The Power of Counselling

Mohan, at the old age home

Mohan is an RDF VAPV Junior College alumnus, who completed schooling in a government school. He is an inspiring person who is helping people in need through counselling them. Growing up in a rural environment, he is well versed with the challenges faced by children, youth and families. His efforts are making a big difference in the lives of so many people.

“I strongly believe that a person’s attitude can be changed positively through counselling.” We fully concur with Mohan that an attitude of care and working attentively with people can motivate and help them shift their perception and bring about positive changes.

Mohan, with the orphans whom he helped

In his own words, “I had chosen BPC (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) in Junior College to become a doctor but I changed my ambition in Class 12. The reason was that I observed closely that RDF institutions are dedicated to service to society, with a focus on underprivileged children by giving value based education and bringing out the talent of the students. After completion of my Intermediate education, I joined Bachelor of Social Work ( BSW) in graduation. While I was doing graduation, I did a counselling job and got success.”

“I have visited old age homes and listened to their problems and met with their children and families. I have explained the importance of parents in life and convinced families to not put their parents in old age homes. Two men realised their mistake and had brought their parents back home. I have been keeping in touch with them to make sure everything is okay.”

“I have helped 25 orphans who I met at bus stands, railway station and other places. I motivated them and 16 students have joined government school.” have spotted 25 orphan people at bus stands, Railway stations and other places. I motivated 16 students and joined Government school. I have worked for 1 month with people who were addicted to alcohol. I explained in detail about the problems they can face in their future because of this addiction.  4 people were changed by my words. I was very happy to see them change their habit.”

A Doting and Hardworking Son

Devaraju, a student of Rollakal School, is showing everyone how to remain strong in the face of adversity. His parents were daily wage labourers and unfortunately, his father passed away due to an illness. This loss meant that Devaraju had to step into the role of a breadwinner, to support his mother.

He is putting in an immense amount of work to ensure that they can look after themselves. His practical nature and taking up so many responsibilities at such a young age is being appreciated by others in his village. As a doting son, he is doing his very best to help his mother and winning everyone’s praise. His dedication is an inspiration to all of us!

This was very tough for him as he had to attend school too, but he was determined to make things work. He has taken up a job as a newspaper distributor, waking at 3 am each morning. After that he sells vegetables at his local market, and works at a mechanic shop until 10 am. He then hands over the mechanic shop to his mother so that he can attend school.

Shirisha Helps her Family

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many of our rural students take up responsibilities to support their families. Rural families lost their regular sources of income as many depend of daily wages.

Bhukya Shirisha of Class 8 in Redlawada School, is one of many students whose family was adversely affected by the pandemic and lockdown. She is a smart student and also a good Kabaddi player. Her family had to go to the city in search of work to support themselves.

Shirisha saw the hardship being faced by her family and was determined to help. So she took up part time work alongside her father. She would complete her online classes in the morning and then go to work. This has made her more independent and the money she is earning is helping ease her family’s troubles.

We are so proud of Shirisha for her maturity and stepping up to help her family!

A Testament to Good Government Schooling

We are really proud of our teachers and the efforts they put in, in order to create a nurturing learning environment. During the pandemic, they have stepped up even more, supporting children and parents to transition to online education and visiting student homes to check in about their challenges and assist with their questions.

The pandemic has been hard on rural families. Due to loss of employment and income, many were unable to pay private school fees. During this period, they noticed RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation MPPS (Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahardurapally) teachers visiting students in the homes, monitoring their attendance in online classes and reviewing their home assignments and worksheets.

The parents were impressed with the teacher’s care and focus on the students’ studies and wellbeing. So, we saw an increase in the number of parents transferring their children to our partnership government school, MPPS!

One such parent is Mr. Ramesh who works at an electronics store and his wife is a homemaker. They transferred their daughter, Madhupriya from a private school to MPPS as a Class 5 student. They appreciate the teachers and the management for their hard work and service. We feel humbled by their faith in our work and that the future of their children is in good hands.

Our Community Unity, Our Strength!

We are very grateful to RDF’s local supporters. Our school teams actively foster community spirit and our schools are a part of a nurturing, local ecosystem.

Recently, Sri. Suresh, a Matendla School parent and wellwisher visited the school. He has always been supportive of the school and is the first person to come forward to help whenever it’s required.

