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Nurturing Creative Intent

Nurturing creativity, thinking and analytical skills is far more important than memorizing texts and writing examinations. While clearing examinations are necessary to get the requisite degree, it is ultimately skills such as creative thinking, analytical reasoning, exploring interests and seeing them through with perseverance that actually help in career and life.

Raju, showing his JCB model to trainers from Andhra Mahila Sabha

Raju, a Class 10 student in RDF Redlawada School, was inspired to construct a JCB after seeing one lumbering down the road in his native village of Redlawada. He was also intent on making a working model and not just a toy. Since growing up in RDF, from LKG onwards, he was always exposed to the importance of conservation and recycling. Therefore, he also decided to recycle waste materials to create his JCB.

With prior experience in activity based learning methods which nurture curious minds, it is not surprising why Raju was so keen to see his experiment to fruition. With the encouragement of his Science teacher, he procured materials such as syringes an pipes to assemble his model JCB. Once he put it together, he displayed it to his classmates, including its workings. It is amazing how creating working models of everyday vehicles bring to light so many scientific principles that make learning so easy. Raju proved to be a very able teacher to his peers by demonstrating how a JCB works!

Raju has always loved the atmosphere in his school, even when it was running in a small rented premises till 4 years ago. The atmosphere of invention, encouragement and creativity make him and other students interested in learning and their lessons. RDF teachers have been trained to pay attention to students’ innate talent and abilities, which support their growth and development.

Well done Raju & the teachers of Redlawada School for polishing a diamond like him & our RDF students! This is true value of Educating, Engaging and Empowering!


To the Aid of Friendship

What happens when an 8 year old falls and injures herself? Do you imagine an adult rushing to her aid to soothe and assist her? But this is not what happened. When Priya of Class 3 in Redlawada School injured herself in the school’s playground, it was her friends, D. Deepika and S. Harshitha who ran to help her.

They had the presence of mind to get her back to the main school building and bring the First Aid box. They administered the primary treatment till the Science teacher, Mr. Ashok, arrived to help them.  The 3 girls have been friends since LKG, so while it is no surprise that they helped their friend, what made the act notable was the remarkable composure of both girls as they calmed their friend and treated her wound.

The qualities of compassion and empathy demonstrated by Harshitha and Deepika, as well as the ability to make a quick decision to solve a problem is what makes this incident stand out for us. Instead of getting worried or waiting till an adult arrived, the young girls took matters into their hands. Again, such stories make us feel very proud and we thank the school for noticing the girls’ abilities and bringing it to everyone’s attention.

Commending an innate talent, an act of kindness, noticing the good things in children go a long way in bolstering their belief in themselves. We are sure both girls will continue to be positive role models for their peers and the community as they grow up.

Inspired to Innovate

Ishupriya, all of 7 years old, joined Redlawada School this year. Hailing from a poor agricultural family, her family would like a better future for young Ishupriya. A bright girl, Ishupriya loves coming to school and is interested in all subjects.

During project work with one of the teachers, D. Mamatha, the teacher encouraged Ishupriya of think of something she can make using everyday materials found at home. The teacher got her thinking about her life, her parent’s work and soon, she came up with the idea of making a small bullock cart with corn sticks. The teachers asked her not to use metal as a support ingredient for her bullock cart project. Ishupriya asked her father to get corn sticks from his farm. The teacher helped a little with the design and assembly, but overall, it was the young and eager student’s creation through and through!

The purpose of the project and bringing this story to our readers’ attention is that children are innately curious. However their thinking and creative capacities can get dulled with regular school work. The school and its teachers need to be responsible towards creating an active learning environment, in which students can thrive. When a teachers shows sensitivity and gently encourages, rather than berating, a child will blossom.

Mamatha teacher did exactly that for Ishupriya. She helped her tap into her own thinking and creative abilities, which produced this wonderful piece of craft!


Nurturing inborn talent

Nurturing innate talent in children is crucial to developing not just their unique talent and evolving that talent into a skill, but it also helps greatly in making a child feel nurtured. This allows them to believe in themselves and their abilities, a trait that is very necessary in life.

RDF teachers are provided ongoing in various classroom methodologies, one of them being ‘Multiple Intelligence’. Each child displays their own way of learning and also has varied interests. Therefore they learn differently too, based on the particular intelligence that is dominant in them. This could be musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. While it can be challenging to identify 1 particular intelligence or inborn ability, when teachers engage mindfully with children and observe them closely, it is easy to see their unique abilities.

The RDF Redlawada School has shared stories about some of their students, which we would like to share with our readers. These stories highlight how each student’s inborn intelligence is being nurtured and encouraged by their teachers.

  1. Motivated to learn writing numbers on his own!

    Motivated to learn writing numbers on his own!

    Sai is a very bright student in his class. He is an LKG student. He is a very self motivated learner, learning words and numbers very fast. He always wants to be at the top of the class and really pushes himself to learn more that what in taught in class in a given day. At this young age, he is also helpful and assists his classmates with their school activities! At this young age, Sai already shows interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills. These natural gifts need to be encouraged as he is self directed and a natural leader.

  1. Rahul, firmly focused on his volleyball goals

    Rahul, firmly focused on his volleyball goals

    B. Rahul is in Class 6. He is passionate about volleyball. He comes to school early and leaves after regular school hours, because he wants to practice the sports to the best of his ability. He has set himself a goal of reaching the State and National levels and become a very good Volleyball player. Rahul also shows intrapersonal skills by having a clear focus on his future and what he needs to do in the present to achieve his goal. This kind of clarity is something that even adults can struggle with!

  1. Soujanya, the storyteller, in action!

    Soujanya, the storyteller, in action!

