Rohini’s Life Story: Passion for Educating Girls

M. Rohini is an alumna of the Government High School, Bahadurapally – the RDF – Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership school. Her younger sister is a Class 8 student in the same school.

Her parents separated when she was young, so she and her sister were brought up singlehandedly by their mother. Both girls excelled in school and worked hard. Being the sole earner in the family, it was difficult for their mother to educate them. However, since the girls were interested in educating themselves and self-development, they never gave up.

Rohini topped her class and did very well in all the co-curricular activities she participated in. The school recognised her merit and achievements and awarded her at the end of the school year.  Unfortunately, do to extreme financial issues, Rohini could not continue her education after Class 12 and got married. However, being brought up with good values by her single mother, being raised in an all woman household, she is passionate about educating girls and the importance of education. She says will do her best for her family and society as a married woman too, for the betterment of women in society.

We wish Rohini a happy married life and look forward to her continued achievements.

A Teacher’s Innovative Problem Solving

Rollakal School teacher, E. Ramesh Sir, is a living example of our value of using innovative thinking to solve problems.

He takes his father, who suffers from Parkinson’s, to the hospital every week. Due to the way his father had to sit on the bike, he kept losing the back indicator. Putting his thinking cap on, he got an old clutch brake spring from a tractor and connected it to the indicators. This has made the indicator very flexible and capable of bending any way without detaching or breaking. Now there is no damage when his father sits on the back seat.

This has also led to carrying water cans, hay and any other things strapped to the bike so much easier! Ramesh sir solved his problem creatively. We are proud that our teachers walk the talk for their students.

Back to School

A Redlawada School student happily playing in the school ground

The pandemic was very hard on the lives of our rural children. Accustomed to daily physical activity and playing, they were confined to their homes and only online classes. Our schools looked lifeless without the everyday sounds of children laughing, playing, teachers’ voices in classrooms, the lunch gong etc. Now that the schools have finally reopened, the students’ return feels like the arrival of spring!

The students have jumped right into their physical activities, games and cultural activities with much enthusiasm. We are happy to have them back, eager to get back into the flow of school life.

Chess Isn’t a Game of Chance

The RDF VAPV Junior College hosted a District Level Chess Competition for Girls. There were 3 levels – Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. During the competition, they came to know about the remarkable story of young Suhana Sree, a Class 2 student in a local school.

Suhana was the youngest player in the event who learnt to play Chess during the lockdown from her father, a school teacher.

In order to help her utilise time productively and keep her mind engaged, her father decided to teach her chess. She enjoyed the game immensely and was soon practicing for 3 hours, 3 days a week! She was very successful in the competition, winning 5 rounds and was thrilled to receive a prize. Her parents are so proud of her. Her father says, “I’m now scared to play with her because she wins 9 times out of 10!”

Her parents said the competition was a good opportunity to showcase children’s skills at the game and were very happy that she won in her 1st attempt. She says, “My father will send me to Chess coaching classes once we have sufficient money.” We are certain that she will continue to make waves in the world of chess!

Enchanting Us with Folk Songs!

Master Ch. Ashok, a Matendla School alumnus, was known for his singing abilities, in addition to be good academically too.

He was very active in all cultural activities. His interest in singing made him choose ‘Dubbulu Kolupu’, a folk story of Goddess Durga, rendered in song. He used to perform Kolupu during his leisure time. Now he is also supporting his family by earning Rs. 3000 for each Kolupu that he sings.

His voice caught the attention of a YouTube channel who approached him to make a video. A video with Ashok singing was recorded, which went viral with 1 million views!

This song reverberates in the ears of all Telugu people. It is played during Vinayaka Chathurthi processions, Goddess Durga processions and in private events too. With this success, he is getting several opportunities to sing folk songs.

We are so happy for Ashok and his family. May he sing and warm our hearts for many more years to come!

Step by Step to a Self Made Life

Prudhvi Raj, who studied in RDF Kalleda School and the RDF VAPV Junior College did not let life’s challenges hinder him from pursuing his goals to complete his education and financially stabilize his family.

