Father & Daughter Role Models

The RDF family comprises not just of our students and staff, but the entire ecosystem of villagers. Our parent community is a crucial part of the work we do.

RDF VAPV Junior College parent, Ashok, is a farmer and toddy tapper. How his daughter came to be a part of RDF makes for an interesting story!

Ashok’s older daughter is married and he wanted his younger daughter to join a corporate college as he believed this would help her succeed. One day, while going to the village to the city by bus, in order to visit colleges, an RDF alumna overheard their discussion and understood that they were on the way to visit colleges for admission.

Our alumna took the initiative to tell them about our Junior College, providing details about the infrastructure and high class facilities available for rural students, the enriching teaching and learning environment and hostel facilities. The very next day, without a second thought, Ashok visited the college and got his daughter admitted! Our work definitely speaks for itself!

His daughter, Shireesha, is doing phenomenally well! She obtained the highest marks in 1st year and is consistently at the top of her class in every subject.

Her parents are very happy about the hygiene, food, accommodation, discipline and teaching being provided. He visits the college every month to enquire about her progress. It is his dream to see Shireesha become an IAS officer and be a role model for their village. She shares her father’s passion to contribute to society, especially the betterment of Scheduled Tribes.

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