A Community’s Helping Hand

RDF’s work involves not just ensuring rural students’ academic success and personal development, but also the well-being of the community that we belong to and serve.

We are honoured to have as our supporters, not just school parents, but members of the wider community too. Therefore, Matendla School team were compelled into action to help Sri Perumandla Balraju and family, who have been struggling financially since he unfortunately became paralysed 6 years ago. They family had already spent Rs. 15 lakhs on his treatment, with no progress in his health. His wife has been taking care of him tirelessly all these years. His 3 sons are school alumni and Balraju, known for his helping nature, donated some items to the school a few times. He also sponsored the midday meal 5 times, before he was struck down by paralysis.

We believe strongly in community spirit, social responsibility and being of service to those in need. With this in mind, a meeting was conducted with the staff, students and the school’s auto drivers on how to help the grieving family.

It was agreed that a donation drive would be organised. The entire school came together to donate money from their earnings and savings, which was collected in the donation box. The money was counted in the presence of the entire school. Rs. 11,409 was the total collection.

Matendla School team at Balraju’s home, to hand over the donation

5 staff members and a few student representatives went to his home to hand over the donation. It was a very emotional meeting! His family members thanked the RDF community for their unconditional support.

We are proud that our students understand this spirit of service and gave generously.

A Wonderful Teacher!

Ramesh Sir has been a Chemistry lecturer in the RDF VAPV Junior College for 5 years. He takes a great deal of interest in the growth and development of our rural students. He motivates them about career choices, providing any guidance that they need.

He is an enthusiastic person who loves to participate in all curricular and extra-curricular activities. He is in charge of the Examination branch and JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) classes. Wanting to help the students in the best way possible, he collected 16 JEE and NEET books from his friends worth Rs. 5600 and donated them to the college library. These books are proving very helpful for the students.

The students are putting a lot of effort into preparing for these exams. With the help of the management, Ramesh Sir and some volunteers, extra offline and online classes are being provided.

We believe that rural children deserve good opportunities and are grateful for everything our staff, volunteers, donors and well-wishers do for them, to ensure they lead successful lives.

Dancing Towards his Dreams

RDF alumni are the flagbearers of RDF’s work to empower rural children in ways that can allow them to believe in themselves and achieve what they set out to do. Their journey and achievements are a great source of inspiration for the younger generation.

Harish, on the set of a short film

Harish is a Redlawada School alumnus who always wanted to be an actor and a dancer. He showed a keen interest in co-curricular activities in school, always eager to learn dance and act on stage. He used to choreograph songs and perform them at various function. His willingness to learn and his determination helped him to become a good dancer.

He showed great enterprise when he set up his YouTube channel – Harish Raghava, to showcase his acting and dance videos. He choreographed his own steps to popular songs and slowly became popular.

Harish, in a YouTube video, on his channel

He got opportunities to work in short films and movies as a backup dancer. He is thrilled to be entering film industry and he deserves all of it! He told us, “I am so excited by this opportunity and I want other students to learn dance too. If I get a certain number of views on YouTube, I will get paid by YouTube too. In my free time, I will take dance classes for RDF students.”

We are so proud of how far he’s come and his sense of responsibility towards his former school. We’re sure our students would love to learn from him.

Infor Furnishes Further Support!

Infor, the leading, global technology company, has been a long term partner for RDF. They were instrumental in driving the construction of Rollakal School. The management and employees regularly visit the school for check-ins and provide life skills training for the students too.

The team set up a computer lab in the school which is a boon for students and teachers. However, the growth of the school has come with the attendant need to growing the infrastructure too. The computer lab needed more furniture, so that the children and teachers could work comfortably.

We are blessed that Infor once again supported us by providing chairs, tables and student benches. Now the students have a very well equipped computer lab where they can study hassle free!

Thank you Infor, Hyderabad for your ongoing care and providing such excellent facilities for our rural students.

The Value of Consistent Effort and Education

Our students acquire a lot of inspiration and ideas from the achievements of our alumni. We frequently ask our alumni to provide guidance to the younger batches because their journeys as rural students are similar. Kudikala Omprakash is one such alumnus of Kalleda School who has a passion for education!

Coming from a humble family with limited financial resources, he was determined to do his very best with all the opportunities available to him. After completing his B.Tech, he was motivated by his friends to pursue an M.Tech. After successfully completing that, he studied a PG Diploma in Banking from Manipal University in Bangalore and got a job with ICICI Bank as a Deputy Manager.

After his ICICI Bank stint, he moved onto Polaris Financial Services and eventually got a government job with State Bank of India as an Assistant Manager. He also took multiple online courses while working, in order to continue upskilling himself.

