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Fresher’s Day


It is a tradition to celebrate welcome and farewell functions in colleges. Maintaining this tradition, second year students in the Junior College arranged a Fresher’s Party in the college premises. It was great to see the level of self responsibility taken on by the second year students to make the arrangements for the function and the cultural activities to welcome the new students. The new students were taken in by the beautiful, natural setting of the campus and expressed their eagerness to dive into the academic year. The seniors apprised them of the supportive study environment and the absence of homesickness and called it their ‘Vidyaniketan’. The students were addressed by the Principal who exhorted them to study hard, work well and make full use of the technical and homely facilities. We wish them all the best for the tenure at the Junior College!


Illuminated Alumni


Kavya Sri with Class 3 students


N. Rachana with Class 2 students










We feel thrilled when graduates of RDF schools go on to achieve laurels in their lives. However, when they volunteer their time every spare moment they have, warms our hearts no end! P. Sravani, K. Kavya Sri and R. Rachna, alumni of RDF Redlawada School go to the school as volunteer teachers, while still pursuing higher education. Their dedication to RDF even after leaving their respective schools is very touching. Our alumni best understand the challenging life circumstances, they live and study in and what is required of them to meet such challenges head on. Therefore gifting their time, effort and skills to our current students made the school team very happy. The three girls are interested in pursuing a teaching career and we hope they come back as full time teachers to further light up RDF schools!

Teacher Dedication


We all understand the importance of having a good teacher and a mentor. Whether in school, while working or in personal life; everyone benefits from having a good teacher and mentor. RDF Rollakal School considers it a blessing to have dedicated teachers in their school, who are committed to student’s success and wellbeing. This month, they would like to honour Mr. D. Sudhaker who has been working in the school for 4 years as a Telugu and Social Studies teacher. Considered a very kind teacher by his students, Mr. Sudhakar encourages his students with a lot of patient guidance. He also helps students by giving them pens, pencils and stationery which endears him to them even more! Recognising his skills, the schools supports him (and all teachers) by investing in teacher training and appointing him the School Mess in-charge. We salute Mr. Sudhakar’s dedication in helping RDF students do well in school, thereby sowing the seeds for them to do better in life.

Committed Committee!



The RDF Motto of ‘Educate, Engage, Empower’ is embodied in the everyday activities of each school. RDF Matendla School wishes to dedicate the month to their committed Core Committee. Comprising 8 members, the committee meets once a month to discuss policy and implementation of education activities, discipline, school infrastructure, sports and co-curricular activities. The committee is empowered to conduct meetings and implement decisions even in the absence of the Headmaster or Head Staff. Such investment in staff capabilities breeds an atmosphere of trust, faith and loyalty which is intrinsic to the holistic environment you find in each RDF school.

Grooming Our Boys and Girls







TMF sponsored and RDF Sponsored Mandal Parishal Primary School conducted a Mehandi competition for girls and grooming competition for boys as a weekend activity in the school. The purpose of the competition was to have fun with students and teachers, while simultaneously bringing awareness to the importance of hygiene and grooming. Both children and teachers were visibly excited – the girls vied with each other to show their artistic skills and prowess at drawing intricitate mehandi designs, while the boys looked prim, fresh and proud with their well groomed selves. Teachers adjudged the competition and the winner certificates were handed out by the Headmaster. The school will continue to organise such health and talent centred activities in the future.

Attention to Attendance

Mr. Faisal, Synchrony Finance & Mr. Sridhar, Headmaster, Kalleda School inaugurating the English Lab

Mr. Faisal, Synchrony Finance & Mr. Sridhar, Headmaster, Kalleda School inaugurating the English Lab

RDF Kalleda School made a path breaking achievement in the months of June and July – a record 100% attendance in most classes! While attendance in all RDF schools always exceeds 90% and school management have strived hard to improve attendance further – the record 100% attendance is a feather in their cap – the sweet fruit of their labour towards building a holistic school environment. When asked what makes them look forward to school and makes them come in day after day, when statistically, many rural schools struggle with attendance; students opined that the academic activities, co-curricular activities, sports, cultural and social activities which are an integral part of the learning experience and leadership qualities in the school, which made the RDF family very proud! We laud the efforts of the school management team and the students by honouring RDF schools in this manner.