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A Quiet Path to Success

We bring you an inspiring story from the Tech Mahindra Foundation – RDF partnership Government High School about how rural children have been spending their time during this extended school closure due to Covid-19.

Sravani is a Class 10 student, who is preparing for this all important year by diligently taking her online classes. A quiet, yet active girl, Sravani is a talented girl who excels in academics and extracurricular activities. Her father is a shopkeeper in the village and her mother is a sweeper in a private company.

She has been supporting her parents at home during this period by taking care of household work and helping her father at his shop in the evenings, while doing her daily academic work! Her parents are proud of her for being a mature and responsible person and helping them in every possible way. We are also proud of Sravani for taking care of her family and managing her time so meticulously. We are positive that these qualities will hold her in good stead in life.

Nikitha’s Noteworthy Goals!

We received this moving letter from Nikitha, a student of the RDF VAPV Junior College about her educational aspirations, in the face of dire family circumstances.

“I, Dadi Nikitha, am studying MPC. I belong to a poor family. When I was in the 7th standard my father passed away. My mother does daily wage labour. She is the sole bread winner of the family. My brother is studying graduation and is doing a part time job in Hyderabad. I was able to pass in distinction in intermediate first year. During Covid my family suffered a lot. There was no work, no money. We had to make do with one meal a day most of the time. My mother sacrifices and works hard to provide everything for me. Now I am going with my mother to field work. I have managed to make 9500/- by going to the field and working.

 I want to become an industrialist in the future. I want to remove poverty in India. I’d like to educate people in rural areas to establish a small scale industrial corridor and create employment in villages. I want to conduct skill development programme for young boys and girls. I want to create innovative methods in agriculture sector. I want to involve all the young people in work and make sure they contribute to the development of the village.”

Nikitha has big dreams and ambitious goals for herself and rural India. With her grit and determination, we sincerely pray and hope that she achieves her dreams because she and every rural child, striving for a better life, deserve this.

Moulding Student Teachers!

(Top & Bottom): Snapshots from the 2019 summer training camp by Synchrony Financial

Government and Private schools have not yet reopened across India due to COVID 19. The Telangana state government launched online classes to ensure that children’s education is not compromised. To support online learning for RDF students, it is our very own Class 10 students who have stepped up as online coaches!

Each summer, Class 9 and 10 students have been participating in Synchrony Financial’s English communication enhancement classes, with accommodation for 1 month being provided by The Global Edge School. These summer camps have created long lasting impact on the English language ability and life skills of our students thanks to the care and attention of the Synchrony Financial trainers. This training provided the confidence to last year’s training batch to start online teaching for their school mates!

The 2019 RDF batch, after the successful completion of the month long English Communication Enhancement training programme

The students are listening attentively to their seniors and see them as a source of inspiration, which they undoubtedly are, by showing how the opportunity of participating in such training sessions can create a positive ripple effect for everyone. Doubts are clarified by subject teachers. We are immensely grateful to these summer trainings which has had a positive influence on the students in so many ways!

Learning is Everywhere!

The extended closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic has created new ways of learning for the rural children we work with. Many students are helping their parents in their various occupations and some children are learning new skills to utilize their time productively.

A group of children from Redlawada School wanted to learn how to make clay pots. They requested RDF non teaching staff, Mr. Sai Ram to help them. Mr. Sai Ram also works as a bus cleaner. Accepting the children’s requested, he is teaching this enthusiastic group how to make different types of pots. It’s lovely to see the kids applying themselves earnestly to the craft of pottery.

This is what RDF’s holistic education approach is about – there are many skills to be learnt beyond textbooks and beyond classrooms. The pandemic is helping children understand the challenges in rural occupations, their importance in providing sustenance for the families and the larger community and developing a strong sense of social responsibility.

Samatha Can Do Anything!

It is amazing for us to see the resilience in the rural children we work with, who tackle the problems in their lives head on.

Chinnala Samatha, is a 1st year BPC (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. Due to very strained economic circumstances, her parents migrated to the city as labourers. Her father is an alcoholic and is unable to sustain work, so it’s her mother who provides for the family.

Samatha lives with her grandparents in Kalleda village and is determined to do well in life. She is clever and sincere in everything she does. A self motivated learner, she loves to read academic books to enhance her subject knowledge and understanding. She diligently prepares notes and does practice papers, which resulted her being the group topper with a score of 95%! It is this ‘can do’ attitude that is helping her progress in her education. She says, “I come from a poor family but I’m not poor in intelligence. I want to prove my talent and become a doctor. My mother is my inspiration. I want to do something for society and I believe ‘Health is Wealth’”.

We fully support Samatha’s ambitions and are positive that her attitude and abilities will take her far in life!

Celebrating Children’s Spirit!

We love the spirit of the rural children we work with. Every day is an inspirational day for us when we see the eagerness with which RDF children attend school, brimming with curiosity and eager to learn! With the extended closure of schools due to the pandemic, we miss interacting with these children.

