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Alumni Give Back

RDF alumni come forward to help their former school/college and their communities in many amazing ways. It always touches our hearts to see that these students, coming from generations of economic hardship and poverty have so much to give and are so generous with their time, skills and even their hard earned money!

Vinod, at Army training camp

Vinod Kumar, an alumnus of the RDF VAPV Junior College, was a determined and bright student who was excellent at athletics. He won several medals at the District & State level, including winning ‘Best Athletic Player’ in Telangana. He is also a holder of ‘C’ certificate in NCC. He dreamt of a job where he could use his innate skills and be of service to others. His dream came true when Vinod got 2 offers while in the final year of completing his B.Sc Mathematics – one with the Army and another one with the Telangana State Police as a Police Constable. He chose the former and is now undergoing training in Maharashtra.


Vinod strongly believes that the education opportunities that he got at RDF are the reason for his success. He is so grateful for this good turn in his life that he wants others to have the same education opportunities that he did at RDF. In the spirit of giving back and paying it forward, he has promised to sponsor 50% of the education of any deserving student from an underprivileged background! This year, he will sponsor M. Rajasekhar’s education – a hard working boy from a family of labourers. To take such a vow while he’s still in training, is a testament to this young man’s strength of character!

We would like to thank our alumni and current students whose expression of thoughtfulness in a myriad ways help make their communities stronger and better!


A Win for Avinash!

Avinash presents a cheerful personality when he’s in college. His classmates at the RDF VAPV Junior College know him as a likeable, hardworking boy. Hardworking he is, however it comes at the cost of not having any time to himself to pursue other interests and passions.

Avinash’s father was an alcoholic who died when he was in Class 8. Since then, his mother, a daily wage labourer has been singlehandedly supporting him and his sister, who studies in Class 8 in a private school. His mother is very keen to see both of them complete their higher education and get good jobs so that their life can be more settled and balanced.

Avinash is a resilient boy and he has worked in the fields even during his school days in order to support the family. He has slogged to do well in college, while putting in hours of working on farms too. His determination and perseverance ensured that he cleared 1st year intermediate in 2nd division – a result he was happy with, as were his teachers.

This year, during summer vacation, he wanted to earn more and went to Warangal in search of work. He finally found work as a waiter in a small hotel. His monthly income was Rs. 4000. After putting in long hours for the entire summer vacation, he handed over Rs. 10,000 to his mother. She was very proud of her son, but even this amount is insufficient to run their lives, but they’re not complaining.

Avinash says, “I want to educate myself well and get a good job. Our life is hard and I understand this kind of life. So when I am well settled, I will give jobs to those who are poor and unemployed.” Given how many RDF alumni have given back to their communities through monetary help or voluntary work, we are quite sure he will fulfil his life goals and keep his promise.

We love how, despite their economic hardships, our rural children continue to think of others benefit and being socially responsible! It is a very humbling experience for us! Avinash, we are so proud of you and your spirit and noble thoughts touch our hearts! You are a winner!

Securing our Girls & their Future

It is a reality of life in India that in many families, educating a girl and more importantly, continuing their education after school is a leap of faith and bucking the ill serving traditions that define gender based roles for boys and girls. RDF institutions play a strong emphasis on girl child education and the school teams champion this cause passionately. Over the years, with our efforts, we have seen many families reconsidering their views about educating girl and being very interested in providing good education to their daughters. However, they still worry about their safety and security. In that regard, RDF institutions are beacons of trust in the local community, so parents are assured that their daughters are in good hands!

JC girls greening their beloved campus!

The journey from a school to a Junior College often entails girls living away from their parents for the first time. Wanting the best of the girls means that they need to stay in a hostel. The RDF VAPV Junior College has become renowned for its quality of education and facilities being provided to its students, including hostel facilities. Till recently, the junior college had 6 rooms in the girls hostel and had to turn down requests for hostel accommodation due to lack of space. Parents from surrounding villages entreated the college team to expand the hostel facilities for girls. Since RDF is also a charitable institution that relies on donations to run, we also needed the requisite funds for construction.

With new donations, we are now constructing a new girls hostel block with 10 rooms. Like all RDF amenities, top level care will go into the ambience of this hostel too – good ventilation, spacious rooms, bed and study tables, which helps students feel comfortable and study in a homely atmosphere.

Special seminars and motivational classes for girls is also on the anvil, such as Leadership Skills, Self Help Programmes and Women’s Empowerment workshops – all with the aim of educating, engaging and empowering girls.

The local communities are very happy with these developments, as are we, as we aim to widen the scope of girl child education and our social impact on empowering rural communities and of course, the strong daughters of these communities! 

Our Champions – our Alumni

RDF alumni are its biggest supporters. In the RDF VAPV Junior College, they have been instrumental in driving up enrolment in the college!

As the academic year ends in April, young hopefuls who have just graduated from school after the Class 10 SSC Exams are looking for advice, suggestions and referrals for good Intermediate colleges. We are very proud to let our readers know that all eyes fall on Kalleda because the Junior College has become renowned for its results and facilities.

This year, the college had a pass percentage of 87% in 1st year and 97% in 2nd year. The glowing reports given by our college alumni about the experienced staff, the teaching methods, well equipped labs and good hostel facilities for boys and girls are some of the major reasons why our alumni remember their college with fondness. The ambience in the college is refreshing and invigorating which produces an enriching atmosphere for the pursuit of academics, sports and extracurricular activities.

