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Dressed for everyone’s best!


There have always been naysayers and supporters of having uniforms in educational institutions. The RDF Junior College till recently did not have a dress code as typically, Junior Colleges, do not implement a standard dress policy.

However, the management team, in consultation with the staff and students, decided to introduce uniforms for the boys and girls as a step towards not just having uniformity in dress styles, but more importantly, towards equalizing economical differences on campus.

The change has been embraced by the students who feel that their college looks grand with uniforms for academics as well as games and sports. They also believe it gives them the unique distinction of being the only junior college in their surrounds that has uniforms. Creating a distinction through creating uniformity – now that’s two opposites that rest quite comfortably next to each other in our junior college!


Salute to a Sports teacher

MS PET 1A Japanese proverb says that ‘Better than a thousand days of diligent study is a single day with a great teacher.’ RDF is lucky to have a great teacher in the Physical Education Teacher, Laxminarayana Sir, in Matendla School and even luckier that we have had him for 12 years!

His efforts at building skills and confidence in sports ranging from track & field, yoga, martial arts, fencing have seen 16 students get selected to Telengana sports schools. MS PET 2Under his guidance, many students have participated in National and International level games. His love for sports training has inspired many RDF students towards a career in sports education. We salute you PET Sir!

Student Achievers

Shireesha with the Kho-Kho team

Shireesha with the Kho-Kho team

The Tech Mahindra Foundation sponsored Zila Parishad High School commended its achievers in the academic and sports arena. N. Kavya scored a GPA 8.3 in the SSC Board Exams 2015. She was given a cash award by the school headmaster and which serves as an inspiration to her juniors to work hard and perform to the best of their ability.

The girls Kabaddi team

The girls Kabaddi team

The school also congratulated the its students who had perfomed well and won in various sports categories. There was also a sense of pride at many girls taking to sports and winning in their respective sports. J. Sujatha & group performed excellently in Kabaddi; Shireesha & group won prizes in Kho-Kho and Chandrakant won medals in Long Jump and High Jump.



The recognition from the school management and teachers bolstered the students’ confidence and earned them rightful praise from their peers too.


Playing chess in the presence of PET

Chess coaching with the Physical Educaiton teacher

Chess might just be the perfect teaching and learning tool. The goal of the curriculum is to use the game of chess as a tool, to increase higher level thinking skills, advance maths and reading skills and build self confidence. In Rollakal School, we have been working with primary (2nd -5th) grade students, the Physical Education Teacher and other teachers to promote the use of chess as an educational tool.

There is strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievements. In the school, students who received chess instructions are getting good result in academics including maths and non verbal reasoning ability.

2 students playing, 2 students observing

2 students playing, 2 students observing

 Since studies have shown chess to have a positive impact on kids in elementary, middle and high school, therefore it makes it relevant to promote chess as an educational tool.

Blossoming knowledge from blossoming plants

Students doing plant activity1

Learning about plant cycles in the classroom

Science experiments can induce delight and wonder in any person

– young or old. Children especially have a sense of wonder and curiosity which propels them to learn happily and easily. Middle school children in Redlawada School wanted to learn about the Bryophyllum leaf, after reading about it in their text book.

Students doing plant activity3

Bryophyllum demonstration

Their curiosity was ignited upon learning that this plant grows without seeds, by growing plantlets on the edges of its leaves, which then drop to the ground and take root as a new plant! They realised that the plant doesn’t grow in their immediate surrounding, so they took the initiative to source it from another place. Such was their excitement that they walked through fields in their village in order to check if they could
find other plants grow the same way and shared their discovery with parents too.

Just another example to show how learning can be made meaningful, through children connecting with the topic and having fun with Science!


Reward and Recognition!

Kalleda School team at the awards ceremony

Kalleda School team at the awards ceremony

The hardwork put in by RDF over the past 19 years received recognition last month. RDF Kalleda School and RDF Matendla School were ranked City level No.1 Day School in their respective towns, in the Education World India School Rankings 2015. The award is conferred to schools rated in 14 parameters including academic reputation, faculty competence, leadership quality, sports education, etc. Education World India rates and ranks over 800 schools across India.

Matendla School team at the awards ceremony

Matendla School team at the awards ceremony

Mr. T. Sridhar and Mr. Vishnumurthy, the headmasters of RDF Kalleda & Matendla schools respectively, were invited to Delhi for the awards ceremony. This is a huge honour for everyone at RDF, demonstrating the progress and development shown by rural schools in providing high quality education in rural communities.