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Young Motivator!

One would think that the zeal to motivate and inspire can only come through years of study or life experience – having attained a certain level of learning in order to reach out or teach others. But what we have seen in RDF schools over and over again is that the zeal to motivate and reach out comes from a space of generosity, care, kindness – all encompassing a spirit of sharing.

Malyala Ramya is one such alumus of RDF Kalleda School who studied there from LKG to Class 5, thereafter gaining admission in a Government Sports School in Karimnagar. Now in Class 9, she has been selected to participate in Wrestling competitions. An avid lover of sports since she was a young girl, Ramya always had the clear intention of doing something in the sports arena. During summer vacation, she decided to pay a visit to Kalleda School to meet her teachers and former classmates. Driven by a desire to share her experiences as a sports person, she arranged a Summer Camp. During the camp, she emphasized the importance of physical, mental and emotional fitness in life. She also taught basic fitness techniques to build stamina and physical ability.

She spoke to the children not only about the importance of staying active and fit, but also on the importance of developing themselves in a sport as excellence in a sporting field can lead to future job opportunities as well.  The students thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and inspirational talks! Through her example, they understood the values of self discipline, hard work and personal excellence.

So Ramya, all of 14 years of age, showed all of us, yet again, that age is no deterrant to being a beacon of inspiration. We thank Ramya for her generosity and her willingness to share all that she has learnt with the young kids in Kalleda School!


Champion Spirit

The Junior College has had a very strong focus on sports for several years. It has produced International level archers and national and district level athletes. This has served as a major source of inspiration for successive years of students who also feel motivated towards achievement with the meticulous standards that have become a precedent in the college.

This sports culture produces life skills such as endurance, grit, perseverance and hard work. Long hours before and after regular college schedule are devoted to coaching, training and practice. There is a strong support system that is provided to the students.


Recently, students shone again when eight students were selected for the National Student Olympic competitions.  Districts Level Olympic Games were held in July at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Warangal. Nearly 600 students from various schools and colleges participated in this competition. Eight students were selected for the State Level Student Olympic Games which saw nearly 1200 students  from various districts participate. The students performed better at the State level in their respective games and all eight students were selected for the National Level which will be held in Uttar Pradesh.

We applaud the sports coach and the students on the great effort that they have put in, making the management, staff and the entire RDF family proud one more time!

Our heartiest congratulations go to the following students –

Cricket:       N. Arvind, D. Praveen, G. Rambabu, B. Ramu

Athletics: N. Shiva Kumar, D. Sagar, Sahavasi, Sai Kiran

We are all hoping that they will prove their talent in  the Nationals also.


A World of Good: World Yoga Day Celebrations

ms 5Yoga forms an intrinsic part of RDF’s activities with rural children. The holistic approach to education involves high quality academic inputs and equally importantly, a focus on other programs in the realm of sports, art, craft, social awareness, health and hygiene etc, that also develop the mind, body and spirit.

While yoga has been gaining world wide repute as a health practice that provides considerable benefits to practitioners, it has always been a part of RDF’s work with children for several years. Each school has created time in the morning that is devoted to meditation and yoga. This continues during vacation time too if schools are conducting activities for children. This is also encouraged among teachers as well, so that they start their day with a clear and calm mind. These practices have led to positive benefits among our students, with most students stating that daily yoga helps them keep calm, provides them with a fresh mind, increases focus and concentration, makes them alert, helps with stress during examinations etc. ms 1

Mr. Laxminarayana, the Physical Education Teacher at RDF Matendla School, has been at the forefront for training several students over the years to immerse themselves in daily yoga practice and has nurtured them to District and State level accolades too. He has inspired students and teachers not just in Matendla School, but in other RDF schools too, to take up the practice of yoga and experience the improvements in their physical, mental and emotional health.

ms 2On the occasion of World Yoga Day on 21st June 2016, Matendla School conducted yoga activities for the entire school. Every student and teacher participated enthusiastically. The PET led them through a full yoga session. Several asanas were demonstrated by students. He also gave a talk on the importance of yoga and maintaining a daily practice to experience the world of good that yoga offers. ms 4

Career Inspirations

IMG-20160106-WA0014The RDF VAPV Junior College organised a Inspirational Talk and Career Guidance session on a career in the Police. The Guest Lecturer on the occasion was the Parvathagiri Sub Inspector, Mr. Burglula Venkat Rao. He extolled the values of a career in the Police as being one in service to society. He patiently explained the practical aspects of life in the Police Service – the daily challenges and satisfaction derived from such work.

