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Saluting our Student Committees!

The Student Committees in RDF schools were formed with the aim of making the students responsible for their school’s key operational areas. Rather than being passive recipients of the school’s rules and guidelines, the committees make students active participants.  The committees are created with consensus between students and teachers. The day to day running and overall management of each committee is done by the students, with supervision and mentoring by a teacher.

In Rollakal School, the committees have become more efficient and disciplined over the years and the students show a lot of care in the execution of their duties. The areas that the students look after are Dining & Mess Management, Classroom & Playground Discipline, Sports & Games, Water Management, Neatness & Hygiene.  The students do an admirable job of the planning and implementation of their respective committees.

Clockwise from top: Kiran, Soumya, Rahul, Swarnlatha, Tharun

The smooth running has demonstrated leadership capacities in its student leaders, team cooperation and good delegation, along with community engagement within and outside their school – all qualities that are necessary in life.

Thank you to D. Soumya, Class 10, G. Swarnalatha, Class 10, M. Yudhasree – Class 9, D. Shivasagar – Class 8, D. Sarath – Class 7, K. Kiran – Class 7, B. Rahul – Class 6 and Ch. Tharun – Class 5 for doing such a fantastic job and making the school proud!

Chess Mate!

RDF Rollakal School has a budding Vishwanathan Anand in its midst!

Koushik (R) at the State Level championship

Meet Abbaraboina Koushik, all of 9, who recently won a Gold medal in a State Level Chess competition that was open to people from all age groups, held in Hanmakonda. Hailing from a poor family, the son of agricultural labourers, Koushik, from a young age had the grit and passion to do well in whatever he decided to do.

This deep determination can be seen in the way he approaches chess, absorbing the training provided to him the Physical Education teacher as well as his academics. A self motivated person, he was encouraged by the school Headmaster and PET to participate in the State Level championship. Unperturbed by going up against people much older and experienced compared to him, he was delighted to bag the 1st place!

The Telangana Sports Authority Director, Mr. Rajanala Srihari, commended him on his effort as he handed him his gold medal and merit certificate.

We commend Koushik, his family and Rollakal School for championing his spirit and his talent. We are very proud of all that he has accomplished at the tender age of 9. He is certainly an inspiration to everyone!

The Yoga Star!

ros-2E. Kavya or RDF Rollakal School is an ardent advocate of yoga. Now in Class 10, Kavya took up learning yoga with the school’s Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Prabhakar 3 years ago. She has been practicing yoga daily and attributes her practices to her feeling of all around wellness. She feels physically strong, mentally alert and able to concentrate very well on her studies, sleeping well and feeling calm overall; all of which help her be in a better position to care and help others.

ros-1For her, it is very clear how yoga helps unite the 3 components of body, mind and spirit and how this leads of health, knowledge and inner peace. So, she uses every opportunity to advocate yoga to her friends and her community too. She strongly feels that physical ailments can be healed through yoga and distressful emotions can also be calmed through a regular practice.

ros-3Kavya is certainly a star for her friends and community, with her care and passion towards this ancient practice. We hope that she continues to be an inspiration to her friends, family and community to spread the word about yoga and empower ourselves by taking charge of our health at all levels!

Rolling in Inventiveness!

This week, we bring to you more inventiveness from the students at RDF Rollakal School! In our previous post from Rollakal here, we wrote how the students are developing their scientific curiosity and creating many experiments.


ros-1Today, the school is proud of the achievement of N. Vinay Kumar, a Class 6 student at the school. Vinay created an Air Pressure Vehicle, again using recycled materials. The materials he chose to create this vehicle are everyday items, found in all households – 4 bottlecaps, 1 balloon, 1 pipe, some plaster, a notebook cover page or thermocol sheet, 2 cellpen pipes and a broomstick thread.

With the help of his Science teacher, Vinay created a miniature car, that propelled itself forward due to the air pressure created in the balloon. Think about how much money urban kids and their parents spend buying ‘dinky’ cars for their amusement. It would be so much more worthwhile and creative to just make one on your own! A working one at that!

ros-3Such experiments show how creativity needs to be nurtured, with efforts on the part of the teacher or a parent or any adult who is willing to dive into such creative endeavours and experiment. There is so much more learning that goes on when children are engaged in this manner.

Innovation and Inspiration!

It is amazing what a few resources, recycled materials, inspired ideas and an excitement to experiment and learn can bring about! Every human resource that is seen around us, in our environment, our home and the world started as a seed of an idea. The idea leads to exploration and experimentation, which through a process of trial and error becomes a very useful innovation.