During his visit, he proposed the cleaning of the area surrounding the school. The same evening, he came with a tractor and a friend to help him with this work! Together, they cleaned every bit of the area around the school.

We firmly believe that ‘Our Unity is our Strength’!

A Passion for Mechanics

At RDF, we always encourage students to pursue their interests and passions. We teach our students that learning happens everywhere and learning skills from parents is important as these skills can support them in life.

Polluju Srinivas is a Kalleda School alumnus. He was an average student in academics, but had a passion for motor repair. His grandfather and father are renowned mechanics in their village and it is their livelihood.

Following in their footsteps, Srinivas started assisting them when he was only in middle school. Under his father’s guidance, he learnt how to repair electrical and electronic goods such as TVs, fans, radios, iron boxes etc. His mother also encouraged him in this endeavour.

After school, he joined the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) to further hone his skills in this area. Now he runs a mechanics shop with his father and helping farmers and his community in many ways.

He says, Everyone should adopt the skill which is given by their parents. The skill will give a lively wood if we are in trouble. We should not neglect our occupation. “

He and his family were not disappointed by his academics, but believed in his skills and strengths. With the support of his family and teachers, he is now a thriving business person and is a role model for the younger generations to believe in themselves and go after their goals.

Chin Up, Chandana!

T. Chandana is a 2nd year student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. Her father is a farmer. Attending online classes during the pandemic and lockdown has been challenging for her due to poor cell phone connectivity. Classes are only being done online and Chandana realized that due to the absence of a cell tower close to her home, she was unable to get a clear signal and connectivity.

Despite the frustration of being in a low reception area, she learnt to be flexible. She attended classes on her terrace on standing on the stairs. She used an umbrella to protect herself from the heat of the summer sun. During the monsoons, when connectivity was even worse, she made a call to the subject teachers to clarify her doubts or she went to a friend’s house. She tried her best to attend all her classes!

She says, “My education is important to me, so I made sure to attend my online classes as best as I could. It was not easy. I am waiting for my college to reopen and start attending offline classes. I miss my friends, meeting my lecturers and co-curricular activities. We are doing our best in this pandemic.”
Chandana’s determination and problem solving skills in the face of her struggles with online classes has made us very proud.

Sathwika’s Drawing Talent

Mula Sathwika is a smart and active girl who studies in Redlawada School. During the pandemic, she has been diligently attending her online classes everyday and completing her home assignments on time. After she’s completed her work, she helps her younger brother with his work. She likes to keep herself active and helps her mother with house work too!

Sathwika loves to draw and paint and her teachers encourage her to develop her artistic abilities. Recently, the school submitted her drawings for the Rang De Veer painting contest – a National online painting competition to honour the fallen war heroes of India’s Armed Forces. Sathwika and her parents were happy to have her drawing selected for this contest. We love how she is blossoming day by day!

Go-Getter Ramya

Ramya, a Class 6 student of Rollakal School has adapted and adjusted to the changes in life and routine brought on by the pandemic. RDF students and teachers had to face a steep learning curve in our transition to full time online learning, a first for rural students. But we acclimatized quickly and online classes started!

Ramya, who is an active girl, showed the same level of enthusiasm for her online classes too. She always logged in before schedule and followed up with her teachers to send assignment and learning links after class.  She is a confident girl who doesn’t hesitate to get her doubts clarified quickly. Just as she participated in all school activities, she is showing equal keenness for online work.

With her diligence and readiness to take on any challenges and changes, we have no doubt that Ramya will attain her goal of becoming a Doctor.

Living with Dignity

Thirupathi is a Matendla School alumnus who has overcome life struggles to starting his own business as a waterproofing contractor.

Thirupathi was a quiet student who actively participated in extracurricular activities. He went on to complete a Bachelors of Technology with Civil Engineering. His parents struggled to provide money for their son’s education, but they never stopped his education. They worked hard, saved money and encouraged him to study well.

Watching his parent’s struggle while supporting him wholeheartedly taught him the value of living with dignity. He worked in a company for 2 years but his desire was to set up his own business, which he eventually opened up successfully.

His parents are very proud of their son’s hard work. His journey is a source of inspiration for the youth in his village. We are also proud of his dignity and faith in himself.