He says, “There are plenty of opportunities waiting for us. We have to build our capacity up to those levels. Hence the younger generation should focus on their studies to avail of these opportunities. RDF’s methodology motivated me to set a goal and taught me the values to achieve my goal. I am grateful for that.”

We love hearing stories like this, that show the younger generation the values of persistence, determination and hard work. Consistent efforts always give good results!

Practical Learning

Practical learning, career pathways and educational field trips are an integral part of RDF’s process to develop our students. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our rural students have the resources and opportunities that will help them succeed.

The RDF VAPV Junior College students went on an Office Study Programme. They attended the Gram Sabha (General Assembly of people in a village who are 18 years and over and eligible to vote) in the Gram Panchayat (Executive Committee or Village Council of the Gram Sabha). They were provided information on the functioning of the local government and various roles within it.

They learnt about public welfare work departments such as roads, drinking water, street lights, drainage and welfare schemes provided by the government. The also learnt how the Secretary keeps records of each department and the work that they do.

In was a productive trip for our students, who came away inspired by the functioning of the state and local governments. Some of them are interested in pursuing this further. We are happy that they learnt so much and would like to contribute to the development of society and the welfare of rural citizens.

Taking Taekwondo to New Heights

Supporting rural children to reach their goals and achieve their dreams is the vision that drives us every day. Enabling them to see their own potential, encouraging their interests helps them build confidence in themselves and empowers them to move forward in their lives.

We celebrate the small steps and the big successes of each and every one of our students. Jakkula Rajesh is one such alumnus from Redlawada School, who found his passion in Taekwondo in school and is now paying it forward.  He trains rural children studying in Government schools free of charge in this martial art. One of these students got selected in the Army, with Rajesh’s training!

Rajesh continues to train vigorously with his Taekwondo master. He won a Silver medal and a Blue belt at the Sub-Junior Taekwondo competition held in New Delhi in July 2021. He also participated in the Junior National Level Taekwondo competition. His dream is to earn a black belt.

We love Rajesh’s spirit of giving, his determination to reach his goals and wish him every success in his journey forward.

A True Teacher Role Model

Kumari Madhulika, a Class 10 student of Matendla School, is a gifted girl. She She is a very observant student who sees a learning opportunity in every interaction and activity.

In the recently concluded ‘Self Government Day’ at the school, the panel of judges selected her as the ‘Best Teacher’ as she displayed professionalism and sincerity in her role.

During Self Government Day, Class 10 students take on all the teaching, administration and operations roles in the school, with the aim of governing the school efficiently. Madhulika chose the role of a teacher.

She taught wonderful lessons to children, using well thought out resources and activities productively. Using her own teachers as her role models, she made her classes very interesting and interactive. The hallmark of a good teacher!

It is no surprise that she was honoured with the ‘Best Teacher’ award for which she also received a memento.

Career Guidance Session by IPS Team

A crucial aspect of our education philosophy is providing all the resources we can to our students and helping them make use of these opportunities for their personal development. Investing in their future is what provides them with the right tools to build a good future for themselves and their families.

Connecting with professionals from varied fields, providing them with career guidance is one such way to help our rural children get clarity on future education options. Rollakal School was honoured to welcome Trainee IPS (Indian Police Service) Officer, Mr. Sankeerthan, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr. Naresh Kumar, Chief Inspector Mr. Vishveshwar and Sub Inspector Mr. Kishore to meet the students.

The meeting covered important legal topics such as the illegality of child marriages, uses and harmful aspects of social media, cybersecurity, road safety such as wearing helmets for both driver and pillion riders, the duties of the police and their role in society.

Mr. Sankeerthan spoke to the students about his humble background and the effort he put in to get selected into the IPS. It’s important for rural children to have role models from a similar background who have achieved their goals. He emphasized, “I hope my experience is a motivation for you to realise all your ambitions.”

We were very happy to see that the students asked the team questions and enthusiastically engaged with them. They are very thankful to have met this esteemed team and have taken away valuable information on how to succeed if they wish to join the IPS.

One Song a Day, A Learning for Life

The morning assembly at Matendla School is a lively affair! Students are given the opportunity to present a mix of creative activities such as music, a skit, elocution, reading the news etc.

A recent introduction has been students singing a theme based song every day, which means they sing 6 songs per week, according to the theme of the day. Songs can be on topics as varied as ‘Importance of Education’, ‘Farming’, ‘Time’, ‘Science’, ‘Maths’ and devotional songs. The aim is to deliver the intrinsic message of the song and help every implement the learnings in their daily lives.

This daily singing is a powerful tool to inspire children to stay on the path of working hard, understand values that will enable them to lead meaningful lives and become good members of their community and upstanding citizens of the country.