The innovator, Sunny

The innovator, Sunny

This is precisely what we see happen in our schools time and again. Sunny, a Class 5 student of RDF Rollakal School loves Science experiments. His Science teacher encourages him to test out his ideas or research science concepts that he is interested in. This collaboration resulted in a brilliant water pump innovation.

The apparatus

The apparatus

Using a motor, battery, a box, an empty bottle and 2 pipes, Sunny, set up the apparatus to create a water pump.

With the guidance of his Science teacher and his own keen interest in Science, Sunny was able to accomplish this with ease. This goes to show how an environment of encouragement, play and infusing fun and curiosity into lessons can bring them to life for everyone!

Pravalika Prevails

When Pravalika was born, 15 years ago, her parents scarcely knew the strength of her will or the fire in her belly that would lead her to strive to lift herself above the impoverished circumstances she was born into.

A Class 10 student in RDF Rollakal School, Pravalika has done herself, her parents and her school proud with her grit and will to succeed. After joining the school in Class 5, Pravalika was exposed to numerous extracurricular and sports activities – experiences she had never gone though in her previous school. It was sports that beckoned her, after discovering an innate talent in volleyball and kabaddi. Working tirelessly before and after school, she was selected to the State Level in both sports – a first for her school and her family too!

Throwing herself wholeheartedly into the experience, Pravalika was very happy to have the opportunity to interact with sports team from other districts at the State Level meet in Hanamakonda. During the competitions, she became very nervous due to the large crowds. In her opinion, she can overcome her nervousness by participating in many more such events. Her parents are very proud of her sports accomplishments.


One wonders where her resilience comes from. Pravalika’s family resides in a village 2 kms away from the school. Due to low awareness levels and financial difficulties, her parents couldn’t continue their education. However, her father being a very determined and hardworking student, managed to complete Class 10. Today he is employed with the Northern Power Distribution Company (NPDCL) of Telangana. He earns 10,000 per month and is responsible for lifting poles.

On the other hand, her mother did not attend school. She works as an agricultural laborer on others’ farms. Since agriculture promotes cyclical unemployment especially in summers, her mother then switches to MGNREGA. The usual work assigned to the group would be repairing of roads, digging, planting trees etc.

During school holidays, Pravalika works in cotton fields with her mother. According to Pravalika, her mother is a very dynamic person. It was her mother’s idea to teach Pravalika about the harsh realities of agricultural work. In her mother’s opinion, one must never forget their roots and hence association with agriculture is mandatory.

Pravalika dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and help her village by generating employment for villagers. However, prior to taking that step, she would like to gain experience by working professional establishment. With the same steady clear thinking that we recognize in her, she understands that it is a tough task but is confident that in future years, villages will be vehicles for economic growth.

Shiva’s salute to RDF!

Shiva has been with RDF Rollakal School for 8 years, having joined the school in Class 2. Shiva joined RDF Rollakal in 2nd grade. Shiva and his younger brother both study in RDF Rollakal School. He has 2 cousins who are studying in RDF Kalleda. In his opinion, the school in Kalleda is very big and beautiful. He likes the archery field and playground in Kalleda. In his own school, he is very fond of the school’s setting in a natural and green habitat and the dining hall.

ros-shivaHe enjoys coming to school every day even though it is a 1.5 km walk from the neighbouring village. In his free time, he likes to play with his friends. All his friends study in private schools. Shiva feels privileged to be in an RDF school as he says that private schools in the area do not offer lunch nor encourage sports. He says due to the high level of exposure to various educational and extracurricular activities, he has developed many skills which will help him in his future career and life. He has participated in essay competitions through the school. He has also participated in the GE summer program in Hyderabad. During the program, he attended classes in Global Edge School.

It was because of the school that he inculcated the habit of reading a newspaper. The school gets both Telugu and English news papers. The Telugu paper has local district news where as the English paper has news from all over the world. In today’s times, he feels it is important to know what is happening in the world. For example, the news of demonetization of 500/- and 1000/- rupee notes was conveyed to his parents by him. He reads the paper and shares information about any government related policy or schemes with them. His parents are both agricultural labourers and not educated. They want him to study well and can afford his higher education provided he gets a merit seat.

Since he wants to pursue Engineering, he feels that the encouragement towards reading on a wide range of topics and understanding English, as developed in the school, will help him in cracking entrance examinations in future. Another important factor for cracking exams is the knowledge of English language since the entrance exams are conducted in English. According to teachers, he is a very hard working and bright child. Given his levels of dedication and hard work, he shouldn’t find it difficult to fulfil his ambition.

We wish him all the best for future endeavours.