Chess Isn’t a Game of Chance

The RDF VAPV Junior College hosted a District Level Chess Competition for Girls. There were 3 levels – Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. During the competition, they came to know about the remarkable story of young Suhana Sree, a Class 2 student in a local school.

Suhana was the youngest player in the event who learnt to play Chess during the lockdown from her father, a school teacher.

In order to help her utilise time productively and keep her mind engaged, her father decided to teach her chess. She enjoyed the game immensely and was soon practicing for 3 hours, 3 days a week! She was very successful in the competition, winning 5 rounds and was thrilled to receive a prize. Her parents are so proud of her. Her father says, “I’m now scared to play with her because she wins 9 times out of 10!”

Her parents said the competition was a good opportunity to showcase children’s skills at the game and were very happy that she won in her 1st attempt. She says, “My father will send me to Chess coaching classes once we have sufficient money.” We are certain that she will continue to make waves in the world of chess!

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