Career Guidance Session by IPS Team

A crucial aspect of our education philosophy is providing all the resources we can to our students and helping them make use of these opportunities for their personal development. Investing in their future is what provides them with the right tools to build a good future for themselves and their families.

Connecting with professionals from varied fields, providing them with career guidance is one such way to help our rural children get clarity on future education options. Rollakal School was honoured to welcome Trainee IPS (Indian Police Service) Officer, Mr. Sankeerthan, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr. Naresh Kumar, Chief Inspector Mr. Vishveshwar and Sub Inspector Mr. Kishore to meet the students.

The meeting covered important legal topics such as the illegality of child marriages, uses and harmful aspects of social media, cybersecurity, road safety such as wearing helmets for both driver and pillion riders, the duties of the police and their role in society.

Mr. Sankeerthan spoke to the students about his humble background and the effort he put in to get selected into the IPS. It’s important for rural children to have role models from a similar background who have achieved their goals. He emphasized, “I hope my experience is a motivation for you to realise all your ambitions.”

We were very happy to see that the students asked the team questions and enthusiastically engaged with them. They are very thankful to have met this esteemed team and have taken away valuable information on how to succeed if they wish to join the IPS.

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