The Importance of Food for Health, Healing and Holistic Living

RDF education philosophy is predicated on the intrinsic connection between the body and the mind. Hence our holistic approach towards educating rural children encompasses not just academic pursuits, but fitness through sports and yoga, a calm mind through meditation and yoga practices, nourishing the body through providing a balanced midday meal to all children in our schools and providing an enriching environment for the physical, mental and emotional well-being on our students.

To demonstrate the importance of Health Mind & Healthy Body, an awareness project was conducted in Matendla School on the importance of ‘Balanced Food’ for leading a healthy life.

In order to demonstrate the simplicity and ease with which every student can access balanced meals at home, they were asked to bring vegetable, pulses, cereals, leafy vegetables and other food items from home. They brought more than expected!

The Science teachers, along with the help from the student Sevaks (student helpers) exhibited all these items in the assembly. They explained the nutritional profile in all the items and how they can benefit from consuming them in their daily lives.

We were pleased to see the students’ energetic participation in this project. They were curious about the information being presented and came to know the importance of different foods.

A very important takeaway from this project was also to respect food and not waste it.

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