He writes, “My father is a daily wage labourer and my mother is a homemaker. We always had financial difficulties. After completing my schooling, I couldn’t pay fees for my Intermediate studies, but I got help from RDF and my grandmother. She helped me to purchase textbooks and notebooks as she supported my education aspirations.”

“I got a distinction in Intermediate and went on to complete my graduation and post-graduation on a scholarship. I worked as a construction labourer simultaneously to earn money. I then went to Hyderabad to enrol in a coaching programme to learn medical coding. I successfully completed the American Academy of Professional Coder course and got my certificate as a Certified Risk Adjustment Coder. Now I earn Rs. 20,000 per month which helps me to take care of my parents and grandmother. My family is happy that I am working and financially stable. My next step is to get a job overseas.”

We admire Prudhvi’s grit and determination to achieve his goals and create the life that he wants for himself and his family. We send him all our best wishes and blessings for continued success.

A Double Celebration: Back to School & Children’s Day

Children’s Day on 14th November this year was special. Schools in Telangana have reopened after 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The children and teachers are very happy to be back in school, mingling, participating in classes and extracurricular activities together.

The RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation Government Primary School decided to have an extended celebration for primary school students. The celebration involved several games and activities being conducted over a period of 5 days, from 11th to 16th November! The children were delighted!

The school also had increased admissions this year compared to previous years; so it was a happy occasion for the new students too. The children participated enthusiastically in activities such as quizzes, games, cultural shows such as singing, dancing and theatre, fancy dress competition etc. It created a colourful atmosphere in the school. Everyone cherished the extravaganza even more as they were getting an opportunity to participate after such a long time!

Several parents also attended the programme, with some parents distributing chocolates, fruits and sweets with love, for everyone. It was a very successful event that was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire school community.

A HeArty Welcome Back to School

The pandemic created a big blow for the education sector, with the unprecedented closure of schools for 18 months. For our rural students, school was their only access to a strong learning community, both inside and outside the classroom, with bonding and team work in sports and the fun of participating in multiple cultural activities. While online classes bridged the learning gap academically, the children sorely missed the active participation in school life, interacting with their friends and teachers.

The Telangana Government recently announced the start of offline classes for all students. The news brought a lot of joy and relief for everyone! We are pleased to inform that classes have now resumed, alongside all extracurricular activities. The Redlawada School team has been focusing on teaching art and craft, using waste material to create beautiful things. The children are happy to come together, share ideas and create different types of art and craft items.

It’s a pleasure to see our schools buzzing with activity again!

Artistic Display of Village Culture

Pranay, with his hand-made wooden bullock cart

Children are full of wonder and at RDF, we are always encouraging for them to express themselves in any creative way that they wish!

K. Pranay is a Class 4 student in Rollakal School. He loves school and is keen to participate in every single activity, be it academics, sports or cultural programmes. It’s a delight to see his enthusiasm! During a cultural activity period, he decided to make designs of local animals and objects, to depict village life. He used easily available material like wood and thermocol from packaging materials to craft his designs. It was exemplary work from Pranay – right from the idea to sourcing materials to execution.

We are always happy to see children feeling inspired by what’s around them, being in touch with their roots and showing it to the world.

Sailing Towards his Goals and Dreams

Sports has a strong focus in RDF Schools because we believe it nurtures the mind, body and spirit in a holistic way. Holistic education practices are an integral part of life in RDF schools.

Balne Kiran Kumar, a Kalleda School alumnus was attracted to sports when he was in primary school. He attended sports practice every morning and evening regularly. The school’s Physical Education Teacher motivated him to continue his training and take the entrance exams for admission to Sports Schools. He performed well in the competition and got admission in Kadapa Sports School in 2013. In 2014, the Andhra Pradesh Government shifted him to Hyderabad where he continued training and building his physical fitness for another 2 years.

He took up sailing in 2016 and shifted to Mysore for more specialized practice, sailing on the Kaveri River.

We are very proud to report that Kiran is now eligible to participate in the 2022 Asian Games which will be held in Hangzhou, China. He says, “I have a strong desire to excel in the Asian Games and then participate in the Olympic Games too.”

We pray that all his efforts lead him to his goals and dreams.

We are inspired by the level of self discipline and motivation he has shown towards his chosen sport. He deserve every success in life.