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Farewell party

Students performing at the party

Students shaking a leg at the party

RDF believes in providing its students with a sound education and core set of values and ethics. However, we are more than happy to see our students let their hair down and were pleased to hear that VAPV JC students threw the senior batch a farewell party. The students danced, performed plays and music added to the merriment on the day. The party also reached a sentimental note when students gave their special messages to the passing out batch of 2013.


Fan-tastic Idea

Students making the solar powered fan

Students making the solar powered fan


Yet another story of the ingenuity of the RDF students comes from RDF Redlawada School where students B. Rajasheker and S. Anil made a solar powered fan with the help of their science teacher. The students were thinking of different ways to overcome power shortages and built a fan which has a 3V battery and voltage panel. Not only did they come up with a clever way of beating the heat during power shortages but the fan is made out of recycled materials like CD player parts and used wire. Truly a fan-tastic idea!


Girl power!

Student participating in an elocution competition.

Student participating in an elocution competition


As the world celebrated Women’s Day, RDF Matendla decided to commemorate the day in a different way. The activity would instill confidence and improve both the writing and speaking skills of the girl students of the school. On 8th March five students from RDF Matendla School went to Hyderabad to participate in an Essay and Elocution competition on the occasion of international Woman’s day at Ravindhra Bharathi. Nearly 150 students participated in the event along with RDF student from Matendla and Kalleda. The RDF Matendla students performed well by writing essays on topics such as girl child abuse and secured 2 prizes in essay writing and 3 prizes in elocution. Not only was this the first time the students participated in an inter-school program in Hyderabad but they also achieved such great results!


Lighting the flame of knowledge

Students conducting the experiment

Students conducting the experiment


RDF believes in giving students the means to knowledge, and then allowing them to question and explore a subject matter further and therefore truly understand the subject. This was just the case with P. Ravali and E. Kalpana class 8 students at RDF Rollakal School. In class they were taught that oxygen is required for fire, which made them think that if oxygen is present in water, then can a candle burn through the oxygen it derives from the water. They devised an experiment and with the help of a teacher demonstrated it in front of the entire school at the prayer assembly. They took a plate, water, glass and a candle. They poured water in the plate (coloured water was used for visibility), lit a candle and covered it by glass. The flame burned for some time and slowly they could see the water being drawn towards the glass. This innovative experiment proves that oxygen is there in the water and it helped the candle burn. What an innovative way to prove a theory!


Giving back

Ganji Pravallika giving back to RDF Kalleda School

Ganji Pravallika giving back to RDF Kalleda School


RDF Kalleda School alumna Ganji Pravallika studied in the school from nursery to 10thclass.  RDF Kalleda School played a key role in helping her complete her education and therefore she has a strong sense of attachment with the school. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate in Pharmacy and has not forgotten her time with RDF. In fact, she has inspired her classmates to help the school as well. Her friends have decided to sponsor a mid day meal by collection Rs. 8000 of their own money. That’s a great way to give back to ones alma mater!