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Girl Power!


Students and teachers of Rollakal School held an awareness rally on ‘Girl Child’ on the occasion of National Girl Child Day on 24th January. Girls in Indian society still face inequaility in areas like education, legal rights, medical care, nutrition, child marriage etc. Students and teachers addressed villagers about these issues, urging them to consider these serious scenarios and support their women in their families. The rally was relevant for RDF due to its emphasis on education for the girl child, which has contributed significantly to improving literacy rates, employment and empowerment of girls and reduction in child marriages in areas of operation and engaging with the community via such social awareness programs.


Skilling for Life


Every student enrolled in Junior College is on the cusp of life and thinking about their higher education and the world beyond their college walls. Employment and financial security is a goal they all aspire towards. Therefore the Junior College conducts discussions and debates on relevant topics in order to cultivate students’ analytical and thinking skills. Learning to engage with the world in more meaningful ways goes beyond merely doing well in job interviews. Thinking clearly, articulating an opinion, disagreeing gracefully, healthy competition are life skills that will always serve them well.


Creative Kathas!


It is a known fact that a typical learner learns better visually. Combine that with listening, experiencing and discussing and we have a high impact, enriched class! Creative story telling via theatre techniques is what students in Redlawada decided to employ in the tradition of ‘Burrakatha’.  The technique consists of folk stories and songs with 3 performers, originally a narrative entertainment tradition of nomads. When brought to the classroom, classes come alive with acting, singing and learning relevant traditional stories. RDF schools are encouraging students to engage with their culture and history and understanding their contemporary relevance too. Here’s to Educate, Engage and Empower!


Our Alumni, Our Assets!


Matendla School alum, K. Raju showed his deep appreciation for the years he studies there as a child, yearning for a better life through education. Now in his final year to complete a Bachelors in Science in Sri Vidya Degree College, Siddipet, Raju and his friend often discussed the dilemma of good education in rural areas and how they can help. For RDF schools that rely on charitable individuals and organization, no help is too small and Raju knew this. Together with his friends, they collected Rs. 3000 and bough a rack for the Science Lab. The Principal and Lecturers too supported this endeavour and pitched in. On Republic Day, the group of friends, Principal and Director presented the rack to the Headmaster. They also conducted a GK Competition and distributed prizes. The RDF family is touched by his generosity and is proud to have inspired the students to give back. They are assets to Indian society!


Model Elections

Students casting their vote

Students casting their vote

A good education system must necessarily go beyond classroom academics and incorporate learning and understanding values and behavior which lead to good citizenship. RDF’s Social Awareness Program was conceptualised with this aim in mind & Kalleda School conducted ‘Model Elections’ to understand democracy, electoral processes and voting. Students of Classes 5-10 participated in the elections to elect the Head Boy and Head Girl. The School Headmaster acted as Chief Election Commissioner. A detailed process modeling actual elections was created. Through this process, students learnt the value of their vote, they deliberated on qualities of a right leader, they understood what makes a good leader and develop healthy competition – all lifeskills essential in the 21st century. 350 students cast their vote and elected the right candidates for their role.  completion of the election the results announced after three days. The process accentuates RDF’s core values of Educate, Engage and Empower!