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Our Persevering Parent Committees!

Donation of fans by Parent Committee

The Parent Committees in all RDF schools are very active and support their local schools in innumerable ways. It is so gratifying for us to see the faith and trust the parents have in our schools and the school team and coming forward to help us throughout the year!

In Rollakal School, the committee has been contributing in several ways towards the development of education, providing funds and making in-kind donations to extend the amenities in the school. They have also been helping the school with fee collection from parents.









They recently donated fans, in anticipation of the coming summer months, something that will be very useful in the classrooms. They also distributed prizes to children during a school function and motivated them to work hard and study well. They organized a special Annadanam last month, with chicken, which turned out to be a special treat for the children!

We and the Rollakal team are so grateful for their kindness and help, which we are positive is going to make the school prosper for many years to come!

An Extraordinary Turnaround

Little Abdul, posing

We love to share stories of change from the RDF community as well as from the Bahadurapally Government schools that are part of a quality education initiative between RDF and Tech Mahindra Foundation. We love to hear and share stories of how children are blossoming in the school environment, especially because of the painstaking work that has been spent on training teachers on how to build rapport with children and encourage child centric methodologies.

Asleep in class!

Abdul Salam is an orphan who was sent to study in the Mandal Parishad Primary School by the Shishu Vihar orphanage. When he first joined the school, he was lackluster. He didn’t participate in any classroom activities or even extra curricular ones; he only liked playing in the mud, wander around the school corridors and sleep. There were also some behavioural issues such as disturbing the class, rudeness, not listening to teachers’ instructions and lack of proper hygiene in using the toilet. In any other school, he would have been reprimanded, punished or asked to leave. But his teachers did not do so.

They showed a tremendous amount of patience and care towards him. They understood his background and life circumstance and how hard his life had been. So they gave him total freedom to go in and out of the class as per his wish. He was allowed to sit, sleep, read or do anything that interested him while in class. They also taught him to how use the toilet properly. Hence, over a period of time, he began trusting his teachers and classmates and his behavior changed for the better. Now he participates in class, enjoys playing with his friends rather than being alone and speaks well – he loves to recite stories and rhymes and has become so friendly that every teacher wants to chat with him!

Engrossed in work with a classmate

What better testament as to how teachers’ attitudes have a strong influence on a child? Abdul has had a complete turnaround and we couldn’t be happier to see him as the bright, sincere boy that he really is!

The Wonders of Chess

Learning the immensely complex and fascinating game of Chess is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, chess, has been shown to increase reasoning, logical, abstract and analytical abilities. It also develops concentration and sharpens the brain. Learning chess, like any skill, takes discipline and we are really happy to see many RDF children take to this game of their own volition.

A healthy mind and a fit body contribute greatly to the overall wellbeing of a person and this is a fundamental principle at RDF schools. In Kalleda School, the sounds of chess have been resounding in its corridors for years! Children choose it naturally and derive a lot of enjoyment from it. Children are learning the game from the lesson ‘The Wonderful World of Chess’. They play the game on a regular basis, right from the time they are in Primary school. They even want to play it during their leisure time. We can see the improvement in their analytical and decision making abilities, their memory skills, as well making them feel confident about their abilities, which is essential for their mental and emotional growth.

We heartily recommend introducing chess at a young age for children and watch their mental, emotional and psychological abilities blossom! It’s a wonderful way to empower them and believe in themselves.

Art and Inspiration

RDF schools provide plenty of opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talent. After all, academic development and achievement is not the only measure to gauge students’ progress in school.

In Redlawada School, an entire wall has been dedicated to display students’ art work. Seeing their work up on the wall gives our students a lot of encouragement and support for their unique talents. In fact, RDF teachers are trained to identify children’s skills and talents and encouraging them to work in their own areas of interest, thus cultivating their inherent skills. The freedom to work on their art really allows their imagination to soar! The smiles and sense of pride to see their work on the wall is really special!

MEO & Government school visitors admiring the Art Wall

As part of an Educational tour, some Government school students and teachers visited the school. They were amazed to see the Art Wall and commented that children should be given opportunities to showcase their special abilities, be it art, craft, dance, music or sports. They were so taken by the idea that they spoke about it to their families and other community members too, which made our students even happier.

We feel really happy to see RDF children blossoming in so many ways. We thank our teachers for working so hard to nurture individual talent and creating an atmosphere of care and encouragement RDF schools.

Farewell: Wishing Junior College Students well..

It is a tradition to celebrate and welcome juniors through a Welcome Party and bid farewell to seniors on Farewell Day in junior colleges. Both are days that provide time to mingle and bond, without any stress.

The 1st Year Intermediate students of RDF VAPV Junior College organized a well thought out and presented Farewell Day for the outgoing batch.  The seniors spoke very well and reminisced abot their experiences in the college and everything they were thankful for. They gave many suggestions to their juniors on how to work hard and develop themselves in order to do well in life. Several confessed their mistakes and spoke of the lessons learnt, which was quite touching. Many of the students stated that they feel proud to study in RDF VAPV Junior College. They all thanked to the management and lecturers because they provided advice, care and mentoring to them.

There was a fabulous song and dance performance which had the audience up on their feet. Despite the cheer and merrymaking, the students still felt sad to bid adieu to their favourite college. They will be missed for sure!


Banoth Anitha, who studied MPC said, “I feel happy that I am one of the members of RDF family. I feel proud to say that I studied Intermediate in RDF Junior College which is one of the best colleges in Warangal. At first I liked the beautiful atmosphere, green grass and beautiful trees around the college. The lecturers were very open and friendly. They clarified all the doubts. The spacious laboratories attracted everyone and I felt happy learning here. I feel this college is homely and its delicious and hygienic food was loved the most. I will never forget this college in my life. Here I learnt honesty, transparency, making good friendship, helping nature, human values and leadership qualities. All these qualities I carried from this college. I want to become a scientist in physics. I promise you that after ten years I will come here and donate some money to educate at least five students every year.”

That’s a beautiful note Anitha – we wish you and your batchmates the absolute best in life!

The Silver Oak Tree Nourishing RDF!

Silver Oaks, an international school in Hyderabad has been helping RDF schools in multiple ways for over a decade! This relationship has blossomed and grown stronger by leaps and bounds each year, which has hugely contributed to RDF’s work with rural, underprivileged children.

The Silver Oaks management and staff have created a sense of compassion in the students towards rural children through awareness activities and school visits. Each year, not only the management and staff, but also the students have been saving money to donate to RDF. They have initiated a unique programme called ‘Coins for Our Country’ – a fundraising drive, wherein students saved money from their pocket money for RDF’s cause. Other creative ways that have been employed are organizing bazaars, doing chores, creating art etc. This year, we received Rs. 10, 00,000 from the school! We truly feel blessed at the empathy and effort of the Silver Oaks community!

In addition, they also organize regular teacher training programmes for our teachers in order to improve their teaching skills and employ child friendly activities to build a fun and engaging classroom environment. Recently, Maths teachers from our schools visited Silver Oaks to interact with their Maths teachers. They sat in and observed their classes, interacted with the students and learnt interesting ways to teach the subject. Some RDF students also accompanied the teachers, in order to observe the school practices and meet the students.

Our teachers and students feel very motivated with this level of support and mentoring. The Maths teachers were quite excited about their visited and are already implementing the new methods they learnt for teaching and learning of Maths. In this way, we are working hard, with the constant support of our well wishers like Silver Oaks School, in order to provide our deserving students and teachers with an energetic learning environment