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Effort and Effect


Here are teachers in Redlawada School preparing their TLMs (teaching-learning materials). Ongoing training in classroom management, lesson planning, child centric activities is part and parcel of RDF’s teacher interventions. Planning and organisation by teachers is key to having effective classrooms and the student is the ultimate beneficiary. Teachers spend time on Saturdays and sometimes after school, researching materials from the internet, non academic books and engaging activities that they can use in their classrooms.

Archery Goals


Archery is a big part of RDF’s Sports Development Program. Having already produced an Olympian and National level sportspersons, the current batch is working very hard to realize the next Olympic dream. G. Pranitha, P. Laxman Rao, P. Poorna Rajesh and D. Raju participated in the recently conducted National Archery Junior Selections, held in Hakimpet, Organized by the State Archery Junior Association, 120 students from A.P participated with 24 selections from the state for the National Archery Junior Championship. The 4 RDF students were selected for participation in the Nationals in Assam! While the students worked hard, they did not win medals in the individual events. However, rising star, G. Pranitha, won Bronze in the Team event. One girl G. Pranitha C.E.C Ist year  got “Bronze medal” in Team event. This gives further impetus to our students to continue their dream and hardwork and continue to build their skills and endurance in this challenging sport. They have the support and blessings of the entire RDF community!

Be the Change!


Meaningful engagement with the community is a core aspect of RDF’s work; hence all schools have an active Social Awareness Program which we’ve always highlighted. Rollakal School conducted a rally in surrounding villages to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. The rally was led by students, with senior school teachers accompanying them. Village elders and youth commended the schools for raising such awareness amongst people. Some people recommended that brides and grooms must undergo an HIV/AIDS test prior to marriage, to which students replied that some countries have made this mandatory. Students and teachers know that they can be the change they want to see in the world – inspirational words by Gandhiji that can truly be implemented in small and meaningful ways.

Test of Mettle


Matendla School conducted a skill based Talent Test in their school recently. The objective was to assess students’ skills and aptitude in particular subjects & prepare them for participation in competitive exams. Students of classes 8 – 10 took the test in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Toppers in each subject and each class were thereon seclected to participate in a Mandal Level Chekhumukhi Talent Test conducted by Jana Vignana Vedhika. The test was open to all schools in the Mandal. With such tests, the school believes that students will get confidence to face competitive exam. Students too are happy to take on such challenges and appear for these tests each year

Student Teachers


On the occasion of children’s day on 14th November, Kalleda School conducted ‘Self Government’. As part of Self Government Day, all Class 10 students and some Class 9 students were engaged as teachers for the whole day.

Acting student teachers coordinated with teachers to get the appropriate syllabus for each class and prepared colourful teaching learning material and other activities to take their classes in an engaging and child centric way.

A meeting was conducted with the student teachers at the end of the day, so they could share their experiences. Without exception, all of them that they enjoyed their responsibilities and appreciated the hardwork put in by teachers to ensure that classes go smoothly and students learn well. Many of them expressed a desire to become teachers to add value to schools and contribute to India!

On this occasion, the school also invited Sub Inspector of Police, Parvathagiri, Sri. P. Ramesh Goud. He was also inspired by the environment and activities in the school that he has decided make a personal contribution by taking Math classes for Class 10 students during examinations!