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Taken with Taekwondo!

Development of martial arts in Matendla School has seen the rise and success of some of its girls at the State & National level. This year onwards, the school has added Taekwondo classes, in addition to its successful Karate program. Students of classes 2 to 10 put in practice before and after school. The new teacher has inspired several students to take to this sport enthusiastically. They hope that with rigorous training, they can continue to shine in the Sports arena, by making their presence felt at the State & National levels. Another feather in the schools’ cap to Educate, Engage & Empower its students!

Quizzing Buzz!

??????????????????????????????? It is always heartening to see the self initiative and proactiveness of the school community to enhance the standards of education in the respective schools. Rollakal organizes regular quiz competitions every Saturday and awards prizes to successful candidates/groups in order to motivate them. The quizzes focus on academic subjects and General Knowledge too. The healthy competition and fun generated through quizzing has really inspired students, with most asking for them even more frequently! Learning happens automatically when it is fun!

Campaign for Composting

???????????????????????????????With the growing concern around usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture & promotion of organic methods, the RDF teacher and student community is learning ways of organic and natural farming. High school students in Redlawada School initiated a project with their Science teacher to make ‘bio-compost’ using waste material. The objective is to learn to make bio compost and promote it in their local communities, so that farms decrease their usage of chemical fertilizers and adopt environmental friendly methods. Our children endorse healthy and eco friendly practices, so that local communities work towards a greener and healthier future!

Mentor Management

TMF teacher conducting a demo

TMF teacher conducting a demo

RDF has spread its wings with a brand new partnership with Tech Mahindra Foundation to implement “School Based Quality Improvement Program” in TMF supported Govt. Mandal Parishad Primary School in Bahadurpally, Hyderabad. RDF, TMF and RVM ( Rajiv Vidya Mission) have signed an MOU to repair the school building, improve the ambience, operate and to impart quality education.
With a major objective of the proposed project being to achieve the RVM (SSA) objective of 100% compliance of RTE act in the areas of improvement in teaching & learning processes, enhancing child participation in extra & co-curricular activities, improving parent & community participation & improvement in school premises; RDF has been conducting rigorous training programs to build capacity to groom teachers as mentors.
Teachers from the 4 RDF schools and 1 TMF school participated in a 3 day program on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), which is an integral part of the CBSE curriculum. Though RDF schools are SSC certified, understanding and applying CCE skills is a step towards teachers’ professional skill development and a scientific approach in the teaching-learning process.