Students were inspired by his talk and many felt they were ready for a career in the Police. Since entry is competitive, he also provided details on how to prepare for the entry test and what to expect. The students found a good mentor in Mr. Venkat Rao and we hope that they will follow their dreams and achieve their desired goals.

IMG-20160106-WA0008The college was also thrilled to announce that three alumni achieved their dream job of joining the Police force – Rakesh and Ravi from the 2010 batch and Swamy from the 2011 batch. We are all very proud of them! 

Martial ‘Heart’

Prasannalakshmi1 India has been witnessing a change in attitudes towards women. It is still slow and still seen only in segments of society, but it is nevertheless a change. Very often these changes are often prescribed to urban pockets, where in the last few decades, more women are completing education, more women are opting for higher education, more women are working independently and becoming income generators for their families. More women are rising through the ranks in organisations and more women are marrying later and continuing to work, after marriage and rejoining the workforce after starting families.

So shifts in mindsets in rural areas can go unnoticed. RDF’s mission is to educate, engage and empower all children and there has been a special emphasis on the girl child. So we celebrate, feel proud and joyful when we see these shifts with our own eyes – like the change in little Prasanna Lakshmi’s family! Much like the increased enrollment of girls in our schools and more support towards these young girls completing their education, Prasanna’s family has been very encouraging of her enthusiasm towards the martial art of ‘Taekwondo’. Prasannalakshmi5Believing that their girls have a right to go to school and should pursue activities that interest them is a sea change from the earlier mindset of keeping them at home and getting them married in their teens.

In the near 2 decades that we have been working with rural communities, we have seen girls empower themselves with choices – choices that their mother’s or grandmother’s generation didn’t have. Many come back to help us in various ways – teaching subjects or cultural activities and even donating money to RDF! Prasanna’s family is one of many families who are slowly beginning to understand that society is only enriched by its women and the lesson’s begin right at home – like little Prasanna’s. 

Arrows of Donation

Arrows worth Rs. 35000-Our highest parameter of success – that we are doing good for our students and by our students is when they return as adults and give back to RDF in whichever way they can. Over the past nearly 2 decades, many RDF alumni have enriched our teaching and learning environment through contribution of their time, talent and even money.

The ongoing festive season brought even greater festive spirit to us when the RDF Archery Coach, Mr. Raju conveyed heartwarming news that 2 RDF alumni archers, M. Prasanna Kumar and G. Chandulal donated four dozen arrows, which they procured second hand for RDF students. Their generosity saved the team over Rs. 35,000! This has been an unexpected and delightful gift for RDF!

M. Prasanna Kumar

M. Prasanna Kumar

G.Chandu Lal

G. Chandu Lal

Our deepest gratitude and blessings to our large heart alumni who make us so proud!

Achievements Galore!

The Junior College has been blessed with numerous achievements – a natural outcome to their dedicated inputs at all levels to provide an enriched learning environment for their students.

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

Mr. T. Ravinder Rao addressing the students

The monthly Motivation Class is very popular, with inspirational speakers invited to address students on a wide variety of subjects. Last month, Sri. T. Ravinder Rao, Founder – Vande Matharam, gave a talk on ‘Personality Development’, addressing the issues he faced and what it took for him to be successful.

Student demo class in progress

Student demo class in progress

The equally popular ‘Student Demo Class’ also builds confidence and communication skills as well as greater understanding in academic subjects.     


In sports and games, each day begins with Yoga and Meditation. Students have also been selected for District, State and National level events in High Jump, Short Put, Long Jump and Javelin.

The college also saw K. Venkatesh, studying in second year; win the 2nd Prize in a District Level drawing competition on Environmental Education.


Cooking ‘rocks’ used for sustainable cooking

The college’s focus on creating a sustainable environment on campus has seen them use ‘cooking rocks’, which not only is more environment friendly and time efficient, compared to firewood, but also allows them to save a whopping 50% cost in firewood. Actions speak louder than words – we hope all the actions being implemented by the Junior College creates a strong environment of ‘leading by example’ and plants seeds for a bright and thoughtful generation.