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A Crafty Idea

RDF Wadlakonda School’s stall at the craft fair

RDF firmly believes in conservation and ensures that all resources are used optimally. This enables the preservation of the environment and is also cost effective. RDF Wadlakonda School had a ‘crafty’ idea which enabled them to carry this message further. Teachers and students from the school created handicrafts from waste material such as empty coconut oil tins, broken bangles, old x-ray sheets and even old woolen thread. With these seemingly useless materials, they were able to create a range of items which included flower vases, door and wall hangings, pen cases and bags. The items were displayed in a stall hosted by the school at a ‘Craft Mela’ (Craft Fair) organized by the YWCA in Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh). The stall drew a lot of interest and praise, it also enabled the students and teachers to exchange ideas on creating crafts from waste material as well helped further the message of conservation.

Em-power-ing students

The student rally conducted in the village

India is plagued with power shortages and blackouts, similarly for the past three months Redlawada has been facing severe power shortages as well. RDF Redlawada School students decided to conduct a rally and spread awareness about the methods of preserving power through everyday activities. Students walked through the village while shouting slogans about preserving power by switching off lights and fans when not in use. They also emphasized the importance of conserving water as it is directly related to the power situation. Additionally, the students spoke to their parents and convinced them to save power through these simple means. This initiative was carried out as a part of the Social Awareness Program (SAP) conducted at RDF schools and was truly an em’powering’ experience for the students.

Matendla goes green

Saplings planted in the area surrounding the school


An earlier post shared the efforts at sustainability from RDF Wadlakonda School, in a similar vein; RDF Matendla School too has a plant and tree based program running. The staff and students have come together to plant mango, cherry and banana trees in the areas surrounding the school. The fence has been adorned with flowering plants to ensure that the school grounds look appealing and become a tranquil and peaceful place to foster growth and learning. The plants also attract local birds which add to the overall peaceful atmosphere of the area. In addition to this, the fruit sold from the mango trees are also a source of additional income for the school; while the cherry fruit is consumed by students and staff of the school during meal time. The fresh air and green surroundings truly create an atmosphere which allows the students to thrive at all activities be it leisure or academic.