The Power of Field Trips

Field trips infuse our children’s educational experiences with a lot of fun and burgeoning interest and curiosity. Primary school children are taken to visit the Gram Panchayat office, Post Office, Primary Healthcare Centre, temples and visiting artisans.

Middle School children are taken to visit nearby rivers, ponds, agricultural fields, mango orchards, poultry farms, mini zoo, temples of historical significance and lankes.

High School children are taken for interstate historical tours and in the past, various batches have visited the Krishna river, Prakasam barrage, Godavari river, Sir Arthur Cotton barrage, Tungabhadra river and dam, seas and harbours, temples, Araku hill station, Borra caves, Ajanta & Ellora caves, national highways, visiting submarine and aircraft fields, aquariums, Mysore palace on a rotational basis.

The trips serve multiple purposes. They learn about the history and cultural of various places, locals’ lifestyle, the local cuisine and food habits, local industries and economy, the language and customs, crops and weather system etc. These trips create so much buzz for our students and with experiential learning allows them to share stories and anecdotes with their families and friends. It broadens their world view, helping them appreciate the diversity of our country and its people!

Note: The photos accompanying this blog are from various field trips undertaken by students of Kalleda School.

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