Celebrating National Mathematics Day

Matendla School grandly celebrated National Mathematics Day with speeches and special activities organised for the children. Students who scored the highest marks in Maths were honoured with RDF’s distinct rocket claps! We grandly celebrated National Mathematics Day in our school on the 22nd of December. We felicitated the students who got the highest marks in Mathematics with rocket claps.

Yadagiri Sir, the Mathematic HOD has worked hard to create awareness and interest in Maths through speeches and creating interesting activities to eliminate Maths phobia. Many students spoke of her their increased interest in Maths due to teachers using interesting methods to teach this famous  ‘dreaded’ subject.

Nearly 130 working models in Maths were prepared and exhibited by High School students at the High School Maths Expo and 30 wonderful models were exhibited at the Primary School Maths Expo. Yadagiri Sir also prepared 10 fantastic working models!

The school also conducted a talent test for High School students and a Maths quiz for Primary students.

The children happily participated in all the activities and had an enjoyable day!

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