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Training to bring about educational change

Ch. Cheralu participating in the training program

RDF Wadlakonda School Headmaster, Ch. Cheralu participated in a training program conducted by Gray Matters in Hyderabad specifically for Headmasters. This was a great opportunity for rural schools, as it not only enhanced the skill and information set of the attendees but Gray Matters guidance and rural specific focus was able to boost the confidence of the Headmaster in initiating and managing educational change. For instance, class management skills were taught, which included ways to make an ideal classroom environment and  foster engaging teacher-student interaction. Topics also included the introduction of new methods of learning which make the time children spend in school meaningful. All in all it served as a great opportunity for headmasters to further develop the school.

An auspicious start to the day

A student decorating the Tulsi plant

At RDF we aim to pass on tradition and culture to the students along with an academic education. In this spirit, RDF Redlawada School starts each day with one student decorating and praying to the Tulsi plant (Holy Basil plant) which symbolizes Goddess Laxmi. Traditionally the Tulsi plant is kept in the front courtyards of most houses and serves a purpose beyond religion. It is known for its healing qualities in Ayurvedic medicine and wards of harmful insects such as mosquitoes.  Consumption of one leaf a day is seen to promote health as well. The prayer every morning not only reinforces the tradition with the students but also enables them to understand the reasons behind the tradition.


Small steps go a long way

A student helping out by repairing classroom furniture


RDF strives to be self-reliant and make the most of scarce resources. In the same vein, students and teachers of RDF Kalleda School supported this endeavor my personally repairing broken furniture for school use. The students repaired their classroom tables and chairs. They were able to save Rs. 500 in repair costs and even learned the skill of carpentry from this activity.  A teacher also chipped in, and constructed a honesty box and a career box for the school and saved Rs. 300.  The management and some of the donors appreciated the students for doing their bit to save funds. Small steps like this will take RDF a long way forward.


Celebrating Bathukamma

Women of Kalleda celebrating the festival

RDF believes in preserving the traditions and culture of the region by ensuring that the students partake in festivities and more importantly understand the essence of the festival. Many festivals are celebrated by performing pooja and/or conducting games for villagers. The ‘Bathukamma’ festival is one such festival, it is celebrated a couple of days before the biggest festival Dassera (which commemorates Lord Ram defeating Ravan). For the Bathukamma festival, RDF VAPV Junior College provided all the required facilities for women and girls of Kalleda village to play safely and recollect the importance of Bathukamma festival and its background. Sound systems were provided for songs to be played about the festival and a protected area was provided for the girls since most wear expensive jewelry, a protected area allows the girls to celebrate the festival in a safe environment. Adding to this, drinking water facilities was also provided for all the villagers. All these amenities ensured that the girls not only had a great time but also continued the traditions of the region.