We see these children and their families putting their hopes in education, to secure their futures. Thus such stories show us repeatedly it’s not just schooling that matters, but the quality that matters the most. Hence, for us too, it is a vision, a future that is not tense! Teachers and staff blessed him and his family for a bright future.