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Election time at Wadlakonda

Students casting their vote at the mock elections.

Students casting their vote at the mock elections.

RDF Wadlakonda School organized mock elections to introduce the students to the concept of elections before they have reached the official voting age. This would help students understand the election process, the power of the democratic vote and be thoroughly prepared when it comes time to cast the crucial vote for parliamentary elections. Secondary school students and teachers participated in the elections. Through this process students elected their School Pupil Leader. Eight students contested in the elections and M.Raju from class 8th was elected as the School Pupil Leader, while K. Sruthi also from class 8th was elected as the Assistant School Pupil Leader. The elections have given the participants an understanding of democracy, the role of government and parliament. The experience of the mock elections plays a role in stimulating future young voters to cast their ballot.

Valued partners

Silver Oaks International School students and RDF Kalleda School students learning from each other.

Silver Oaks International School students and RDF Kalleda School students interacting.

Silver Oaks International School (Hyderabad) is a valued partner of RDF. This partnership spans four years with students visiting RDF Kalleda School at regular intervals to interact and observe the teaching process at RDF. To continue this tradition a hundred students and four staff members visited RDF Kalleda School last month. Silver oaks management, staff and students were impressed by the discipline, values, traditions and customs carried out by RDF students and staff.  Silver Oaks students interacted with RDF students and helped improve their language and cognitive skills through games and activities planned by them. The Silver Oaks staff conducted training for the RDF teachers to help improve their English language skills. Apart from all this, the Silver Oaks contributed up 7.5 lacs rupees ( of which the staff and management of Silver Oaks raised Rs. 90,000 and the balance was by the students) by minimizing their daily expenditures and donated it to RDF Kalleda School. We are very lucky to have partnerships such as Silver Oaks that don’t hesitate to go that extra mile. A big thank you to all the students and staff at Silver Oaks International School!


Students during a cricket match

Students during a cricket match


RDF VAPV Junior College conducted a District Level Cricket Tournament for school students from the 9th and 10th standards from 14th-27th November. It was a unique tournament as students got a chance to play on a cricket mat and used a grace ball for the first time in their life. This added an extra bit of excitement for the cricket loving students. A total of 36 school teams participated in the tournament, with every match honouring the best player with the Man of the Match award. The first prize for the tournament consisted of Rs.25,000, while the second prize was Rs.15.000 and the team that place third won Rs.5000. Local authority like SI & Thashildar gave away the prizes to children. It was truly an momentous tournament not only for the participants but the entire village as more than 2000 people turned up to cheer the students at the final match..


Imparting a message through drama

Students performing the play

Students performing the play


The Balanandam is an occasion for students to display skills and partake in some merriment, but this time RDF Redlawada School passed on a vital message to the audience – the importance of education. The importance of this message is heightened as several villagers need to learn the value behind education and its long term benefits. B.Ramya, B.Reshma, K.Soujanya, B.Ramana and a little boy  B.Santhosh from the nursery enacted the play. At RDF we always encourage this kind of students improve their talents. Through this play, not only are students passing on a vitally important message to others but the students themselves are able to overcome stage fright and build their confidence.




Burning bad habits

Students celebrating Dassera with a refreshing twist

Across India it is tradition to burn the effigy of Ravana on the occasion of Dassera to commemorate the victory of good over evil. RDF Matendla School added a refreshing twist to this tradition. For the second consecutive year, the staff and students (from class 5th to 10th) of the school took part in a ritual that involved burning bad habits and inculcating good ones. This ritual involved writing down on a chit of paper any bad habits the student might have and then proceeding to burn them in the holy fire. This made the students aware of their bad habits and take assertive steps in getting rid of them.