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Technology for the Times


Technology has shown to bring immense benefits to educational institutions. In rural areas which can be challenged by quality educational inputs due to lack of adequate resources, the provision of technology can be a boon! The RDF VAPC Junior College recently screened an inspirational speech delivered by V.V. Laxminarayana, the former Joint Director of the CBI. Known for his transparent and meritorious record, the ideas of hardwork and honesty were delivered to the students. The e-class was followed by a question and answer session on a citizen’s duties and responsibilities in society. We aim to deliver more than mere academic learning and were happy with the students’ clarity of thought in discussing pressing issues.

Steering the Mentor-ship!


Demonstration involves showing by reason or proof, explaining or making clear by use of examples or experiments. Rollakal School conducts weekly demo class for mentors from class PP-I to X. All the mentors participate in the demo class and observe it. Each class is followed by a proactive feedback session. In teaching through demonstration, students are set up to potentially conceptualize class material more effectively. These demo sessions aim to deliver specific learning concepts within the classroom, improve teaching strategies and through self assessment, better themselves and take on more personal responsibility for student learning.

Theatre of the Ingenious!

RS APRIL BLOG Redlawada School children, with the help of their teachers, have devised an innovative way to learn the alphabet, poems and rhymes. They call it the Children’s Theatre, which is a view-finder like contraption made with recycled materials like a discarded oil tin, leftover white cloth from a tailor and old water pipes. The letters of the alphabet, various rhymes have been looped like a movie reel inside the tin and a twist of the 2 pipes, either forwards or rewind the reel. This provides an interesting visual medium to build language and communication skills. Bravo to the students and teachers for their creativity and child friendly methods to teach!

16 Years of Progress


The RDF Family congratulates Matendla School as it celebrated its 16th Anniversary on 13th March. The school invited its Finance partner and donor, Kapil Chit Funds MD, Mr. Vishnu Vardhan Rao as Chief Guest and Siddipet Dy DEO, Mr. Mohan as Honourable Guest. Other special invitees too attended the function along with the students and staff. The school was commended on its social sensitivity and the community development work undertaken, which has built trust based relationships in the surrounding villages in the Mandal. Students were also honoured for distinction and efforts in various subjects and skills. Indeed, the school has made great strides in promoting academic and social achievements over the years. We thank and commend them on such exemplary work!

Voter Education


With the Lok Sabha General Elections around the corner, students have been actively undertaking rallies as part of RDF’s Social Awareness Program. With a need to educate people on their constitutional right to vote, students of Kalleda School wrote slogans and delivered speeches. The salient features of their speeches and discussions were everyone availing their right to vote, not giving into bribes for favouritism and voting, careful selection of the candidate based on merit and electing a righteous and selfless leader, plus understanding transparency in the voting process. With everyone desiring a transparent and corruption free government, it is really nice of students to undertake such activities for merit based voting.