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A Green Future


Students of Rollakal School have been conducting Environmental Awareness rallies in their village and surrounds as part of RDF’s Social Awareness Program. This program encourages students to engage deeply with their communities on social issues which impact their lives and their shared future. Recently, students conducted a ‘Green Ganesha’ program through which they showed villagers how to create environment friendly clay idols. Teachers and students spoke to the villagers that it is the responsibility of each person to do their bit to preserve the environment, so that a healthy eco system is maintained and provide a green future for the next generation. The school was very happy when a youth club put up a clay statue and felt their efforts have been successful.


Gift of Good Health



Teachers work really hard & in RDF schools, their responsibilities extend beyond classroom education since they also work towards RDF’s vision and mission of empowering rural children. With the rigours of teaching, engaging with students plus managing their personal lives, Yoga is a practice that brings innumerable benefits for body and mind. At Redlawada School, they feel that yoga keeps teachers calm and centred, so that they can focus, think well and work better with the students. So the school arranges a daily yoga session for teachers in which they practice stretches and various breathing exercises. It’s something they look forward to and it’s the schools way of showing their appreciation and helping them in be healthy.

Long strides to high achievement!

Santhosha with her medals and certificates

Santhosha with her medals and certificates

P. Santhosha, a Class 9 student in RDF Matendla School has always been a strong athlete and a sports achiever. Her passion for Athletics has led her to attend daily 2 hour practice sessions with the Physical Education Teacher at the school while balancing her studies too! Recently, she won Gold in Mandal level High Jump & Long Jump competitions, thereafter winning Silver at the District Level. She has since participated in State and National Level competitions too. She has now intensified her practice to get better at her chosen sports and bring more medals home

Watering the thirst for knowledge


It is a known fact that learning from our natural environment is retained for life. RDF schools implement this by visiting surrounding fields, lakes, institutions and natural resources. Such activities ensure that students get direct learning experience and enjoy the process. In Kalleda School, students on Class 3 were taken to the Akeru River to learn the concept ‘Sources of Water’. A single, day long visit enriched them in multiple ways. They observed animals that use the river as a water source. They understood the habitat of fish and other creatures in the river. They also learnt about various water bodies, seasonal changes, the properties of sand and the uses of water. Since environmental awareness is a core part of RDF’s classroom learning, the teacher also engaged them in a discussion on saving water, water pollution. Such is the power of learning through engaging thoughtfully with our natural environment.

Onboard with Learning!


Intermediate students studying in the RDF VAPV Junior College practice several skills through the News Board on campus.  The Board has 3 parts. On the left, the student in charge writes vocabulary and meanings which are enhanced through the exercise of ‘Learning 5 words a day’. Students write the meanings and use them in everyday life or in sentences with the help of a lecturer or each other. The space on the right is dedicated to current affairs, General Knowledge, mental ability or reasoning questions. These are discussed in class too.  The bottom of the Board is dedicated to a famous quote or proverb, which again is used for discussions and expanding research skills. A little board sure does go a long way!