A True Teacher Role Model

Kumari Madhulika, a Class 10 student of Matendla School, is a gifted girl. She She is a very observant student who sees a learning opportunity in every interaction and activity.

In the recently concluded ‘Self Government Day’ at the school, the panel of judges selected her as the ‘Best Teacher’ as she displayed professionalism and sincerity in her role.

During Self Government Day, Class 10 students take on all the teaching, administration and operations roles in the school, with the aim of governing the school efficiently. Madhulika chose the role of a teacher.

She taught wonderful lessons to children, using well thought out resources and activities productively. Using her own teachers as her role models, she made her classes very interesting and interactive. The hallmark of a good teacher!

It is no surprise that she was honoured with the ‘Best Teacher’ award for which she also received a memento.

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