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Helping hands

Wadlakonda students are encouraged to do chores around their homes and school so they can better appreciate the dignity of labor.

Wadlakonda students are expected to do more than merely study their lessons.

Students help pick up trash, do minor repairs and clean the dining hall. School officials encourage parents to give children household chores like making their beds, polishing their shoes and bringing their plates to the wash area instead of expecting mothers or helpers to do the work.

School management hopes the duties not only show children how to do the work, but teach them responsibility and help them appreciate the value of labor.

Moving to English

Rama Mavuri is among those helping RDF schools prepare for a transition to English.

Kalleda opened in 1996 as Telugu medium school but is now shifting to English to maximize students’ future opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

Kalleda and Matendla are part of RDF’s broader efforts to make the schools English medium, like its Narsimpalli campus. During the transition, lessons will be taught in both languages until students and teachers can be fully fluent.

Starting in June, Kalleda will begin teaching bilingual education for students from nursery to 5th class. Education research shows that young students have the best chance of learning new languages.

To make the switch, RDF has received invaluable help from Silver Oaks, an urban Hyderabad school, which has assisted in training kindergarten through 6th class teachers to develop their curriculum and help with English language instruction. Also helping our efforts is Rama Mavuri, Head- Pre-primary education, for the popular Gowtham Model Schools which has 72 branches.

Conserving each drop

Nursery student Vishwateja set out pans to save water from a leaky pipe.

RDF starts teaching its children the values of water conservation at an early age. Redlawada Nursery teacher R. Anitha has been teaching the children how to save water, even when cleaning their own utensils.

Redlawada students have learned to clean their utensils while using the least amount of water.

The lesson is especially important now due the state’s water crisis after years of light rain. Students have been taught not to let a single drop of water go  to waste as it is required for drinking, agriculture and household work.

Inspired by the lessons, nursery student Vishwateja put a tub underneath a dripping tap next to his house so the collected water could be used in better ways.

New college scholarships draw big interest

Three hundred students from Warangal district applied for the new scholarships, which will go to 25 girls and 25 boys.

Three hundred students came to VAPV Junior College this spring in hopes of winning college scholarships.

With the help of the Kalleda Gudi Trust, VAPV will start offering Rs 25,000 scholarships to 25 girls and 25 boys each year.

To apply for the scholarships, people came from throughout Warangal district to participate in a “talent test” — exams covering English, Telugu, general science, math, social studies and general knowledge. The 30 girls and 30 boys who scored the highest will be interviewed by college management, who will then pick the winning 25 from each group.

The Rs 25,000 ($500 USD) scholarship will make a big difference to the students, most who come from rural backgrounds. At VAPV, average tuition and boarding is Rs 27,000 a year. The financial help provides a huge relief to families who otherwise could not afford to send their children to college.

A top alumnus

Matendla alum Srikanth is now the top ranked student at his junior college.

Matendla congratulates its alumnus Srikanth who just learned he is the top student at his college!

Srikanth, 17 years-old, attained 1st rank out of 100 students at Trinity Junior College in Karimnagar, where he is studying BiPC (botany, zoology, physics and chemistry). He scored 421 out of 440 marks on his inter 1st year annual exam.

Srikanth attended Matendla from nursery to 10th class and frequently returns to the school to share his experiences with younger students or to ask advice from his former teachers. He hopes to later earn a bachelor of medicine and surgery degree and become a doctor.

Matendla students and staff are very proud of Srikanth and know he will achieve great things in the future. He is an excellent example of what students can do when they work hard to reach their goals.