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Achievements Galore!

The Junior College has been blessed with numerous achievements – a natural outcome to their dedicated inputs at all levels to provide an enriched learning environment for their students.

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

The monthly Motivation Class is very popular, with inspirational speakers invited to address students on a wide variety of subjects. Last month, Sri. T. Ravinder Rao, Founder – Vande Matharam, gave a talk on ‘Personality Development’, addressing the issues he faced and what it took for him to be successful.

Student demo class in progress

Student demo class in progress

The equally popular ‘Student Demo Class’ also builds confidence and communication skills as well as greater understanding in academic subjects.     


In sports and games, each day begins with Yoga and Meditation. Students have also been selected for District, State and National level events in High Jump, Short Put, Long Jump and Javelin.

The college also saw K. Venkatesh, studying in second year; win the 2nd Prize in a District Level drawing competition on Environmental Education.


Cooking ‘rocks’ used for sustainable cooking

The college’s focus on creating a sustainable environment on campus has seen them use ‘cooking rocks’, which not only is more environment friendly and time efficient, compared to firewood, but also allows them to save a whopping 50% cost in firewood. Actions speak louder than words – we hope all the actions being implemented by the Junior College creates a strong environment of ‘leading by example’ and plants seeds for a bright and thoughtful generation.


Sustainable Farming

In Matendla School, most of the students belong to agricultural families, predominantly agricultural labourers. Assisting their parents on farms and the toil required in agricultural work is an intrinsic part of their lives.  Therefore, they all actively participate in maintaining the organic farm at the school.

Students, managing the school's organic farm

Students, managing the school’s organic farm

It gives us great pleasure to see the sense of ownership they have towards the school farm, right from preparing the soil through to planting, harvesting and selling the produce. In addition, since the schools focus on organic farming, they have been learning techniques to grow vegetables and fruits free from harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which not only maintains the health of the soil, keeping it fertile for several cycles; but also the health of the school and local community.

They are then in a position to implement these techniques in their family farms too.  It is our hope that some students create sustainable futures for themselves through understanding sustainable farming practices, thus helping their communities and future generations.

Weaving Inspiration

Srikanth, with his weaved plant creation

Srikanth, with his weaved plant creation

Srikanth, a Class 10 student of RDF Rollakal School, displayed his creativity by using palm tree branch and leaves to create a dried palm leaf plant using complex weaving techniques. It’s an age old tradition of rural people to make different items from the dried palm leaves and branches which are useful in our daily lives. For example, they make fruit baskets and baskets and containers of all sizes to use them for different purposes; small plates, vessels, chairs, brooms and even musical instruments which is a sustainable means of livelihood for them. These rural crafts require a lot of experience and creativity in order to achieve the high degree of perfection that they value.

Srikanth's beautiful weaved palm leaf creation

Srikanth’s beautiful weaved palm leaf creation

So his parents, his local community and his classmates very impressed and inspired when Srikanth used a small branch of a palm tree and weaved leaves with dried palm leaves which,  for a young person his age, is a difficult task,. However with pure dedication, technique and skills learnt from observing these local traditions,  Srikanth weaved a beautiful branch and stood as an inspiration to all his friends.

Grooming Lessons

Schools are certainly platforms for knowledge and learning. However this knowledge and learning is not just limited to academics.  We provide other skills that we believe are essential to life. One such skill is grooming and hygiene. We were delighted when LKG teacher, E. Mounika, from Redlawada School

Mounika Teacher helping a student with hair grooming

Mounika Teacher helping a student with hair grooming

showed her young students how to groom their hair and clothes. Young girls enthusiastically lined up to have their hair oiled and plaited with bands and ribbons, while the boys learnt how to maintain their hair and uniforms. The parents too showed their appreciation and agreed that being well presented and neat is a good habit to have for life.

Alumni Gifts

DSC04124Vemunoori Raju and his sister Sharada are alumni of the RDF Kalleda School. Like every student in RDF schools, they come from socio-economically challenged background. Their parents are daily wage earners who were determined to do the best they can in order for their children to have a better future.

Inspired by their parent’s labour of love, the brother-sister duo strived to excel in school. With the support of the school, they practiced archery and performed well in national level competitions and eventually were selected to the TATA Archery Academy.  Here, they won further accolades in National level events.  The platform provided a stepping stone to their career, with Raju getting a job in the Indian Army through the games quota and Sharada a job in the Delhi Police Department.

With a deep understanding of the challenges in rural education and with even deeper gratitude for the opportunities they had, Raju is sponsoring the medical bills of his beloved sports teacher, who is ailing. Sharada has promised to sponsor the Midday Meal Program whenever she can.

Sharada (centre) at a Midday Meal program sponsored by her at Kalleda School

Sharada (centre) at a Midday Meal program sponsored by her at Kalleda School

We are inspired by not just their financial gift but the gift of their spirit, as shining examples for all our children in our schools.

Champion Spirit

The proud students with their achievement certificates

The proud students with their achievement certificates

We have often lauded the achievements of our students because they do so in the face of limited resources. This festive season, we would like to salute the spirit of the students who create positive change in their own lives, despite having difficult social and economic circumstances.  Six students who participated in a prestigious State Level ‘Hapki-Do’ martial arts competition won honour and glory for themselves and their school by winning top awards in this competition.

These six boys, Chinna of Class 6, Aravind of Class 7, Vishal, Mahesh and Anil of Class 8 and Sunil of Class 9, push themselves to excel because they see the hardwork and sacrifices being made by their parents and dream of a better, more economically comfortable future for themselves. Vishal’s father is a tailor, his mother works in the school canteen; Mahesh’s father is a daily wage earner, his mother, an Anganwadi worker; Sunil’s parents are daily wage labourers.

So when they pit themselves against 400 students from 80 schools and walk away with Gold, Bronze and Silver medals, their achievement is awe worthy for us. They excel, not just for the sake of excelling, but with the desire to turn around their life circumstances. Therefore, we would like to not just celebrate the laurels they have won, but also their true champion like spirit.