Self government day-To nurture innate talent


Self Government Day was observed on 28th February at RDF Rollakol School with great enthusiasm. It was a heartening sight to see the children take on different roles of teachers, and educational officers like the DEO and MEO and enact them with ease. They conducted the assembly prayer and the classes.

The HM and the teachers also addressed the children and asked them to develop character strengths and virtues like discipline, hard work and honesty and be good citizens. The day ended with a cultural programme and the best student teachers were awarded prizes.

Creating Science Awareness


National Science Day is observed on February 28th as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the great scientist Sri C.V.Raman. The students of RDF Matendla under the guidance of their teachers had planned some unique, innovative and creative science exhibits. There were 48 stalls in all. Excited students and parents of the high school children went around and listened intently as the exhibit was explained.

This was followed by a variety of skits and plays to bring certain issues to light. The children took a Pledge to protect nature. The audience was moved by a song, Sorrow of a Tree, rendered by Jyothi, of Grade 9. The audience had plenty to think about when Manohar of Grade 6, sang the Sorrow of a Crow. The lyrics were written by Mr Venkatesh, the Science teacher. Nerananda Swami, a skit was enacted about bogus Swamis who cheat the gullible public.

There were also inspiring talks by the students and the Head Master. This was followed by the distribution of prizes and a vote of thanks.



It is unimaginable to think of life without computers.  And it is essential that these skills are imparted to the students. In our well equipped computer lab the students spend an hour each day getting familiar with computer skills.  We also introduce them to the world of internet. They thus learn how to access information, or for that matter simple tasks like paying a bill.

Science Fest


We celebrated 88th National Science day on 28th February at our school  in a grand manner.  On this occasion we conducted many programs at our school.  The programs are Talent test, Drawing, Drama ( Play), Quiz.  On the science day 60 of our school children exhibited 30 exhibits.  The exhibits were seen by our school children.  Other school children along the staff  visited our school and saw the exhibits.

On this occasion we invited Sub Inspector of Paravathagiri, Sri. B.Venkat Rao garu as our chief guest.  He visited all the exhibits and appreciated the children for their effort.  He delivered a speech and advised the children to work hard to get good name for the school and parents.  In the end, the prizes were distributed to the children who were participated in science activities  by the chief guest, Head master and other respectable personalities.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students practicing Khabaddi2

 The grounds of RDF Redlawada school is a wonderful sight in the evenings. The children have not gone home. School bags are kept aside and they are playing Kho Kho, Volleyball, and Kabbadi. The games are played in the right spirit. What a healthy way to end the day!

While it is all good fun, there are some who take their sport more seriously than the others. Two of them, M Mahesh and M Praveen have trained hard to make their game perfect. And their efforts have been recognized. The boys have been selected for the State Sports School. They may even make a career in sports. What a change it can bring to their life !

They say all work and no play makes a child dull and listless. At RDF Redlawada, sports and games are given as much importance as academics. And it is no wonder that the children here are bright, active and cheerful.

The Starting Point of all Achievement is Desire !


Master K. Naveen , a 10th class student of RDF Matendla School won a gold medal in taekwondo sport, at the State Level competition. He was also selected for the National Level competition at Haryana. His mentor, teachers, students and friends of RDF Matendla school helped and encouraged him to achieve the goal. His humility and rigorous training helped him reach great heights. We hope and pray that he will continue to work hard and win medals in the future.

Field Trip – with a purpose


Students of Class 8 were taken on a field trip to study a few aspects of Biodiversity. In their Biology class the students were informed about the common causes of soil pollution and its effect on biodiversity. The field trip was to create an awareness and give them a hands-on experience thus reinforcing the classroom study. They compared the soil of a farm, agriculture land, and a garden. By checking the humus they noted the properties of the soil, understood the role of insects and earthworms in its production.  They were able to relate to the use of chemicals and pesticides and the effect it had in the humus content of various soils. The students suggested that the farmers use bio-fertilizers and pesticides that would not harm the eco-system and thereby reduce soil contamination.


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