A Roadmap for Success

The path to success and achieving our goals is never a linear one. What serves our journey to our goals, is not to give up, when we encounter inevitable ‘failures’ or we have to detour from our path, yet never detouring from the ‘big picture’. We teach students that planning for our goals, being prepared for setbacks is as important as getting to the finish line. This is a life lesson we teach RDF students and it’s gratifying for us when we see our students keep these learnings in their hearts as they set out on their life journeys.

Here is a beautiful testimonial from Srinivas Ramavath, an alumnus of Kalleda School, who demonstrates precisely this experience.

“I enjoyed my time in school, with my friends and I growing in a healthy, competitive environment. I had a strong desire to learn and got good grades. Maths, Science and reading English books were my favourite things to do. I had a passion for teaching and aimed to be a good teacher, like my RDF teachers.”

“I completed graduation with a Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc. Biotechnology), a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a Master’s degree in English. I then worked as a Biology teacher for 4 years in a private school. However, for the sake of my family and making them financially secure, I wanted to be a Government employee. I appeared for several exams and eventually got a job at the Industrial Security Forces (ISF), but I wasn’t satisfied. I then joined as a Gatekeeper and Track Maintainer in Indian Railways for 2 years.”

“I still wanted to teach and appeared for the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samithi Teacher Recruitment Test. With that, I achieved a Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) post as a Science teacher in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. I am so happy to finally reach my goal of being both a teacher and a government employee!

“My teachers trained us to be strong and hardworking human beings and helped me build qualities that enabled me to succeed in life. My heartfelt thanks to all my teachers at RDF for always encouraging rural students and providing them with moral support.”

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