Learning from Playing

RDF children find ways to unleash and explore their creativity in varied ways.

During lunch break in Redlawada School, we saw children eager to start playing as soon as they finished eating. There was still time for the lunch break to end. Playing in the sand is very tempting for children. We saw a few get together to discuss ideas to create sand sculptures.

With ideas buzzing from their young minds and a strong display of team work, the children build temples and other models from the sand. Watching them play, laugh and create from joy was such a pleasure to watch!

Imagination paves the road for ideas to come to fruition and help children achieve their goals. We have observed over the years that there is tremendous learning in play. It enhances team spirit, ideation, motor skills, mulling over the science of creating structure, architecture and so much more!

When children are given free rein to implement their ideas, nothing is a mistake as they learn from everything. This builds confidence, by imbibing the spirit to experiment and succeed.

An Educational Trip To a Bank

Field trips are a great way to understand the on ground realities of various jobs and sectors and obtaining practical knowledge.

The Commerce students from the RDF VAPV Junior College visited Punjab National Bank as part of an educational visit. They were accompanied by the Commerce and Economics lecturers.

Adonda Akhila, a CEC 2nd Year student reported, “We visited the bank and interacted with the Bank Manager. We learnt how the bank maintains its accounts, records financial transactions and issues loans to the public. They conducted a mock deposit and withdrawal process at the Cash Counter.”

 “He also shared his experience and explain what a career in Banking looks like in terms of educational qualifications and recruitment process. It was a very informative trip and the in-person interactions made it a very informative experience.”

“We are very thankful to the Department of Commerce and our college management for being able to make this trip successful. We look forward to more such trips and furthering our practical education.”

Pavan’s Hard Work Pays Off

RDF children come from very humble families, where financial struggles mean that often times children also need to support their families in various ways, including financially, during school holidays.

Children are encouraged to set goals while they are still young and are taught skills in order to reach their goals. Starting young and starting with small, achievable goals means that as they grow older, they can take on bigger goals and succeed at them.

Dommati Pavan Sanju is an alumnus of Kalleda School, who, like all RDF students are sent to school in order to obtain an education that will allow them to get good jobs and make their families financially stable. Today, Pavan is working as a Software Engineer with HCL, one of the few students who got a campus placement with the tech MNC, after completing his degree.

He says, “My family’s financial condition was not good. My father was a toddy tapper and my mother was a daily wage labourer. I wanted to make their lives comfortable and also ensure that my younger sister finishes her higher education. She is in the final year of her B. Sc in Computer Science.”

“I was inspired to take up Software Engineering when my mother’s cousin got a job as a Software Engineer in Hyderabad, when I was in High School. I loved Maths in school, so I chose to study this in Intermediate and went on to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.”

“I focused strongly on my studies, determined to achieve my goal. I often interacted with software engineers to understand the skills required to do well in such jobs and the requirements of tech companies. I am proud to say that I was one of the few students from my stream who was selected by HCL during campus placements.”

“I am very grateful to RDF, my teachers and parents, who supported my educational goals, due to which I have a great job and can support my family.”

A Parent’s Contribution

RDF is a family and we value the contribution of each and every person who comes forward to help us, in big and small ways.

Mahendar Garu is a Matendla School parent. He is a very well qualified person who completed his post graduation and went on to teach in school and college for several years. Unfortunately, he was unable to support his family on a teacher’s salary and gave up his teaching profession.

He was always interested in art, right from his school days. He took up painting as a profession and is now the notable painter, Rajanna, in Sircilla and Siddipet districts, Telangana.

He heard about Matendla School and was impressed by our holistic education system and enrolled his 2 daughters in the school. The school team requested him to paint the world, country and state maps, which he accepted graciously, that too without remuneration!

He painted 3 beautiful political maps on the school walls. While painting the maps, he noticed children observing him and taught some drawing skills to children interested in learning.

We thank him for his kindness and generosity on behalf of RDF.

The Joy of Recycling

Saritha madam, a Software Engineer, visited Rollakal School in order to conduct a workshop on ‘Recycling’ with students and teachers.

Environmental awareness and finding solutions for local environmental or social issues is an integral part of RDF’s holistic pedagogy. So we were very pleased to welcome Saritha madam to learn about recycling in a creative way.

She taught everyone how to use waste material, waste papers etc. to design decorative articles. She explained that fashioning decorative items from everyday materials is one of her hobbies and it’s her passion to share it with others.

She encouraged the students to try this activity at home in their leisure time. It was happy day for everyone, engaged in a delightful team activity together.

