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Guidance on Goals

Students require strong role models who can exemplify the very skills that parents and educators wish to impart. The RDF VAPV Junior College invites noted people each month in order to speak to and motivate students. In doing so, the college hopes to equip students with the tools and life skills that are necessary in leading successful lives and building a good career.

jc-2Last month, Mr. Diddi Laxmi Narayana, a retired teacher and published author, who has mentored many students, was invited to speak to the students about the importance of goal setting and hard work. He spoke of everyday people like their parents who have goals to educate their children and provide for their families. In doing so, he stressed on the importance of accepting sacrifices in order to reach their desired goals. He also spoke about eminent people who have achieved their goals through hard work. He instructed the students to not shy away from working hard as it is the only means of helping them reach their destination and achieve their dreams. He urged the students to always remember that hard work never fails and is the secret to success.

jc-1He also spoke to them about the importance of communication skills in English, giving them tips on how to improve their vocabulary through daily work by reading and improving their vocabulary. He reassured them that weaknesses and strengths exist in everyone and that it was up to them to utilise their strengths to overcome weaknesses. The students felt that his advice will allow them to build confidence and felt inspired at the end of the session.


Happy Harvest!

ros-2The RDF team puts in tremendous effort to make its schools self sufficient and sustainable. RDF children come from rural, underprivileged families that lead difficult and financially hard lives. The children are always made aware of the effort it takes to provide resources to the schools that allow them to benefit from an enriched learning environment. However the means by which these resources are made available to the children and staff is never taken for granted.ros-3

Producing their own food is one way in which RDF tries to show the children the importance of farming and self reliance. All RDF schools have their own small kitchen farms. In RDF Rollakal School, students have been lovingly and carefully tending to the farm in their school premises. The farm is fully organic as the students and their families have been made aware about the damage to their health and soil through excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The students collectively plant seasonal vegetable seeds and then look after them till they are ready to harvest. This season the students have cultivated bottle gourd, bitter gourd and ladies finger! ros-5ros-4These delicious vegetables are used for the midday meal in the school which is a crucial way in which the school is able to save some costs towards the midday meal.

The children are delighted to look after the farm and harvest their own produce. Food tastes so much better when you grow it yourself and is prepared with care by the cooking staff!

Historical Sports Achievement

In sports achievements, the RDF Junior College, Kalleda and Matendla schools have been at the forefront for several years, winning national and international accolades. Now we are very proud to announce that Redlawada School made history with 10 students making it to the National Student Olympics! Another feather in the cap was that this was the very first time that an RDF ‘Kabaddi’ team won at State Level and it was the hardworking and persevering Redlawada Students who achieved this record for RDF!

The proud RS Sports achievers

The proud RS Sports achievers

All credit goes to the Physical Education Teacher, students and staff in the school who have ceaselessly encouraged the children to take up sports and word hard at achieving personal excellence. We now hope that the children’s aspirations to win further honour for their school come true!

Donor Sponsorship for RDF Alumni

RDF has now been working for the cause of rural education for two decades. Many are aware that RDF’s work to educate rural children is sustainable due to support from financial donors and volunteers. However, RDF continues to remain invested in children’s futures even after they leave school. Many students want to pursue higher education and have the ability and skill to do well, but are constrained due to lack of finances. So, RDF strives to provide financial sponsorship for deserving alumni in order for them to take up professional courses, through which they are able to become financially stable, support their families and help them out of poverty.

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

Narsimlu (R) with Matendla School Headmaster, Mr. Vishnumurthy, at his canteen

One such example is that of Narsimlu who completed schooling from Matendla School and wanted to pursue Hotel Management. With the help of RDF wellwisher, Mr. Vikram Reddy who decided to sponsor Narsimlu’s dreams, he was able to get admission in a Hotel Management course in Hyderabad.. Post service training at Taj Hotel, Hyderabad, he turned into an entrepreneur by hiring a running canteen in Tirupathi, a popular pilgrim destination in Andhra Pradesh. His enterprise is a success due to his hard work and has been able to provide a firm financial foundation for his family.

anjaliAnjali, another alumnus of Matendla School, got a free seat in B. Tech in Hyderabad. However, she still needed to pay Rs. 40,000 towards hostel fees. At this point, Mrs. Kavita Subba Rao, stepped in to sponsor her fees so that she could complete her education. With this timely monetary support, Anjali has completed her B. Tech and has procured a job in an E-data company.

Magnanimous donors such as Mr. Reddy and Mrs. Subba Rao provide much needed support that allows RDF’s deserving student to break the poverty cycle. Together, we meet RDF’s vision of educating and empowering underprivileged children – something that the RDF family and our student’s families are always grateful for.

Innovation Ovation


Leadership – School and Sports Captains leading a Guard of Honour for guests

Parent interaction at school

Parent involvement – Parent interaction at school

Congratulation to Kalleda School which was awarded for its innovative education activities by Education World. For the past eight years Education World has been publishing the annual Education World India School Rankings with C fore — the well-known Delhi-based market research and opinion polls agency. Education World rank over 1000 of India’s most high-profile schools on 14 parameters — Teacher Welfare & Development, Academic Reputation, Competence & Commitment of Faculty, Sports Education, Individual attention to Students, Value for Money, Parent Involvement in school activities, Infrastructure provision & Maintenance, Leadership/Management Quality, Community Service, Internationalism, Co-curricular Activities, Life Skill Education, Pastoral Care.

These are the very parameters that RDF has been seeking to build and implement across all the institutions.

Analytical and brain boosting games

Analytical and brain boosting games

Being the first RDF school, Kalleda School has always been the first to pilot and initiate new programs, for students and teachers alike.

Awareness rally by KS children on fair electoral practices

Awareness rally by KS children on fair electoral practices

Therefore over the past two decades, it has executed several innovative learning programs in English, Math, Science, Computers, Reading/Library, Sports, Art and other extra-curricular activities, which have then been replicated in other RDF schools.

The teachers have also been diligent in getting trained and employing each new activity in the school. They have taken on board all aspects of their training, been open to feedback to further their own development, which is what helps children in turn. We are all very pleased with this great accomplishment for the very first RDF institution.

Sterling Silver Partnership!

Silver Oaks team with the Matendla School team

Silver Oaks team with the Matendla School team

Teaching demo session by SO teacher for Primary teachers

Teaching demo session by SO teacher for Primary teachers

Silver Oaks – The School of Hyderabad, a reputed international school, has been a long standing education partner for RDF. The Silver Oaks team has designed the curriculum for Primary School and has been giving specialised inputs for High School, including teacher training in various aspects of education management. The training is complemented by regular visits by the staff to monitor and review the teaching and learning practices, which has provided immense benefits to RDF teachers and students.

High School students of SO & MS interacting

High School students of SO & MS interacting

On 29th September 2016, 4 staff members and selected children visited RDF Matendla School and spent quality time there. Teachers and students interacted with Matendla School students and staff and cleared their doubts, shared knowledge and their best practices.

This support system by Silver Oaks to enhance the quality of education in RDF schools is something we are very grateful for!