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A Community of Kindness

RDF’s community relationships are very strong and have been built over a period of time, with effort from the school team, students, parents and the village residents too. Now we receive so much local support in the form of financial and kind donations, academic and extracurricular workshops, lifeskills sessions and motivational talks. We are really grateful for this local level community help, which helps us to remember how much love and kindness there still is in this world.

MPTC member, Mrs. Revathi Kumar (L) distributing stationery material for Class 10 exams to students

Class 10 students, with their new examination stationery

The local MPTC (Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency) and ward members visited Rollakal School in early March, in order to provide them with advice and motivation for the Class 10 Board Exams, which were slated to be held in late March. Though schools have been shut for over a month due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the counsel given by the local MPTC member, Mrs. Athhi Revathi Kumar, remains evergreen. She asked students to work hard, remember their dreams and goals and work towards them, with all the skills they have learnt in school, with the help of their teachers. They distributed stationery material such as writing pads, white sheets for practicing, pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners.

We thank the MPTC members for distributing new stationery material, which the students were happy to receive and also motivating them. Though the current situation remains uncertain, we are happy to report that our students continue to practice their lessons at home and helping out at home in their free time.

Leading her Future

Harshita, helming a class project and helping her classmates

Very often in schools, there is tendency to see children through the lens of their academic performance only; labelling them as intelligent or slow learners. However, children, like all people have many merits that extend beyond their academic capabilities. RDF teachers receive regular training in order to identify the many talents or behaviours in students that can be honed.

A natural leader and speaker

Receiving the top prize for her performance in a play

Harshita is a Class 9 student in the RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership Zilla Parishad High School, Bahadurapally. Her father is an auto driver while her mother is a housewife. Her parents dream big for her, wanting for her, what all parents from underprivileged backgrounds desire – a better life for their kids through education. But Harshita doesn’t always perform well academically. However, her teachers see many great qualities in her which will serve her well in life – she’s good at sports, is honest and courageous and goes out of her way to be helpful to her classmates, other students and her teachers too. She has earned renown for her leadership qualities, taking initiative and responsibilities willingly with a smile in several activities. She is known for tackling problems head-on, be they personal or others’.

Aren’t responsibility, ownership of self and work, problem solving skills, the ability to make decisions and help others, all hallmarks of good leaders and managers? Harshita’s future promises to be bright and whatever she chooses to do, we’re positive, her employers and colleagues will be lucky to have her!

Crafting New Skills

Saritha ma’am, preparing workshop materials

Infor, the Multinational technology company, has been supporting RDF for several years. They were instrumental in the construction of a permanent school building for Rollakal School and have initiated many student and teacher development programmes too.

Beautiful decorative items

A team from Infor visited Rollakal School last month to meet with the school community. This visit was made extra special when an Infor team member, Saritha ma’am, taught a creative workshop for children using waste material. The kids were very enthused to learn something new, using discarded plastic and household waste material. They learnt how to make items such as door mats, door curtains, ear rings, hair clips, hair ribbons, rings, necklaces, garlands and decorative boxes!

Stunning jewellery

She urged the students to create awareness in the larger community about the harmful effects of plastic and how to recycle and upcycle it, since plastic can be found everywhere!

Learning new methods of craft and art brings more confidence to our children, as they develop skills that can be used productively in their lives.

Once again, we are very grateful to Team Infor for the innovative workshops they conduct for the betterment of our students!.

The Science of Good Teaching

Ongoing teacher training is an integral aspect of the education methodology in RDF schools and the RDF – Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership government schools. By investing in teachers’ personal and professional development, we can be certain that the best methodologies can be passed on to the primary beneficiaries – the rural children, who deserve the best.

Teachers, engrossed during the workshop

A Science Training Programme was conducted by the ‘Sahayata Trust’ for primary school teachers. Two teachers from the Mandal Parishad Primary School (MPPS) were selected for this training. They were trained in effective classroom instruction techniques so that students understand and retain concepts, instead of forgetting them. They also learnt to use low cost materials to create interesting teaching – learning materials to make the learning environment interesting and fun.

Proud graduates of the teacher training programme

There was a post training follow up done by a team leader from the trust for observation and review of both teachers. They were very happy with how the teachers were implementing their new learning and the improved teaching methodology in the classroom. We are certain that the teachers will pass on their new learning to other teachers and contribute to a good teaching-learning environment in the school.

Radiant Rajeshwari!

Seeing children blossom in a nurturing learning environment is a delight to witness. Our teachers are trained to spot students’ talents and skills and encourage them. This teacher training has been imparted by RDF staff to the RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership Government schools in Bahadurapally too.

Rajeshwari, a class 5 student is quite the role model for her peers. She is self directed and self motivated which shows in her academic and extracurricular performance and is especially interested in sports and drawing. She is committed to improving her English communication skills which makes English her favourite subject! In fact, English speaking skills are equal to those of English medium school students!

She is also helpful towards other students and spends interval time to read books and help her younger brother with his reading and writing skills. Her ambition is to study well and become a doctor. She is very happy with the good quality of education being provided in her school and feels grateful to her teachers for supporting her every step of the way.

Sincerity is Thy Name, Rahul

Rahul (centre) helping his classmates with class work

Sincerity is an abiding quality that we see in our rural students. It guides them to put in their best in everything they engage in. Rahul is a Class 4 student in the Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership government Mandal Parishad Primary School. At a tender age, he lost both parents and is looked after by his grandparents. Kindness and an honest dispostion is a hallmark in Rahul’s character.He loves to take care of younger students and enjoys doing various chores in school. He looks upto his grandparents and teachers and believes in the Telugu saying, “Peddala Maata Saddi Moota” (The words of the elders are silent).

One day he found Rs. 500 in his classroom. Without a thought, he turned in the money to the school in charge who appreciated Rahul and made a special announcement about his honest act during morning assembly. He has set his sights high and wants to be a doctor. Though an average student academically, he is pushing himself to do better, so that he can achieve his goals. Watching Rahul always brings a smile to everyone’s face! Though his past has been tragic, we pray that his beautiful energy and kind spirit guide him to the best future for him.

Individual Effort Matters

We are indebted to every single RDF donor, be it an individual or a corporate – every drop makes the ocean after all. Sometimes people wonder how the effort of one person can make a difference and we would like to share that every effort helps us in many ways.

Mr. Hari has been supporting Matendla School for many years and in many ways. He runs a modest grocery shop in the village and has been providing grocery items to the school at a very reasonable cost.  He also sponsors ‘Annadanam’ (Donate a Meal), sponsoring the midday meal on a special occasion each year. He has placed an RDF Donation Box in his shop and explains RDF’s work to his customers, motivating them to donate some money. The donations are collected on a quarterly basis.

Thanks to the kindness of people like Mr. Hari and many individual well wishers who are partnering with us on our journey to help educate rural children, we are able to continue serving rural communities.