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Honesty is the best policy

D. Raju returning the money to the rightful owner

RDF believes in teaching students core values that help them lead moral and fair lives. D. Raju a sixth standard student from RDF Redlwada School, put some of these values into practice. D. Raju found a 500 rupee note on the street, he dutifully handed it over to the headmaster. The headmaster was informed of this loss of money and the money was returned to its rightful owner. The honesty of the student along with the school management not only managed to find the owner, but also strengthen the sense of community between the school, students and society.

Turning interest into skills

N.Mahesh and D.Balnarsu resolving computer hardware issues

Alumni from RDF Matendla School (and RDF VAPV Junior College) D.Balnarsu and N.Mahesh have found their way back to RDF. Both of them were excellent students with strong academic records and have even pursued their graduation in Siddipet. D.Balnarsu and N.Mahesh returned to RDF 6 months ago by joining the school as a Hindi teacher and clerk respectively. Their contribution to RDF did not end there. Driven by their keen interest in computers, in their free time they would learn hardware basics and even attended a one week hardware training program in Hanmakonda specially arranged for RDF by the Kapil Group. The training refined their natural talent for computing and now they are able to solve IT issues in the school. Not only this, they are also teaching current students the basics of computer science. Balnarsu in addition to being the Hindi teacher is now also the computer teacher at the school. In this manner, RDF was able to help two students hone in on their passion and provide them with the training required to polish their skills. We hope to see both of them build on this knowledge and passion for computers.

Students have a sporting time this summer

Students at the sports camp in RDF Kalleda School


RDF Kalleda School provides sports coaching for students every year during summer. This year continued this tradition with 35 students being selected for coaching in athletics and volleyball. The training includes provision of nutritious food and advice for the overall mental and physical well being of the student. The camp not only inculcates skill and technique in athletics, but also provides them with confidence to participate in sporting events at the district and state level.

Improved facilities for JC students

Computers ready to be installed in the new computer lab.


The RDF VAPV Junior College is in the processes of improving the facilities for the students. Till date, students have had access to three internet equipped computers. However, that is set to change; from this year onwards the students will have twenty computers to use, all of which are equipped with internet access. For this purpose a new computer lab is being built. Adding to this, a new library room is also being made available, with a range of new academic books being added to the collection. The access to richer resources in terms of books and computers will assist the students in the switch to English medium.

Improving habits

Narsimpalli student Kalyan and a villager discuss how habits affect health

Many villagers in Narsimpalli work as weavers and stone cutters. The work is hard on their bodies and they sometimes indulge in drinking alcohol or smoking and chewing tobacco to forget their pains.
Narsimpalli 7th and 8th class students went street to street to discuss the health problems such bad habits can cause. Carrying diagrams of internal organs, students educated villagers about how drinking or chewing gutkhas, jardas and pan masalasthe can lead to cancers and lung disease.
The project was part of the school’s Social Awareness Program.

Lakshmi meets with villagers