Many alumni recommend their siblings, relatives and friends to seek admission in the college. They meet the families, speak to them about their experiences in the college and true experience, that too a positive one, definitely creates a good impression! Everyone has said that they feel they have made the right choice with the right institution.

We are very happy and proud that our alumni are our biggest champions who play such a vital role in spreading the good word about RDF through word of mouth. By doing so, we believe they are empowered to make good choices and help bring communities together!


Soaring Creativity!

Hard at work on the fountain

The MPC and BPC 2nd Year students from the RDF VAPV Junior College showed their prowess at Science and their inventiveness by making a functional water fountain. This working model of a water fountain was made entirely from recycled and waste material which the students found in the college store room and in their homes. The icing on the cake is that this model only cost an affordable Rs. 950 to make!

Nagaraju, working on the fountain

G. Nagaraju, studying in BPC 2nd Year took the initiative to start this project. In his own words –“I took inspiration from APJ Abdul Kalam. I remember reading that while he was studying, his teacher was explaining the flight of a seagull over the sea and fascinated by that, he decided to become a pilot. I took inspiration from his life when I thought of preparing a water fountain. I got together with my friends and told them about my idea. Then we took suggestions from our Physics lecturer and finished the project within 6 days!”

“This is the best project that I have done in college and we decided to dedicate this water fountain to our batch (2016-18). I will never forget my college days. My time here has inspired me to become a scientist.”

The fountain, finished with a flourish!

The fountain occupies pride of place in front of the classrooms on the Junior College campus. We are so proud of the leadership and creativity of students like Nagaraju, who take ownership of their learning and also generously involve their friends. We hope his and all our students’ dreams soar, just like the seagull in Dr. Kalam’s story!

Farewell: Wishing Junior College Students well..

It is a tradition to celebrate and welcome juniors through a Welcome Party and bid farewell to seniors on Farewell Day in junior colleges. Both are days that provide time to mingle and bond, without any stress.

The 1st Year Intermediate students of RDF VAPV Junior College organized a well thought out and presented Farewell Day for the outgoing batch.  The seniors spoke very well and reminisced abot their experiences in the college and everything they were thankful for. They gave many suggestions to their juniors on how to work hard and develop themselves in order to do well in life. Several confessed their mistakes and spoke of the lessons learnt, which was quite touching. Many of the students stated that they feel proud to study in RDF VAPV Junior College. They all thanked to the management and lecturers because they provided advice, care and mentoring to them.

There was a fabulous song and dance performance which had the audience up on their feet. Despite the cheer and merrymaking, the students still felt sad to bid adieu to their favourite college. They will be missed for sure!


Banoth Anitha, who studied MPC said, “I feel happy that I am one of the members of RDF family. I feel proud to say that I studied Intermediate in RDF Junior College which is one of the best colleges in Warangal. At first I liked the beautiful atmosphere, green grass and beautiful trees around the college. The lecturers were very open and friendly. They clarified all the doubts. The spacious laboratories attracted everyone and I felt happy learning here. I feel this college is homely and its delicious and hygienic food was loved the most. I will never forget this college in my life. Here I learnt honesty, transparency, making good friendship, helping nature, human values and leadership qualities. All these qualities I carried from this college. I want to become a scientist in physics. I promise you that after ten years I will come here and donate some money to educate at least five students every year.”

That’s a beautiful note Anitha – we wish you and your batchmates the absolute best in life!

A Learning Journey

My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored paths, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people. ~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A day trip away from college and from the regular activities promises to be an exciting event for students, so one can only imagine what a few days away would mean for these students! RDF strives to make education a contextual and meaningful experience for students, so that they not only learn what is in their academic textbooks, but also learn from their own life and the world around him. So a learning journey becomes an intrinsic part of students’ academic experience. 

The RDF VAPV Junior College organized a trip to Karnataka for 54 students and 10 teaching and non teaching staff. For many students, this was the very first time that they were venturing out of their hometowns and they were very excited! They read up about Bangalore and Mysore on the internet, learning about Karnataka’s cultural heritage, historical monuments, the progress and development in its cities etc.

Students and teachers really enjoyed the visit to Mysore, understanding its relevance in local and Indian history. The enjoyed their visit to the Mysore Palace and ISCKON temple. Some students purchased the famed Mysore silk saris and appreciated its background and weaving. Next on the agenda was Bengaluru and the students were in awe of the city. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, some students are definitely dreaming of working here when they complete their education!

Keerthana, an MPC – 2nd year student, studying in the English Medium stream said this – “This is the first time I have gone for an educational tour leaving my parents. I enjoyed well throughout the journey.  I have leant many things in this trip. I have seen different nature, different language of famous places and we got knowledge and significance of historical places and monuments by the guides. I will never forget this experience in my life. I would like to thank RDF College management for organizing such a wonderful trip.”

 Travel and exploration of new places and cultures is a wonderful learning experience and we hope that we have ignited a curiosity about new places and people in these young hearts. All the students and teachers had a great time! The experience, the memories made will be a talking point in the college campus for a long time, we’re sure!