    D. Soujanya is in UKG. She has a unique gift of storytelling. Not content with just learning rhymes, Soujanya improvises her own actions with each rhyme! It is wonderful to see her interpretations of poems and engaging so enthusiastically with what is being taught! Soujanya has both verbal-linguistic and musical-rhythmic intelligence.

We believe if each child’s unique talent and skill is nurtured, that this will give them the assurance and confidence of being productive in whatever they choose to take up later in their lives.


Redlawada’s Sports Glory!

The RDF team is very proud to announce the well deserved sporting accomplishments of RDF Redlawada School! The school has clocked up, not one, but two international sports accolades in 2016! This is a first for Redlawada School students making it to the international arena.


The Redlawada School Kabaddi team

In September, Redlawada School made history with 10 students making it to the National Student Olympics in Kabaddi! Another feather in RDF’s cap was that this was the very first time that an RDF Kabaddi team won at State Level. That an RDF Kabaddi team has made it from the State to the International arena is a huge accomplishment and inspiration for the RDF family. It was the hardworking and persevering Redlawada students who achieved this record for RDF! The team has been selected for the international edition in Nepal, to be organised later this year.

The Redlawada School Kho-Kho team

The Redlawada School Kho-Kho team

The school’s Kho-Kho team has also been selected for the International Student Olympics in Dhaka, Bangladesh. will be traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The date of the tournament has not yet been finalized and will be tentatively released on 15th January 2017. The 7 member team made it to the International level after successful completion of all qualifying events at the District,  State and National levels. It is a matter of great pride for the team members, their families and the village of Redlawada because for the first time, Redlawada children are participating in international events. The outstanding performance of the children in the competitions can be attributed to the proper guidance provided by the Physical Education Teacher and the special diet that was given to the students. The special diet comprising of milk, eggs and bengal gram helped in increasing the stamina of the children. The staff and fellow students in the school have ceaselessly encouraged the children to take up sports and word hard at achieving personal excellence.

We now hope that the children’s aspirations to win further honour for their school come true!

Rakesh rocks Redlawada! :)

rakesh-redlawadaRakesh, a Class 8 student in RDF Redlawada School, has twin passions. The first is his fondness for computers and the other is sports. While he is inspired by the determination and hardwork of his older sister who is pursuing biology, physics and chemistry, Rakesh is inclined towards Software Engineering. He feels very fortunate that his school has a fully equipped computer lab where he spends a lot of time learning about computer hardware, software and computer applications.

His passion for sports is being honed by the school Physical Education Teacher. With daily practice and a nutritionally balanced diet comprising extra milk and eggs that is monitored by the PET, Rakesh has represented the school in Mandal level, District level and National level Student Olympics. His sports hero is Usain Bolt, having learnt about him and his retirement while watching the 2016 Olympics on television. Inspired by his life struggles and achievements, he aspires to be among the top 5 athletes in India.

Rakesh is very proud of the sports facilities and extracurricular activities that are offered in the school, something that his friends miss out on in other schools. He has made friends from other states while participating in National level events. Narrating an incident that happened during the National level competitions in Gujarat, he said that he made friends with another boy from UP. It was funny interacting with him because he could only communicate in English and Telugu while the UP boy was fluent in Hindi. Though they both tried communicating in English, neither could understand what the other said. Luckily, a boy from the Andhra Pradesh team helped translate. That experience showed him the importance to know another language apart from his mother tongue.

While he is fanning his dreams of a future in sports, for now Rakesh wants to encourage sports among young children in his village. Since his friends and cousins, enrolled in other schools are not exposed to sports or sporting facilities, he feels that his knowledge and training can help them. Way to go Rakesh! We are very happy to hear that he is paying it forward by sharing his talent and skills in his community.



The Will to Succeed

Born into a family of agricultural labourers, Rajesh joined RDF Redlawada School in Nursery. He has had a tremendous journey in RDF since his first days as a tiny tot of 3! Since his first shaky steps, Rajesh discovered his natural prowess at sports, particularly running. Now an avid sports person, he actively participates in various competitions. The school physical education trainer observed his athletic abilities and started training him for competitions. Since then, he has represented the school in various events.

rajesh-redlawadaIn the year 2016 alone, Rajesh has represented the school in mandal level, district level and national level student Olympics. To supplement his nutritional intake, his diet was altered by the PET teacher. He was offered milk and egg twice a day for 30 consecutive days. According to him, the diet helped him in improving his overall performance in all the events.

He made history for Redlawada School by becoming the 1st student to participate in a National Level event – the Student Olympics which was held in Vadodra, Gujarat in October 2016. With over 4000 students from across the country participating, Rajesh shone bright, with a Gold medal in Athletics. He said that participating in the meet was a joyous occasion and made him feel very proud. Prior to the event, he had seen never seen such a huge sports complex, having seen such grounds only on TV.

His favourite sportsman is PV Sindhu. He feels that her claim to fame was her game. He opined that “Today, everyone in the country knows her because of her victory in the Olympics. She also received 11 crores from different companies”. Rajesh envisions himself as the PV Sindhu of athletics. He is very excited to qualify and participate in the International Student Olympics in Nepal. Rajesh is excited about the upcoming event and seeing the mighty Himalayas and experience traveling by plane.

On the personal front, his parents are encouraging him to give his level best in Nepal. Rajesh is now popular in the village of Redlawada. This is the first time that a child from the village will be participating in an international event. He mentioned that all the other schools in the village focus entirely on education and the emphasis on sports alongside quality education is unique to RDF.

He is very glad to have the opportunities to hone his abilities and participate in sports events in India and overseas and thanks RDF for being a big part of his life! We wish him all the best for the upcoming event in Nepal.