Practical Learning

Learning comes from life experiences and not just from books in the classroom. Hence, at RDF, we constantly strive to make learning contextual for our students. This makes education concepts relatable and easy to understand. They are also given practical instruction on what they see around them.

One such aspect that we noticed was that many places have fire extinguishers, however most people don’t know how to use them. The students of Redlawada School were given a practical demonstration of how to use fire extinguishers during a fire.

Now our students have learnt something very useful and of value to society. They are armed with knowledge of using fire extinguishers, should the need arise and being of service to society.

Sai Charan’s Rewarding Journey

T. Sai Charan, a 1st year student in the RDF VAPV Junior College, is a multi-talented person and has achieved a lot at a young age!

He is a meritorious student who spends his leisure time in the college library, buried in books! He loves to apply himself to everything he undertakes and actively participates in all curricular and co-curricular activities.

He has been awarded at several state and national level competitions. At a Youth Convention organised by the Nehru Yuva Kendra on behalf of Government of India’s Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, he won the 1st prize. He has been selected to the State level Youth Convention.

He participated in the National level Essay Writing Competition on ‘Role of Human Values in the 21st Century’, organised by Sree Satya Sai Seva Samithi Organization, Telengana.

He has also participated in a Commerce Talent Test organised by the Department of Commerce & Business Management at Vaagdevi Degree & P.G. College.

He is a natural student leader and very helpful by nature. In the absence of any teacher, he willingly takes the lead in studying a lesson and helps clarify his fellow students’ doubts.

His willingness to learn and high curiosity to pursue things outside his comfort zone will ensure that he has a bright future. We wish Sai Charan the very best for his life’s journey.

Rakshit – A Child Role Model!

Rakshit, a young student from Rollakal School, is showing leadership qualities at a young age. Born in a remote village to illiterate parents who graze sheep, Rakshit is already making his parents proud.

He is a responsible and cooperative boy, who does the best in any situation. When he wakes up in the morning, he completes his homework and plays with his younger brother to keep him occupied, while his parents complete their home chores. On the bus ride to school in the school bus, he takes on the responsibility of bus discipline. He also submits a verbal report to the school’s discipline committee!

A polite student, he wishes every teacher who enters the school and always has something nice to say to all of them. Leading by example, he demonstrates respect for teachers to his peers. Always alert and eager to learn, Rakshit has no hesitation in clarifying his doubts with his teachers. He also helps his classmates with their studies.

We are amazed by Rakshit’s sense of responsibility and discipline. We are sure these qualities will take him places and he will continue to be a role model wherever he goes!

The Dedication of Our Bus Drivers

The Matendla School team is immensely proud of the hard work and dedication of all their employees. We are proud that the drivers of the school’s 4 school buses have also shown themselves to be very cooperative and committed to our cause.

They understand the importance of our school’s need to be self sustaining, so they also contribute at the local level to support in any area that they can. When the buses need minor repairs, they repair the buses themselves. They help cook food for the midday meal, in the absence of the head cook. They have also been collecting waste firewood once a year from farmers who donate towards our midday meal cooking for rural children.

They also help on the school farm as well as doing plumbing and electric repairs. We are amazed by their willingness to work and becoming a intrinsic part of the school team.

We are grateful and honoured by their sincerity and level of responsibility towards RDF.

Community Service – Service to the Nation

We are very proud of moulding our rural children to be socially responsible citizens, who make any effort they can, to give back to society. It makes us very proud when we see students find ways to serve rural communities, despite facing many personal challenges in their lives.

Bonagiri Srilatha is an alumna of the 1st batch of graduates of Kalleda School. She studied in RDF till Class 10. She was very active in sports and had a passion for public welfare even when she was young.

She got married young, but that did not stop her from pursuing her goals of being of service to society.  After marriage, she did agriculture for a few years, and was then selected as an ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker at a nearby PHC (Primary Health Centre).

Through this, she got an opportunity to serve her village. She visits the homes of those who need her services and supports them by helping them with their health issues. In the recent COVID – 19 crisis, she did her job very actively. She proved to be an excellent ANM (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife) who helped villagers in their time of need.

She visits our school to provide health advice to our students. She advises them saying, “Time is very precious as it doesn’t come back. So take care and focus well on your goals and future.”

Srilatha inspires many of us with her passion for social service and staying true to her goals. Even though she didn’t continue academic studies after Class 10, her work in the public sector and healthcare has ensured that she has progressed wonderfully personally and professionally. Her knowledge about healthcare is very useful and impact our rural communities in many positive ways.

Her service is service to the nation and we couldn’t be prouder of how far she has come in life!