This is Amulya, a Class 1 student in Matendla School. Her father passed away recently, so her family is going through difficult times right now. Her mother, a beedi roller, is determined to have Amulya finish her education. We are supporting them in every way we can.

Amulya is a bright girl with good attendance. She loves extracurricular activities and her hobbies are playing games and reading stories. We are looking forward to seeing her and everyone else in school as soon as they reopen!

An Empowered Quest

RDF’s strong focus on the all round development of children ensures that their inherent interests and talents are encouraged, alongside providing a resource rich learning environment.

Tharmani Saicharan completed Class 10 from Kalleda School this year with a GPA of 10! Saicharan is a bright and curious person, who is always willing to push his boundaries. He recently participated in the ‘National Level Knowledge Quest 2020’ organized by HULAHUL Foundation, in the 13-17 years category, where he won the Silver Medal with a score of 52/80. We are so proud of his effort!

When he was in school, he used all his free time reading books and newspapers in English, Telugu and Hindi in the library. A self motivated person, he diligently prepared for competitive exams, with help from his teachers. He says, “I would like to pay gratitude to my school management and teachers for supporting me and helping me achieve my goals.”

Empowering rural children through active engagement within and outside the classroom, is what is helping many students like Saicharan, move closer to their goals.

Parvalika’s Support for RDF

Parvalika, some years back, in school

We are so happy when RDF alumni return to help current batches. Students learn a lot from our alumni’s direct experiences with higher education, working and living in bigger towns and cities.

Parvalika, now, teaching as a volunteer in Redlawada School

Parvalika is a Rollakal School alumnus who is a 2nd year B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) student. She participated in all school activities and loved anchoring cultural and other school programmes. She demonstrated great leadership skills in school, always taking the initiative in various projects and programmes. She never had any hesitation approaching her teachers to clarify her doubts. She was also a responsible and helpful student. So we are not surprised that she has chosen to return to us to share her school and college experiences with students.

Whenever she has holidays or has free time, she visits the school. She likes Mathematics and takes classes, thereby providing help to teachers too! She motivates the students to continue their education, while supporting their families as best as they can. She’s a bright spark for everyone! Her parents support her wholeheartedly and feel glad to see her positive attitude and cooperative nature. The extended community also appreciates the care she shows towards everyone.

We are proud of Parvalika’s achievements and her sense of social responsibility to help our current students.

The Fundamentals of Success

The extended lockdown due to the pandemic is certainly a challenging time for everyone. With schools on prolonged leave, our school teams are coming up with innovative ways to ensure learning continues at home consistently. This practice is being followed in the RDF-Tech Mahindra Partnership government schools too.

Recently, Mrs. Emilia, a teacher from the Government Primary School came across a few students on her way home. The students, who hadn’t seen her since schools shut down, were delighted to see her and started chatting with her. Since she was carrying old newspapers with her, she decided to do an impromptu reading assignment with them. She made them sit, maintaining social distance and gave them newspapers individually and asked them to read. She was pleasantly surprised to hear all three students (Aishwarya of Class 5, Kavigna of Class 3 and Laxmi of Class 6) reading very well.

The reading practice done regularly in the school library is definitely paying dividends! The children spoke about their appreciation and gratitude to RDF & TMF for providing their school with a wonderful library. In addition, the practice work being given by teachers during lockdown is also helping students.

Mrs. Emilia appreciated the work put in by the students and encouraged them to continue reading to improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills. She suggested that they read lots of newspapers, books and magazines during lockdown. The students readily agreed to do this in order to improve their language skills.

We’re grateful to Mrs. Emilia for making the time to help her students. We love our dedicated teachers! Paying attention to the fundamentals of learning and practicing them consistently, as these students demonstrated, is a sure path to success.

A Journey to an Empowered Life

RDF students taking life and their destinies into their hands, with a determination to move out of impoverished circumstances, make us very proud.

Gugulothu Dinesh, a 2nd Year Intermediate student in the RDF VAPV Junior College is a hardworking and clever student. As he saw his father’s struggles with work and money, he was filled with a desire to help, in order to meet his family’s expenses and pay his school fees. In Class 10, he got the idea of studying photography. For 2 months, he used a friend’s camera, learnt techniques and purchased a new camera; borrowing money with his brother’s help.

He started to take photos during marriage season or at functions. If that wasn’t possible, he used to give his camera on rent. His effort allowed him to earn Rs. 75,000 which has allowed his to pay off his debt and has enabled him to pay for his college fees and his family’s house expenses on his own!

2 years on, he has not asked his father for any money and even gives money to his mother for household expenses. He says, “I feel happy to have a camera. I always carry it whenever I go on long journeys or visit new places. I want to make short films on the life of schedules tribes in villages and spread awareness.”

Dinesh is an inspiration to everyone and really lives by the saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”