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Weaving Inspiration

Srikanth, with his weaved plant creation

Srikanth, with his weaved plant creation

Srikanth, a Class 10 student of RDF Rollakal School, displayed his creativity by using palm tree branch and leaves to create a dried palm leaf plant using complex weaving techniques. It’s an age old tradition of rural people to make different items from the dried palm leaves and branches which are useful in our daily lives. For example, they make fruit baskets and baskets and containers of all sizes to use them for different purposes; small plates, vessels, chairs, brooms and even musical instruments which is a sustainable means of livelihood for them. These rural crafts require a lot of experience and creativity in order to achieve the high degree of perfection that they value.

Srikanth's beautiful weaved palm leaf creation

Srikanth’s beautiful weaved palm leaf creation

So his parents, his local community and his classmates very impressed and inspired when Srikanth used a small branch of a palm tree and weaved leaves with dried palm leaves which,  for a young person his age, is a difficult task,. However with pure dedication, technique and skills learnt from observing these local traditions,  Srikanth weaved a beautiful branch and stood as an inspiration to all his friends.

Celebrating our Heritage

RS students working with traditional materials for Ganesh puja & celebrations

RS students working with traditional materials for Ganesh puja & celebrations

India has a rich history of multi hued and fascinating traditions, culture and mythology. Each cultural tradition and festival, as varied as the number of communities that observe and celebrate them, bring with them their specific identity which contribute to the fabric of our communities. In an effort to bring history to the present, RDF schools not only impart high quality education, but also value education, especially the need to preserve our valuable cultural heritage. Therefore the stories, art, craft and folklore associated with each festival, regardless of community, is discussed in detail with the children. Through such activities, we hope to develop a sense of compassion and shared beliefs with all communities and enhance their sense of spirituality. Thus we hope that each generation that passes through RDF school gates will play a part in conserving our cultural traditions and festivals wisely.

Creative art

ArtStaff and students of Matendla school, actively participated in the Art and Craft mela for three days. Using waste and low cost material they have prepared attractive decorative pieces and also some useful items for the school office and classrooms.

ARDENT FESTIVAL OF MAIDENS – Protecting our Tradition


India is the land of Festivals & Traditions. As a part of protecting our festivals, culture and tradition, RDF Kalleda School held nine days local festival of Boddemma.  All maidens visit ant hill and dig the hill and make clay idol of Goddess Boddemma with five steps and decorate it with flowers, turmeric, areca nut, wicks etc., As per tradition each step reflects offspring. During the festival all maidens dress up in traditional dresses and sing songs. On the last day the idol is immersed in village tank with huge procession. The common belief is that if Boddemma is worshipped, the Earth Goddess will be pleased to yield good crops and health and also get good husbands to maidens.

A rising star

Rekah Nampalli is at the top of her 8th Class

Meet Rekah Nampalli, a rising star at Matendla school.

Rekah is top of her 8th Class. In addition to studying, she has found time for numerous activities that show she is taking full advantage of her RDF education.

Rekah has worked on the farm, the photo blog and the Youth Empowerment Program. Her drawings led her to district-level competitions. Now she’s reporting for Unicef’s Behavior Change Communication program.

She attends karate class and plays kabaddi. She is also a great helper. She is the student assistant teacher to her math class, even teaching the class when the teacher is absent.  And when the school’s assistant cooks are absent, she cuts vegetables to help with the meals.

Rekah hopes to become a software engineer. We’re confident she’ll succeed.