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We can do it !


The students were trained in making household items like detergent and disinfectant solutions by Mrs Karuna Kumari.  She neither charged for the class or the use of material.  It was a hands-on experience where they could make these items at a low expenditure.  It could be a source of livelihood for a few families.

Creative art

ArtStaff and students of Matendla school, actively participated in the Art and Craft mela for three days. Using waste and low cost material they have prepared attractive decorative pieces and also some useful items for the school office and classrooms.

The Spirited Athlete

UntitledDeepthi , 13, is a student of Class 7 in RDF school, Kalleda. Her mother is a home maker and her father a farmer. Deepthi’s talent in athletic events was noticed by her PET Mr Venkateswarlu. She received encouragement from the Headmaster and other staff members who ensured that all facilities were provided so that she could train and represent the school. She has participated in various school games and also at the National Level competitions. She came first in the 200 and 400 meters events. It is only her hard work that has brought her glory. She trains each day from 5.30 in the morning for two hours and again in the evening after school hours. She hopes to represent the country at the Olympic Games. We wish her success in her endeavours

Water is Life

Students doing water experiment3

Clean water saves lives.  And thanks to a simple experiment kit the children at RDF School, Redlawada were able to check the pH of the samples of water from various sources to check if it was potable. The importance of clean drinking water cannot be overstated when it comes to improving the welfare of the community.  And it is best to teach the young that water is not just a scarce resource, but the quality is as important for good health.