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Scaling new heights

Students create a human pyramid to reach the ‘dahi handi’


Around this time every year, the Indian landscape is dotted with human pyramids and tiny kids scaling to the top in order to break the coveted ‘dahi handi’ or ‘utti kottuta ‘ a pot filled with curd to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth – Janmashtami. RDF Wadlakonda School got in the festive spirit and not only built the human pyramid consisting of students but also held a small program to teach students the relevance of the day. Teachers, students and even families participated in the annual event. This year, the students were also taught a few lines from the holy book; the Bhagvadgeeta in order to infuse some tradition and culture along with the fun and games. The celebration was a smashing success and we hope the students scale similar heights in their academic lives too.

Parents get into the RDF spirit

The donated drum for the storage of water

We often post stories of student led initiatives and situations where RDF teachers have risen to the occasion. This time, it gives us great joy to share with you a story of the parents of the students at RDF Redlawada School lending a helping hand. RDF Redlwada School has been facing a storage problem for drinking water. This topic was raised in a parents meeting and without hesitation some parents came forwarded and donated a 1000 liter water storage drum to the school. This quick thinking and support solved the water problem at the school. The parents support is not limited to this one incident; they also actively contribute to RDF in terms of participation in school programs and activities.

Planting the seeds for sustainability

Students planting vegetables in the school yard


Sustainability is a principle that RDF tries to bring about in every aspect of its functioning. At RDF Wadlakonda School, this principle is being applied to food sustainability. Students are not only showing interest in education, but are actively participating in growing vegetables in the school yard. The students tilled the land and planted green gram seeds, along with this they also procured bottle and ridge gourd seeds from their parents and planted them. The students’ parents also offered cattle to enable the land to be well tilled. The students at the school will within a month reap the benefits of their effort by using the produce from the farm fresh food in the midday meals served in the school. We will keep you posted on what the farm yields and how it was used in the midday meals – stay tuned!

Of the students, by the students, for the students

Students casting their vote via secret ballot

As talk of the presidential elections swept the country, RDF School Matendla also got in the spirit with their very own student elections. These parliamentary style elections are conducted annually to appoint the student leaders. The similarity to the Indian election system gives the students an understanding of the mechanics of democracy and pushes them to think about which virtues to look for while choosing a leader. The student leaders chosen need to communicate well with the students and help them in times of difficulty. The leaders meet once a month and discuss methods to improve all areas of school life and even domestic life. This makes students more responsible as well as instills in them leadership qualities.