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Improving habits

Narsimpalli student Kalyan and a villager discuss how habits affect health

Many villagers in Narsimpalli work as weavers and stone cutters. The work is hard on their bodies and they sometimes indulge in drinking alcohol or smoking and chewing tobacco to forget their pains.
Narsimpalli 7th and 8th class students went street to street to discuss the health problems such bad habits can cause. Carrying diagrams of internal organs, students educated villagers about how drinking or chewing gutkhas, jardas and pan masalasthe can lead to cancers and lung disease.
The project was part of the school’s Social Awareness Program.

Lakshmi meets with villagers

It’s never too old to learn

Obanna signing the attendance registerObanna is the school watchman at RDF Narsimpalli School. When he joined the school in 2009, he was illiterate. However, watching the children learn sparked a desire in him to learn to read and write as well. He took it upon himself to teach himself to read and write in Telugu. Impressed by his determination and enthusiasm, the school Headmaster and other teachers helped him in this endeavour. Now Obanna can read the Telugu paper, sign his name in the attendance register and has been entrusted by the school to manage the administration and accounts maintenance of the water treatment plant. He punches in the dates, writes the names of the water card members and handles the money. At 55, Obanna has shown that it is never too old to learn

Educating for better health

Narsimpalli students Chandana, Chitra and Narayanaswamy meet with villager Lakshmi and her granddaughter during a polio vaccine drive

Six Narsimpalli students are helping eradicate polio.

As part of India’s Pulse Polio program, health workers are administering the vaccine to children under 5. Such vaccinations have greatly improved the lives of children in India: last year, the country reported only one case of wild poliovirus, compared to 150,000 cases in 1985.

From February to April, aganwadi and state health officials are administering drops in Narsimpalli village. Prior to their visit, Narsimpalli 6th class students went door-to-door to advise parents of the importance of the vaccine. The virus can lead to paralysis.

Narsimpalli students have previously educated villagers about health problems caused by drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco.

High marks for character

Swapna placed the found purse in the school's honesty box

In addition to strong academics, RDF schools strive to teach students good character. First class student Swapna proved that she is learning those lessons well.

Every day, villagers come to Narsimpalli school to take mineral water, showing their water cards before getting their  cans filled. However, villager Narasimha lost his purse while showing his card.

The headmaster and Swapna returned the purse to its owner, villager Narasimha

Swapna later found the purse while she was getting drinking water. She placed it into the honesty box, where it was later found by a teacher. Using clues in the purse, the teacher found its owner, who praised Swapna for her honesty for returning the item.




Creative greetings

Karishma, a 7th Class student, creates a bouquet

RDF students delight in sending greeting cards and flowers to mark the year’s many holidays, but they can’t always afford the items.

At Narsimpalli, teachers have taught students how to use recycled materials to create their own cards and bouquets, giving students a lesson in creativity, recycling and saving money.

Narsimpalli students have used recycled materials to create cards for numerous holidays. These cards were created by 4th and 5th class students

Students have used the lessons well, creating cards for Christmas, New Years and Pongal.

Drinking to better health

Local philanthropist Sreenivas donated water plant materials worth Rs 85,000

In India’s Anantapur district, many villages have too much fluoride in their water supply, causing weakened bones and health problems such as difficulty walking.

A local philanthropist, Mr. Sreenivas, recently donated Rs 85,000 worth of of water plant material to Narsimpalli school.

Narsimpalli is now providing pure mineral water — which is much healthier — to students and teachers at school. But the school is also selling the mineral water to three villages for a nominal Rs 2 a liter to help improve the health of the surrounding community.

A rising star

Rekah Nampalli is at the top of her 8th Class

Meet Rekah Nampalli, a rising star at Matendla school.

Rekah is top of her 8th Class. In addition to studying, she has found time for numerous activities that show she is taking full advantage of her RDF education.

Rekah has worked on the farm, the photo blog and the Youth Empowerment Program. Her drawings led her to district-level competitions. Now she’s reporting for Unicef’s Behavior Change Communication program.

She attends karate class and plays kabaddi. She is also a great helper. She is the student assistant teacher to her math class, even teaching the class when the teacher is absent.  And when the school’s assistant cooks are absent, she cuts vegetables to help with the meals.

Rekah hopes to become a software engineer. We’re confident she’ll succeed.

Stitching savings

Narsimpalli students help sew their school uniforms

Narsimpalli has found a unique way to save money as well as teach practical skills to students.

A tailor comes to campus to stitch the school uniforms. Students watch the tailor’s techniques for cutting and stitching the cloth. Then, he teaches some students how to hem the uniforms and sew buttons.

The school estimates the joint effort saves Narsimpalli Rs 5000.

Supporting Anna Hazare

Students conduct a rally to spread awareness about the evils of corruption

As the nation comes out in support to fight corruption by showing allegiance to Anna Hazare, the students of Narsimpalli School also do their part. Anna Hazare, a social leader determined to fight corruption in the country had the support of the students by way of a rally. The rally which took place in the village was aimed at spreading awareness about the trouble faced in society due to the evils of corruption.  Spreading awareness in their immediate society inculcates a strong set of values and beliefs in the students which will stay with them through their lives.

Learning through sharing

A student reading out the news to other students

Students at the Narsimpalli Schoool are using discussion and sharing as tools to enhance their learning at the school. This is an innovative strategy to not only broaden their knowledge base but also strengthen their communication skills and instill a sense of confidence in the student. The activities undertaken at the school are in the form of reading news articles from a variety of subjects to the students. Another student initiative involves a person discussing a topic of their choice with the other students. Yet another arm of learning through discussion is the general knowledge question activity, which spans a range of topics and students not only answer the questions but also frame the questions.